KingRichard Fortnite Settings

Who is KingRicard?

Richard Nelson aka KingRichard is the professional player and the one we are talking about in this article. He has proven quite an Albie for the major players like Ninja, Tfue, and Dakotaz etc. and That’s why he made it into this article. He runs his Youtube channel and Twitch channel. He started his streaming career in 2014 and with the rise of Fortnite the rise of “KingRichard” also started and now this name is known to almost everything. Fortnite is the main reason, most of us know “KingRichard” as we do now. And in this article, I am going to tell you about the gaming gear and settings which he uses for his gameplays.

Gaming Setup & Gear

KingRichard Fortnite Settings

Mouse: Final Mouse Air58
Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT 990
Monitor: ASUS ROG Swift PG258Q
CPU: Intel iCore i9 9900K
Keyboard: Razor Black Widow
Mousepad: Logitech G640
Motherboard: Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Ultra
GPU: Nvidia Geforece RTX 2080Ti

KingRichard Video Settings

Video SettingsInput
Windows Mode:Fullscreen
3D Resolution:100% 1920*1080
Brightness Calibration0.5
Frame rate limit:Unlimited
Post Processing:Low
Resolution:1920*1080 16:9
Show FPSOn
View Distance:Epic

KingRichard Game Settings

Game SettingsInput
Mouse Senstivity X:0.16
Mouse Senstivity Y:0.16
Mouse Targeting Senstivity0.55
Mouse Scope Senstivity0.55
Mouse DPI400
Polling Rate1000 Hz

KingRichard Keybindings

Crouch:Left Ctrl
Use:Mouse Wheel Up
Harvesting Tool:E
Weapon Slot 1:C
Weapon Slot 2:2
Weapon Slot 3:4
Weapon Slot 4:1
Weappon Slot 5:X
Build Slot 1(Wall):Q
Build Slot 2(Floor):Mouse 5
Build Slot 3(Stairs):F
Build Slot 4(Roof):Mouse 4
Building EditG

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