How to Fix an iPhone that Not Charging?

iphone not charging

We are aware of the anxiety and frustration that come with your iPhone not charging. Your iPhone may occasionally not turn on at all or may stop charging at 80%. Of course, it’s a major thing, but don’t panic—there are workarounds for iPhone not charging issues that you may try at home. We’ll lead you through 12 fixes for an iPhone that won’t charge in this post. We’ve also included

Step-By-Step Guide: Installing Your Blink Doorbell

blink doorbell

One of the first lines of defense for smart home security is the video doorbell. Additionally, it’s a terrific method to find out who or what is at your door without having to get up and walk to it. Blink is a great choice for those who are new to the video doorbell industry since it provides its smart video doorbell for a far cheaper cost than some of its

Best and Easy to Turn on Safe Search Settings

safe search settings

Anyone who has spent more than a day on the internet understands that occasionally, even seemingly innocent search terms can yield surprising results that pop up on your screen. Here’s where SafeSearch, a unique feature Google created for its search engine, comes in handy. It lets you block websites and information you don’t want to see. A large number of the results that may normally appear are filtered or blurred

Three Amazing Ways to Move Notes from Samsung to iPhone

samsung notes

It will go through all three of the ways in which notes can be transferred from a Samsung device to an iPhone. In addition, this post will offer you access to a fantastic phone transfer program that can quickly transfer all of the data on your phone. Part 1: Transfer Samsung Notes to iPhone Using Google Keep One of the simplest methods for moving your Samsung notes to your iPhone

How to Turn off Apple Watch? A Step-by-Step Guide in 2023!

how to turn off apple watch

The Apple Watch is a feature-rich wearable gadget with a lot of power and adaptability. You might, however, occasionally need to switch it off for upkeep, debugging, or just to preserve battery life. An explanation of the correct way to turn off your Apple Watch is given in this article. Why Turn Off Your Apple Watch? Your Apple Watch may need to be turned off for a number of reasons.

Top 10 iPad Keyboard Cases for Professionals!

ipad keyboard case

The iPad has become a vital tool for business, creativity, and enjoyment in the current digital era. Many iPad users opt to keyboard cases in order to fully utilize their device. These clever add-ons combine the portability of a tablet with the practicality of a conventional keyboard. We’ll examine some of the top iPad keyboard cases available in this post, emphasizing their features, advantages, and potential to improve your iPad

Pairing Your Apple Pencil with Your iPad: Easy Setup Instructions in 2023!

how to connect apple pencil to ipad

Apple iPad owners have discovered that there are a plethora of chances available with this convenient mobile gadget. You can do just about everything with an iPad, including playing the greatest games for good pleasure or working on projects. Nonetheless, we advise you to acquire an Apple Pencil if you’ve been veering toward the artistic side. It’s possible that you already own one and wish to link your iPad and

How to Turn Off Find My iPhone with Two Easy Methords

how to turn off find my iphone

Since you can find and lock your iPhone using the Find My iPhone feature, even when you’re not carrying it, it’s a great way to guard against losing or having it stolen. For instance, you can view your device’s location on a map when Find My iPhone is enabled. To make it simpler to find, you can even use it to play a sound on your lost iPhone or share

A Step-By-Step Guide: How To Export Bookmarks from Chrome

how to export bookmarks from chrome

One of the most popular web browsers in the world is Google Chrome. It has been able to outpace both Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft browsers over time. It achieved this by providing several unique characteristics, of which we describe one below. Did you know that you can bookmark webpages in Chrome to make them easier to discover later? You may use Chrome to save such pages, and surprisingly, if you