6 Minecraft Building Styles For 2023

Other than mediaeval, there are a tonne of different architectural styles available in Minecraft. Since mediaeval architecture is so straightforward, you could create a Minecraft home using only stone and wood. Use unique building materials, such as concrete, terracotta, and various types of wood, to spice up your next construction project. I’ve compiled a list of six awesome Minecraft building styles for you to take into consideration.

1. Medieval Minecraft Design


It uses the most plentiful building materials in the game, such as stone, logs, planks, or bricks, making it one of the most popular building styles. In Minecraft, even the automatically created towns and houses in the woods have mediaeval architecture.

The majority of buildings in this Minecraft building style are made using stone walls and wooden frames or roofs, making it simple to understand. Instead of using stone or deeper brick stairs for the roof, you might use glazed terracotta patterns for the flooring to create a more distinctive appearance. The following are some examples of mediaeval structures you may create in Minecraft: castles, walled towns, marketplaces, statues, pubs, clock towers, fountains, or churches.

It is frequently a good idea to add a custom texture pack when creating with mediaeval.

2. Modern Minecraft Design


Modern building designs are another preferred option in Minecraft because they mimic actual structures. This design makes use of unusual shapes, glass, and mainly white tones with some colour. Wool, terracotta, glass, and quartz are examples of frequently used building materials.

Consider interesting real-world structures you have encountered when planning a modern structure. Modern construction styles include suburban homes, condo buildings, and skyscrapers with penthouse apartments. Check out Minecraft House Design for some samples of contemporary inspiration.

3. Asian Minecraft Design


Asian architecture is a more difficult and infrequently used architectural style. Pagodas, shrines, lanterns, and cherry blossom trees come to mind when I think of this design. Because of the angles needed in creating pagodas and the lack of pink leaves in Minecraft, this style can be difficult to use (in vanilla at least). However, a few skilled players have made it work, and the builds are stunning and extremely distinctive.

4. Middle Eastern Minecraft Design


The Middle Eastern architectural style is characterised by a sandstone, terracotta, or concrete city in a desert. Other details may be observed in the image above, such as coloured domes, pillars, boxy houses, and tiny green spaces with trees and water.

If you’ve ever played Runescape, Al Kharid should serve as your source of inspiration. You will run into a lot of mobs and relatively few animals if you build in the desert for survival. When you’re constructing in the desert, it’s a good idea to prevent mobs from spawning in your base.

5. Viking Minecraft Design


As seen in the image of a stave church above, the viking architecture style emphasises wood and has dramatic roofing. As you may guess with a Viking longboat, curves can also be crucial. The materials for this kind of building style are straightforward to obtain because all you need is a sizable tree farm, but this design could be difficult.

Watch out if there is a fire; one misplaced fireplace could cause the entire structure to burn down. An amazing post on viking building designs can be found on Minecraft Guides.

6. Frozen Minecraft Design


Although it’s not my favourite Minecraft building style, I included it because it’s getting popularity. In essence, you construct something primarily from ice, snow, and glass. Keep in mind that this only functions in a cold, snowy biome; otherwise, your structure can melt.

Even in chilly biomes, heat sources like torches, flames, and lava will melt ice. Using a Silk Touch tool, you can get packed ice from the biome of ice plains spikes that won’t melt.

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