7 Minecraft Kitchen Ideas and Designs (No Mods)

In the game of Minecraft, kitchens are a nice place to keep food and culinary materials. Minecraft kitchens are primarily used for décor as you don’t need to use fancy appliances like stoves or microwaves to cook or sit at a table to dine!

The usage of mods can make kitchens in Minecraft much more engaging. For instance, there is a mod for Minecraft that adds cabinets, ovens, and refrigerators. It is entirely up to you whether or not you choose to use mods.

Here are some of my favourite Minecraft kitchen designs and ideas, possibly giving you some ideas for your own! The kitchens in our top picks can be constructed without the need of mods.

1. Cozy


A Reddit user created this little, comfortable, and modern-looking Minecraft kitchen, as seen in the image. Barstools, an eating island, counters, a split level, and an open space with bamboo plants are all present.

This design, in my opinion, is a little too little, but it would still be fantastic in a taller house or an underground Minecraft base. The lamps might be from a mod, but they could be simply swapped out for lanterns to achieve a similar aesthetic.

2. Modern


Here is a picture of a pretty contemporary Minecraft kitchen. Some very nice items to create in Minecraft are the ice fridge and the ornamental fire on the side. There are also vents above the island.

This kitchen is ideal for creating a main-level kitchen inside your Minecraft home because it has an open window that leads to the outside.

3. Corner Kitchen


This kitchen makes me feel chilly simply by looking at it, and it was presumably constructed in a colder Minecraft biome! It is a fantastic illustration of what can be done when creating a kitchen in your Minecraft world without the use of mods.

A highly original idea to decorate the kitchen is to use upside-down pistons as vents. The usage of frames as cutting boards and a regular door as a fridge are two additional objects that can be used as decorations.

Although this kitchen was undoubtedly built below, if at all possible, some windows should be added.

4. Basic Survival Kitchen


Any Minecraft survival game allows you to create a kitchen like this one, which is incredibly straightforward. It has a wool checkered floor and is constructed of simple elements like sandstone and cobblestone.

Despite its diminutive size, it is nonetheless useful and includes some storage boxes for your food.

5. Another Modern Design


This creative Minecraft kitchen idea is amazing! The use of birch trapdoors as cupboards, a brewing stand as an appliance, and potted plants on the counter in this construction is excellent. There is a window with a tree, and the lanterns offer excellent hanging illumination.

There is a step-by-step tutorial for making this kitchen in Minecraft.

6. Medieval


A neat, small-space kitchen design that is constructed in the mediaeval style. A really nice concept would be to construct a food storage room or walk-in pantry beyond the wooden door that was utilised to construct the pantry.

7. Spacious


This larger kitchen idea in Minecraft can work well if you have more room to work with. Using buttons is a fantastic method to replicate cabinets without hacks.

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