Top 5 games like Sims you should try

Do you believe yourself as a fanatic of The Sims? 

Do you feel like controlling people in virtual life by making them clean, and do a job, paying bills can be extremely addicting?

If the answers to all these questions stand a YES, then you might just call yourself a Sims fan!

The Sims is the most recognized video virtual game series in the life simulation genre. The fans can proudly say that it has given birth to a whole new genre and it is no longer restrained to life-simulation games. 

We have got you entertained with its like alike and other alternatives that will surely give you a cheer and keep you busy throughout. If you’ve already played The Sims, it’s time to try new games. Take some time out for these new games that will help your mind for the new distraction. Let’s go ahead and find out more games like Sims! 

1. Second Life

You’ve played The Sims already and loved it, no? Imagine it has a second level! Giving another life in cyberspace, how cool would it look to experience? If you’re still wondering to have a new life, then Second Life is the game you should join your hands with. It’s an “online virtual world”, is yet another ball game together. Sounds interesting and exciting, no?

This game is built on the same foundation and the features are pretty similar. The newer, twisted version has added functionality and will give you an amazing experience. 

The player can easily create their virtual avatar as they like and look for the temporary respite from an actual world. This game will assure you to offer you a kind of simulation game experience that no game has ever matched in history. Try this worthwhile experience.

2. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

The best feature is it has a free mobile app to accommodate the franchise and in the meantime, you can wait. This game is described amongst other players at the performance of the tasks assigned, campsites, and decorating the living spaces, etc. It was launched in 2017 and the audience has enjoyed playing it ever since. To top it off, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is already due for a release in March 2020. Get ready for double the fun and twice the magic!

3. Cities: Skylines

Well, who doesn’t like to take control sometimes? Sim fans will agree with us as if they want to be their untimely demise by getting trapped in a pool and help them achieve their dreams even if it’s in a pool or set a stove on fire. Power makes the man feel like the almighty. If this is something that excites you into the Sim world, then Cities: Skylines will help you in feeding your desires to become a virtual god to them. What’s better? You can easily manage the entire city through a chaotic environment. Along with this, you’ll get to build and design a new city according to your wish. 

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4. Fantasy Life

When you grow a little older, then Fantasy Life has become the best to offer 3DS offerings which are somewhere similar to the fantasy version of your most-loved game of all time! The player can easily create and customize their avatar and choose any of the 12 lifestyles that they fancy online! All of them have different occupations and they can befriend the neighbors, or start decorating the homes, or indulge in crafting!  

5. BitLife

This app was released in 2018 and went viral right after its first release. Thousands of people across the country downloaded the app and created their monitor character stats with the help of a text-based life simulator. This game has an achievement to unlock that once your character dies, it rewards you and you can start with a new life. 


There, we listed all the popular like alike games to enjoy! Which one are you going to download and play first? Let us know in the comments section down below and don’t forget to add any new game that may help the masses. 

Always remember, as much as fun these life-simulation games sound and look appealing. Don’t forget to enjoy your practical life to the fullest!

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