How to Turn off Apple Watch? A Step-by-Step Guide in 2023!

The Apple Watch is a feature-rich wearable gadget with a lot of power and adaptability. You might, however, occasionally need to switch it off for upkeep, debugging, or just to preserve battery life.

An explanation of the correct way to turn off your Apple Watch is given in this article.

Why Turn Off Your Apple Watch?

Your Apple Watch may need to be turned off for a number of reasons.

  • Battery Conservation: You may prolong the life of your Apple Watch’s battery by turning it off when not in use.
  • Reset or Troubleshoot: Occasionally, restarting the Apple Watch after turning it off will assist with minor problems or device resets.
  • Maintenance or Upkeep: It may be advantageous to turn off your Apple Watch when performing maintenance or when it is not in use for an extended period of time.

How to Turn Off Your Apple Watch?

It is easy to turn off your Apple Watch. Take the following actions to turn off your device:

1. Verify that the Apple Watch is unlocked.

how to turn off apple watch

Please make sure your Apple Watch is unlocked before attempting to turn it off. In case the gadget has a passcode configured, input it to unlock it.

2. Holding down the Side Button:

On the right side of your Apple Watch, look for the side button. Hold down this button until the screen that says “Power Off” appears.

3. Navigating to the Log Off Screen:

Holding down the side button for a few seconds will bring up a screen with Power Off, Emergency SOS, and Medical ID choices.

4. Slide to Turn Off the Power:

how to turn off apple watch

You can swipe the “Power Off” slider from left to right to switch off your Apple Watch. Your device will be turned off by this action.

5. Verify the Restart:

You’ll get a confirmation message asking you to approve the shutdown. Press “Power Off” to ensure that your Apple Watch is turned off.

6. Await the Process of Shutdown:

Now, your Apple Watch will shut down. When the screen entirely darkens, signaling that the device has been shut off, wait a few seconds.

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How to Turn On Your Apple Watch?

how to turn off apple watch

When you’re prepared to restart your Apple Watch, adhere to these instructions:

  • Holding down the Side Button will cause the Apple logo to show on the screen. You may turn on your Apple Watch by doing this.
  • Hold off till the watch starts up. The watch might not start working completely for a minute or two.
  • You may use the Apple Watch normally as soon as the watch face appears and it has booted up.

Extra Advice:

  • Force Restart: You can force restart your unresponsive Apple Watch by simultaneously pressing and holding down the side button and the digital crown until the Apple logo appears.
  • Battery Life Preservation: You might want to use Power Reserve mode on your Apple Watch if you want to reduce battery life without shutting it off. After selecting the battery % by swiping up on the watch face, select “Power Reserve.”
  • Update Your Apple Watch: Keeping the newest software on your Apple Watch will help it function better and eliminate issues. To update your watch, turn on Wi-Fi, open the Watch app on your associated iPhone, pick “Software Update” under “General,” and then hit “My Watch.”

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Switching off your Apple Watch is an easy and practical way to help preserve battery life, solve problems, or carry out maintenance. To turn off the screen, you must slide to turn off the screen, press and hold the side button, then reach the power off screen.

Press and hold the side button one more until the Apple logo appears to turn your watch back on. To effectively manage your Apple Watch and guarantee a seamless user experience, you must know how to turn it off and restart it.

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