Elden Ring: Where to Find Patches and Complete His Questline

Patch is a character in Elden Ring, and he’s also a character from previous From Software games. If you’ve ever played one, you’ll know that Patches enjoys deceiving players and, more often than not, sending them to their deaths, making you want to murder them.

Patches, FromSoftware’s Favorite Recurring Character


Patches first appeared in Armored Core, but his most famous appearance was in Dark Souls, where he punishes greedy players by kicking them down a hole and trapping them. He always plays the trickster in some capacity, and in Bloodborne, he took on the appearance of a spider with a massive, bald, pallid head.

Patches’ title in Dark Souls 3 was “Unbreakable Patches,” as he was one of the few characters that never submitted to hollowing. Patches the Untethered is his title in Elden Ring, possibly alluding to the fact that he isn’t bound to the Soulsborne realm (there is an in-game explanation for his being called Untethered, though it isn’t quite as spectacular as traversing dimensions).

Where to find Patches in Elden Ring

  • Head northwest, beyond the Gatefront Ruins Site of Grace, if you’ve arrived in Limgrave and have access to the open world.
  • You’ll find a dungeon named Murkwater Cave between the cliffs if you look for a little creek between the cliffs.
    We’ve provided a screenshot of the precise spot on the map down below.
  • Clear the dungeon and make your way through the mist, then open the chest in the middle of the arena to summon Patches for a boss encounter. Patches are armed with a large shield and a halberd, giving him a lot of protection and range. He does, however, have low HP, so stay your distance and wait for him to finish his combo before approaching him to attack.
  • You have the option of killing Patches or not.
    Patches will kneel and surrender once you’ve shaved off more than half of his HP. Wait for the Enemy Felled prompt to appear onscreen before attacking him. You can also choose to murder him since the bell-bearing item he drops gives you access to the stuff he’d sell. We’ve gone through this in more detail below.
  • To make Patches a merchant, speak with him.
    You’ll need to teleport to another Site of Grace and then return after the fight since he’ll need some time to set up shop.
    You can return to the Murkwater Cave at any time after this encounter to buy goods from Patches. He sells a recipe and the valuable Margit’s Shackle item, which will come in handy during another boss encounter.

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