Elden Ring Lore Guide: Summary of the Elden Ring’s History and Lore

Elden Ring has been out for a few weeks, so now seems like a good time to figure out what’s going on with the tale. FromSoftware games are infamous for making players work hard to get to the heart of the tale, which is why YouTubers like VaatiVidya are so popular because they’re more than eager to get trapped in the world and help us out with simple videos.

The story of Elden Ring is a little more overt than in many other FromSoftware games, but it also throws a lot of material at you right away. As a result, it’s still not easy to grasp for most individuals. Thankfully, now that we’ve spent some time with the game, we’re here to explain the basics of The Lands Between, what your Tarnished is supposed to be doing there, and what happens as you progress through it.

Lore: The Elden Ring Story

Elden Ring‘s universe is a place of magic, miracles, and demi-gods. The game takes place in the Lands Between, where demi-gods reign over various regions as a result of battles and events that resulted in the shattered Elden Ring. The Elden Ring is a conduit of sorts that is at the heart of the Erdtree’s power, bestowing immortality on the Lands Between as a result.

Elden Ring Lore Guide

The planet is mostly kept in balance by Queen Marika, one of the most powerful immortals, who went on to have a few demi-god children. Her second spouse was a man named Radagon, who had been with Rennala at the time. There are also hints in the game that Marika and Radagon are literally half-sisters, although it’s difficult to say for sure.

Death, much like the death of one of the great lords, is exceedingly exceptional due to this lineage of immortals and gods. Regardless, the world was turned upside down when a group discovered the way to destroy immortality and descended upon the Lands Between to slay Godwyn the Golden and Ranni the Witch’s body, but not her soul. The Elden Ring was destroyed after this event, ostensibly by Radagon, and the planet was thrown into turmoil.

This is due to a variety of factors. For starters, due to the Erdtree’s reduced potency, some people were unable to see its guiding grace. These entities are known as “Tarnished” (you), and they’re all connected in some manner to the first Elden Lord Godfrey. As a result of this, the other demi-gods became involved in an endless fight with one another, unable to defeat one another, plunging the Lands Between into chaos and effectively segmenting it.

Evolution: The Elden Ring Story

Because of this, and the lingering tension in the Lands Between, the Tarnished has been summoned in the hopes of resurrecting a new Elden Lord. That’s where you come in because you’re  Tarnished.

Elden Ring Lore Guide

This is when things become a little complicated. There are various paths across Elden Ring, at least to a certain point, and multiple endings. So, because your gameplay will dictate your own plot, we’ll have to be a little vague here.

The overall idea is that you’ll fight and kill a lot of adversaries, including some of these famous demi-gods, with the goal of repairing the damaged Elden Ring. However, no matter which way you take, you’ll eventually come to a stalemate with the Erdtree, which means you’ll have to burn it to get access in order to complete the task. You don’t have to murder all of the demi-gods to complete the task. In reality, to view the ending, you simply need to kill two optional ones and then advance through the story, but it won’t be a happy one.

Ending: Elden Ring Story

Elden Ring has at least six different endings. The first four are determined by the Mending Rune you’ve spent the most time looking for. If you haven’t found one, the conventional ending is for you to rule over a fractured age. Through a few NPC side quests, each of which tweaks the outcome, you can find different Mending Runes to change the way the Elden Ring functions in some way. Additionally, you can check out our Runes Arcs Guide to know more about the Runes.

Elden Ring Lore Guide

You can also opt to disregard nature’s order and embrace the Three Fingers instead. You’ll be branded and have brilliant yellow glowing eyes as a result of this, and you’ll also become the Lord of the Frenzied Flame. That’s a great title, but it may ruin the Lands Between. But hey, they’ve been treating you like garbage anyhow.

Finally, you can unlock the Age of the Stars ending by following Ranni the Witch’s instructions. This is an alternative ending in which you choose to topple Marika rather than embrace the Elden Ring in order to usher in a new era. In this Age of the Stars, everyone is guided by moonlight, immortality is no longer a thing, and spirits are free to walk on.

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