8 Minecraft Windmill Designs and Ideas

Building windmills in Minecraft is enjoyable, and they are a wonderful accent to rural farming settings. Because of Minecraft’s blocky design and the non-cubic shape of windmills, they can be a little tricky to construct. The blades are typically the most challenging to construct because they are sometimes constructed diagonally.

To help you find some ideas, we have gathered some of the most creative Minecraft windmill designs.

Windmills are typically constructed as decorative structures next to agricultural land because they are not officially supported in Minecraft. With the right tweaks, you can get a working windmill if you truly want one. The Better with Mods mod is a well-liked windmill mod.

1.Simple Minecraft Windmill


In this design, a windmill made of blocks from Minecraft features a circular base and broad, diagonal blades. A nice starting point for usage in survival mode would be this design (and it uses easy materials as a bonus). You will require cobblestone, wood, stone, and some wool for this project.

For reference, I’ve also included a photo of the inside of this windmill below:


2. Detailed Minecraft Windmill

I would argue that although this YouTuber calls it a simple windmill design, it goes above and beyond that. The windmill has been meticulously detailed in every way. Check out the video for a comprehensive explanation on how to construct this windmill!

3. Rustic Minecraft Windmill


a great windmill design for Minecraft with distinctive blades. This construction has unique, slightly curved blades and is more tall and slender.

4. Classic Minecraft Windmill


a more conventional construction with a Dutch windmill-like appearance. Because of its relative simplicity, this design would be simpler to construct for beginners and in survival mode.

5. Fantasy Minecraft Windmill

This YouTube clip demonstrates how to construct a more imaginative windmill. The fantastical aesthetic was beautifully done by the builder!

6. Tall Minecraft Windmill


Another higher windmill design with slightly deeper blades. This one is also constructed with an elevated stone foundation and has some leaves scattered about it for decoration.

7. Tower Minecraft Windmill


The windmill is constructed as a corner tower on a stone wall in this configuration. If your farm or base is surrounded by a wall, this might be a good design.

8. Minecraft Windmill House


By including a cottagehouse at the base, this windmill is different from other ones seen in Minecraft. This windmill construction would make an excellent farmhouse.

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