Elden Ring: How to level up Spirit Ashes Summons

It is possible to fight with Spirit Ashes that can help the player. As the player progresses through the game, they will be able to collect Spirit Ashes, which allow them to summon the spirits of dead warriors and creatures, who will help the player in battle when they call on their spirits. This page has a list of all the spirits that appear in Elden Ring.

It’s not just your skills and spells that you can use to fight. You have Spirit Ashes, which are also used in combat. This gives you more options for how you want to deal with certain situations.

It’s not the same thing as a skill to summon a Spirit Ash. See Ashes of War for a different way to do it.

How to Upgrade Spirit Ashes Summons: Complete Guide

  • You’ll first need to go to Stormhill Shack, which is a small area at the base of Stormveil Castle. The chances are that you’ve already been here and haven’t seen everything.
  • When you talk to Roderika, an NPC in the shack, she will give you the Sitting Sideways Gesture, which will help you fight. It’s not just that, though.
leve- up-Spirit-Ashes-Summons
Spirit Ashes Summons
  • In the second conversation, she’ll give you the Spirit Jellyfish Ashes, a new Spirit Ash Summon, from the NPC. As soon as that is done, she’ll ask that you pass on a message for her in Stormveil Castle.
  • Beat Margit the Fell Omen, if you need help. Make your way through the Castle.
  • In the Rampart Tower, run past the barrel and enemy-infested path in front of you. You can also run downstairs and along rooftops. It will be safe for you to fall down if you have a ladder to the south. Additionally, to know more about Rampart Tower, you can check out our Stromveil Castle guide.
Map of Spirit Ashes Summons
  • A knight and his torch-carrier are on the thin walkway. Then you run past them and keep going until you come to a drop on the left.
  • Drop down to the room full of bodies that have been wrapped. Keep an eye on the dogs as you do so. What you need is the item on top of the bodies.
The gameplay of Spirit Ashes Summons
  1. Return to Stormhill Shack. Give the item to the person there. After all of her words have been spoken, she’ll go to Roundtable Hold.
  2. Talk to her by the fire.
  3. As soon as you do that, talk to the Smithing Master and choose “About Roderika.”
  4. That’s when you should go back to Roderika and talk to her again. So, for good measure, talk to the Smithing Master about Roderika one more time, too.
  5. You’ll be able to improve your Spirit Ashes when you visit Roundtable Hold again. Roderika will be set up next to the blacksmith, so you can do that.
  6. If you want to improve your Spirit Ashes in Elden Ring, you will need Grave or Ghost Glovewort items, as well as Runes to do so. Finally, expect them to get more HP and attack power.

All the information you need about how to unlock Spirit Tuning

Spirit Ashes Summons

Roderika will appear by the fire and you can start talking to her. Keep going through her talk. Hewg Smith Master down the hall is where you should meet up with her after you’re done with her. Once again, you’ll go back to Roderika. This time, you’ll tell her that Hewg thinks she has a good sense of Spirit Tuning. After you get Hewg’s help, you’ll try to get her to try it out.

In a little while, when you come back to the Roundtable Hold, Roderika will be in her own area across from Hewg. Now, if you have either Grave Glovewort or Ghost Glovewort, she can help you level up your spirits in the Elden ring, as long as you have either one.

The Grave Glovewort and Ghost Glovewort will be there. Grave Glovewort and Ghost Glovewort will be separated by different levels of quality, just like Smithing Stones. They both have different levels of quality and can be enhanced at different levels. They can also be found all over the map, like how you can see Ghost Glovewort (1) all over the Ainsel River.

Twin Maiden Husks in the Roundtable Hold can help you buy Glovewort. You can show them the Ghost-Glovewort Picker’s Bell Bearing to get the Glovewort you need (1). When you want to buy Grave Glovewort, you’ll need to give the Husks the Grave-Glovewort Picker’s Bell Bearing to them so they can buy it (1). Each one lets you buy two more levels of Glovewort. There are three of them, and each lets you buy two more. Additionally, you can check out our Bell Bearing guide.

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