13 Cool Minecraft House Ideas for 2023

One of the numerous things you should build in the game is a house. Building your own home is a nice method to arrange your spawn point with a bed and store goods.

In Minecraft, the majority of homes come with storage spaces and sleeping areas. To make things more entertaining, I like to add a few extra rooms to my home that are only there for decoration, like a gorgeous Minecraft kitchen or even a fantastic library.

I hope you find it useful because I’ve included the best Minecraft house designs for both new and experienced players.

1. Modern Minecraft House

durch WiederDude

This contemporary home created by WiederDude is a great illustration of a Minecraft home. It is a fantastic option for survival because it condenses a lot of wow into a small space.

In Minecraft, modern homes typically feature a lot of glass, white paint, swimming pools, numerous levels, and staircases. This house serves as a nice illustration and has these components. Typically, wool, quartz, or blocks made of concrete are used as building blocks. Because it may be used to create slabs and staircases, quartz is frequently the finest choice.

My advice for creating a contemporary Minecraft home includes including large open spaces, asymmetrical designs, and a lot of glass to let in natural light.

2. Sandstone Mansion in Minecraft

by Jar9

Given how big this sandstone mansion by Jar9 is, it might be difficult for Minecraft players to survive there. In any case, it’s a magnificent illustration of a huge mansion in a tropical location with palm trees!

Don’t forget to use numerous storeys with magnificent staircases and space for your outside Minecraft garden while building a house!

3. Modern Villa (on the Lake!)

I ADORE this contemporary lakefront home designed by Akila Gaming! The best thing, though? You can use the tutorial video for this project to assist you in constructing a home of a similar design on your own.

Everything about this construction is amazing, especially the beachfront lake (which would be perfect for fishing in Minecraft!) and the large glass windows and natural lighting.

4. Suburban Minecraft House

from Rizzial

It’s a really cool concept to build a suburban Minecraft home like this one by Rizzial. Create a suburban Minecraft house that looks exactly like this one by using blocks made of concrete, wool, stone, and wood.

The majority of suburban homes in North America and the United States have an attached garage, which undoubtedly enhances the sense of reality in the house. In vanilla Minecraft, there are no automobiles, but the garage can still be used as a storage space.

You would definitely need to build a much larger and taller structure in order to include all the rooms, corridors, bathrooms, the kitchen with a pantry, and other features of a true suburban home in a scale model.

5. Birch Survival House

from Shock Frost

Shock Frost’s Abirch Survival House is a wonderful illustration of a beginning home. This is something basic that virtually anyone could create because it’s not too big and uses straightforward blocks (like birch wood).

The first level is elevated by a staircase, allowing space for a balcony and a basement below. There are many things you can do in the basement, but most players choose to use it as a Minecraft storage area.

The balcony has some vegetation growing on it and is well-lit. Do some farming and cook your meals from your balcony whenever you’re hungry!

6. Modern Mansion House

Beautiful, minimalist, and not overly difficult to construct, Rizzial’s Minecraft contemporary mansion house is stunning. It has a pool in the front and a second-floor terrace that extends overhead. This building’s distinctiveness is further enhanced by the fact that the front entrance is really on the sides rather than directly in the front.

This home was constructed using simple building blocks, such as glass, wood, stone, leaves, and water. It is clear from the video that a custom texture pack was used, which significantly improves the build’s appearance over vanilla Minecraft.

The lesson in the video up above will walk you through building it step-by-step if you want to give this one a shot.

7. Village Minecraft House

This is a house from a game’s artificially created village. The houses in the villages might serve as a suitable model or starting point when constructing a straightforward house in the game.

Typically, it is not too difficult to obtain the materials used in village dwellings. things like cobblestone, logs, doors, and trapdoors made of wood. When you first start playing Minecraft survival, these kinds of homes are ideal. They aren’t particularly attractive, but they do the job and keep monsters away.

Remember that each Minecraft biome has a different house type! Villages in a forest will look different from those in a desert, for instance.

8. Forest House

through Dazzly Craft

This Woodland Mansion-inspired Minecraft house was created by Dazzly Craft. The only thing I don’t like about this construction is how many torches there are. If you have glowstone or redstone materials on hand, I would advise utilising those instead of torches because too many of them can make the structure appear to be still under construction.

Although wood is abundant in the game, you’ll probably need a tree farm to supply it all. Getting an enchanted axe will let you chop through wood more quickly.

Why not try making your own Woodland Mansion because obtaining one in Minecraft might be quite challenging? A forest mansion like this one is often constructed largely of wood and a little bit of stone, and is situated somewhere in the heart of a forest.

9. Asian House in Minecraft

by [No Longer Available Source]

An Asian themed Minecraft house can be challenging to build because of the angles and curves involved. You might find it helpful to install an Asian decorations mod to help you build with this Minecraft building style.

Even if this pagoda has several storeys, you can start with a simpler structure that is only a few stories high. To make the building stand out a little bit more, you might also think about adding a little more colour variety, such as different hues of red or yellow.

When creating your pagoda-styled home, you can use the countless examples of pagodas that can be found by searching for them on Google Images.

10. Large Oak Starter House

A lovely beginner home made out of wood in Minecraft created by SheepGG, including side levels for farming. This one employs simple materials, like oak, and is not overly challenging to construct in a survival situation.

As you can see in the video, an elevated house like this will look much better next to a hill or a forest. It definitely wouldn’t look half as amazing if I erected it in the middle of a level field!

If you want to try building this mansion, the lesson in the video up above will walk you through every stage of the process.

11. Multilevel Starter Design

durch WiederDude

WiederDude has created a multi-level beginning home in Minecraft that is both portable and useful. There is a bedroom on the top floor and a storage space for Minecraft items in the basement.

This type of Minecraft house is simple to construct and is best suited for new players or those just starting out. You might want to think about creating something a little bigger or even a Minecraft castle once you’ve progressed in the game and have access to additional resources.

12. Easy & Modern Minecraft House

from Drewsmc

Easy and modern homes are becoming more and more well-liked, even outside of Minecraft!

This little Minecraft house can still be useful despite its size. Tiny homes, in my opinion, are typically appropriate for merely an outpost location where one may comfortably sleep and pick up some supplies like food. Another example of use would be to install bookcases and decorate the inside.

You might even add some nice furniture or decorations inside if you’re using a Minecraft modpack! A little countertop or a handheld light are a couple of examples.

Making a little structure similar to this one on the ground with a substantial underground base underneath it is another great idea. People who enter the building expecting to see a modest cottage will be pleasantly surprised to see a big underground base instead!

13. Modern Hotel Tower

durch WiederDude

A multi-person living environment designed by WiederDude in a pretty amazing modern hotel tower. Each unit has glass walls and an opposing balcony in this Minecraft construction, which uses blue stained glass to accentuate its contemporary appearance.

As part of the Minecraft challenge “City Buildings Survival,” taller towers can be constructed.

With a vista, a tall, windowed building looks fantastic! Try to construct a tower close to a beautiful location, such as a beach or a wide valley.

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