Top 10 Games like Terraria you must play

Game Like Terraria

The game, Terraria is one of the epic 2-D sandbox games that has ever been made in the gaming industry. Since the launch of the game, this game has bagged the title of ‘most played indie games’ in the same year. More than 27 million copies have been sold over since the launch of the game till date. There is an expensive and very affluent romp way to manage the

Top 10 Games like Dragon age you can play right now

Games like dragon age

There are only some games that attract gamers like Dragon Age did! The exotic game, Dragon Age: Inquisition is one of the fantastic games that create characters and have a blend of good-looking companions. The gamer may customize their own avatar and choose his/her partner to fall in love with. Yes, there are dragons! Players from all across the globe absolutely love them. Without being said that, the scheme will

Best 10 Games like Second Life you should try

games like second life

Second Life is one of the oldest virtual games that has remained in everyone’s heart. Basically, this game is kind focused. It impacts the virtual world with an economic twist. this game was earlier launched in the year 2003. All over the years, this software has changed the facade of business marketing and social interaction. This application was designed considering the mature audience in mind that would age 16 years

Top 5 Games Like Stardew Valley you must play

Games like stardrew valley

Who does not like playing video games? In fact, more than 50% of the world population plays video games on at least one type of electronic device. It is one of the most preferred and sought-after pass time activities, which not only refreshes your mind but also enhances a player’s engaging and concentration power. Be it, kids, middle-aged working professionals, or grandparents, video games are everyone’s favorite. We all have

Top 10 Games Like Animal Crossing you must play

games like animal crossing

Animal crossing is a deserted island where one can create their own paradise and customize accordingly in the New Horizon game. One can hunt varied insects, enjoy the sunset or the sunrise, and decorate the whole ambiance. This adorable game has won many hearts across the globe and was released on March 20 with Nintendo Switch. But, if you’re bored of playing this game, again and again, we have come

Top 5 Games like Skyrim you must play

Games like skyrim

When the frozen fantasy Skyrim was launched in 2011, it stole the heart of every gamer that loves fantasy world. Though it has been almost a decade since its launch, it is still one of the very few RPG games whose adventures are still fresh in mind. The contribution of Skyrim in the rise of open-world RPGs is well known in the gaming arena. Many games in the RPG genre

Top 5 games like Sims you should try

Games like sims

Do you believe yourself as a fanatic of The Sims?  Do you feel like controlling people in virtual life by making them clean, and do a job, paying bills can be extremely addicting? If the answers to all these questions stand a YES, then you might just call yourself a Sims fan! The Sims is the most recognized video virtual game series in the life simulation genre. The fans can