Best 10 Games like Second Life you should try

Second Life is one of the oldest virtual games that has remained in everyone’s heart. Basically, this game is kind focused. It impacts the virtual world with an economic twist. this game was earlier launched in the year 2003. All over the years, this software has changed the facade of business marketing and social interaction. This application was designed considering the mature audience in mind that would age 16 years or more. Until now, it has won a million hearts and has broken numerous records!

The users in this game can easily create a life of their own that they have always desired. There are cultural objects, scripts, and various players. There are several content creators that have all the rights for the content that they sell for Linden dollars (L$). It also acts as a unique marketplace that differs from different virtual reality games.

Also, there are many games like this same application. It also offers an array of experiences with multiple features. Some of these games are easily accessible online. Therefore, one may download the alternatives and start playing! Here’s our list:

Winning Putt

Winning putt

If you are a lover of virtual and the golf games, then Winning Putt is definitely going to be an interesting game for you. This will welcome you to the new social world. In this game, the players get along in a golf course and have a chit-chat session. However, if the player likes the fresh and green environment of the course, he or she can continue the game and experience more levels alongside.

Platform: Windows



It is a great virtual world which gives permission to all the adults to have a sense of the social life in a virtual state of mind. Yes, the gamers can meet new people. There are 3D graphics used in the game and everything is managed amazingly well. This game was launched in 2007 and since then millions of players have downloaded this game across the globe. One of the effective advantages of this game is that it comes in multiple languages. All you need is to create an account for the security purpose and you’re good to go for the rest of the gameplay. To top it off, it also brings people that have similar interests as yours. There are many mini-games that a player can play or he/she can chat with the co-players. It is a browser that they have all the social features. Smeet is an exotic game that is much like the Second Life.

Platform: Browser

Club Cooee

Club cooee

This game focuses on the virtual world reality where the teenagers are craving for the dream world. In this game, the players are focused on indulging in social activities more than any other thing. The chat application also gives you a superior edge to stay connected with the large community of the virtual world. It allows meeting new people around the way. Apart from chatting, the player may also upload their pictures or cool videos and enjoy a few likes on the same. In other cases, when you are not in the mood to chat one may experiment with additional features of this application.

Platform: Windows



Second life has some exciting alternatives, such as GoJiyo. It is one of the most fun-filled games that allows the player to be indulged in social interactions. In addition to this, the colorful graphics make it even more enticing such that the player comes back repeatedly to play this game. To get started, the player needs to get into an avatar that he or she chooses. After the customization, the gamer can explore places and meet new people on the way. One can visualize modern or underwater cities or vintage towns. Yes, everything can be coupled along with a good accompany of a great chat! Not only this, but there are also several tasks or quests that one may participate at. To conclude, there are many things that one may be entertained out of this game.

Platform: Browser

Oz World

OZ world

One of the greatest world’s where social interactions are advanced with technology. You can easily customize your relationships and even your wedding partner! It consists of beautiful landscapes where they can hang out and communicate with other fellow gamers.

You can easily explore the different parts of the world by having access to the basic areas. You can also make friends with new people by chatting. Start earning money so that you can shop some costumes or participate in new activities to keep it fun-filled.

Platform: Windows

Sims 4

Sims 4

Just like second life, this one is a highly anticipated game. There are many locations that are made by the creator of the game, and the rest are made by the fans. Also, this game targets a little more mature audience than what the avatars are donned up with. Now talking about the differences, Twinity does not offer modding capabilities. There are many game breakage that is available that regards to plenty of customization options. The ones who play this game are committed to growing this virtual world community.

Platform: Windows

Chit Chat City

Chit chat city

You can easily customize your avatar at your home or when you reach at a massive level. Get started with decorating your building. The gamer may also call their neighbors to enjoy together. And in this virtual reality, you can also adopt a pet and start taking care of the same. One can easily use 3-D items that are available in the gameplay. Take all these items to the drawing canvas and one may sell it off in the virtual stores. And the best part is that you have full control of your pet, other house items. So, you can enjoy other activities like fishing, hunting, gardening, and many such contests. This will help you in earning a few credits and you can spend them later on your customization activities.

Platform: Browser



This one‘s our favorite game from the entire list. Onverse allows the freedom to roam across the virtual world and meet new people in and around. Yes, this is exactly similar to the Second Life and has a 3-D world in the game. One may choose their avatar and start with the gameplay. This is comparatively more interesting than the Sims 4.

All you need to do is create an account, customize your avatar, and go for a virtual ride to test different things in the game.

Platform: Windows, Mac



Are you an anime farm? If yes, then Mabinogi will take you to a unique virtual world where you will see people from different parts of the world. This game has unique features and the updates keep on coming consistently such that the gamers are hooked to their screens, always!

The player may start with a new chapter in the game and he or she may select and an elf, a human, or a child as the identity to explore the world. There are multiple quests that come along with the chatting part. One may also indulge in various battles to keep it interesting. The players can also indulge in part-time jobs according to their skills such as fishing, cooking, blacksmithing, etc. Ultimately, this will take them to the next level for the winnings!

Platform: Windows


To live a life of the fantasy world has been a dream for many! It’s time to customize your own online virtual world reality. Make sure that you’re selecting one of the above-mentioned games that are pretty much similar to Second Life.

If you missed out on any online virtual game which is pretty similar to the same application, let us know in the comment section down below. Suggestions are always welcome! We shall include them on our future list.

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