How to Get Warframe Garuda: Abilities and Builds

There are many unique builds in Warframe and each one has some unique abilities. Garuda is one such build that is known for its violence in Warframe. The main ability of this build is to deal as much damage as possible to the enemies.

That being said, today we will go through the warframe garuda build guide. From how to get the build to her abilities, we will discuss every aspect with you guys. So, if you are planning to use this build in the near future then stay tuned till the end of this article. 

Without wasting any more time, let’s have a look at how to unlock this build and what are the requirements for it:

How to get warframe garuda?

Garuda Warframe

To get the garuda warframe build there are two major ways. You can either get it through completing missions or you can simply buy the build from the market. When it comes to the missions, only bounty missions are useful for you. As you acquire her blueprint by completing the bounty missions in Orb Vallis.

Most people will get her blueprint from the bounty missions only however, the Vox Solaris quest is an alternative for obtaining her blueprint as well. Just make sure you complete this quest when you first arrive in Fortuna. Also, if you have enough platinum, 325 to be precise, you can just get the build from the shop.

Abilities of garuda warframe

Warframe Garuda

Knowing the abilities of your build is quite important in Warframe. As it will determine what role you will play in your squad. Garuda is an attack type build so most of her abilities will grant you amazing attack prowess that can change the tide of a close fight. One of her best abilities is to use garuda’s talons in case she has no melee weapons equipped at that time.

Now let’s discuss all her abilities in detail:

Dread Mirror

Garuda jumps towards a foe and takes a portion of their life power to use as a shield. The shield protects Garuda from enemy attacks and once this is up she may hold down the ability to charge an amazing shot. This blood like shot will deplete her energy and develop harm contingent upon how much life power she has taken when she previously cast Dread Mirror. 

The energized shot can stack to a high measure of damage and is extremely valuable for clearing groups or hitting foes that are far away. Utilizing the initial jump is a decent method to separate yourself from foes or to get up to speed to them. 

Augment Mod: Dread Ward makes Garuda be resistant for a measure of time when Dread Mirror kills an adversary. 

Blood Altar 

Garuda pierces an enemy and powers them to seep out which reestablishes health to her and her teammates inside a sweep. The span of the recuperating can be seen outwardly and different foes can mend you simultaneously. 

Different pierced enemies will all the while and recuperate you and your partners permitting you to recover health quicker than with only a solitary speared foe.  This ability is extraordinary for expanding survivability by offering health to teammates in the zone just as crippling enemies that should be saved for the occasion. 


Garuda hops into the air and forfeits a level of her health with the goal for her to create energy for herself. cUtilizing this ability at essential occasions may change the outcome of numerous circumstances as it works incredibly as a reinforcement energy source. 

Seeking Talons 

Garuda energizes her attack which has a reticle that grows relying upon how long she charges it. After discharging the ability, Garuda will release her talons as shots to harm enemies inside the reticle. Foes will be harmed and staggered where survivors will persistently seep out for high harm after some time. 

This ability is incredible for giving extra damage to enemies or to finish foes off since it tends to be thrown before drawing in a gathering or cast on enemies that attempt to escape. Enemies who endure will have an imprint on them which will give them a higher chance to be helpless to the draining which can make them increase two draining status impacts, moreover expanding the harm they take. 

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Best Warframe Garuda Builds

Balanced Build 

This build is set to be parity to empower Garuda to keep up respectable details for her capacities while as yet being proficient in missions. Her capacities will have the option to deal more harm while having a more drawn out term and bigger region of impact alongside a decrease in the expense of energy for the capacities. 

With this build, it is anything but difficult to utilize Garuda’s capacities permit you to change in accordance with various playstyles as this construct can be appropriate for a few missions. 

Strength Build 

With this build, Garuda’s capacities center more around managing harm with a little decrease to length and consistent details for productivity and range. The advantage of this build is that she has a high ability quality which permits her to bargain more harm, assimilate more harm, and moreover increment the quality of her different capacities. 

This build works incredibly for a few missions when the player chooses to go for an increasingly forceful yet vital playstyle. The greater part of the capacities will in any case have OK run yet battling at nearer ranges will significantly permit Garuda to exploit her capacities. 

Efficiency Build 

This build is primarily to have the option for Garuda to cast multiple spells simultaneously. Also, it will aid her in doing so without expending a lot of energy, thus, giving your squad an upper hand in a close battle.  Since she possesses the immense jumping ability, she is fit for getting over any enemies without a problem. 

Now Garuda will experience no difficulty utilizing different skills and rehashing any skills that have completed as of now.  Her Seeking Talons ability can undoubtedly be utilized to harm enemies just as her Dread Mirror which will both cost less energy making them accessible to reuse again and again.


That wraps up our warframe garuda build guide. We hope now you have an in-depth understanding of how to get garuda and what are her abilities. Make sure to go through the recommended builds to find the build that suits your playstyle. Also, keep in mind that if you do not plan to buy garuda from the market, it might take you some time to actually unlock. 

In the end, we would like to say that this is one of the best attack types builds out there so use it wisely during close fights.

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