10 Minecraft Fountain Design Ideas and Examples

One of the most well-liked game decorations to construct is a fountain. They may be enjoyable to construct in Minecraft and look excellent nearly everywhere, but particularly well in gardens and courtyards. Simple components like wood, stone, and water can be used to create the majority of fountains. Quartz, glass, and glowstone are frequently used in more intricate designs. You can illuminate your fountain at night by adding a light source, such as a glowstone.

Fountains can be used to adorn entrances and streets, just like sculptures can. They are frequently placed on either side of a road, sometimes even in between skyscrapers, at the main entrances to big buildings.

Make sure you have a knowledge of how water flows if you want to construct an excellent Minecraft fountain. If you want further details, check out the water page on the Minecraft Wiki.

These are the top fountain designs we found in Minecraft:

1. Small Wooden Fountain


Despite its diminutive size, the fountain nonetheless lends a lot of charm to the landscape. It is constructed from basic resources like wood and leaves, making it simple to construct in a survival situation. It could readily fit practically anyplace due to its modest size. The Silk Touch Enchantment is required in order to construct using leaf bricks in survival mode.

Since there isn’t much water in this fountain (which also doubles as a well), setting up the water would be relatively simple.

2. Four Corner Fountains


Yet another simple exercise that uses slightly more challenging materials. A centre beacon/shelter, underwater lights, and quartz were used to construct this Minecraft fountain. With four fountains (one on each corner) and bridges that traverse the lake, the area is primarily made up of open water.

Since there is a beacon that heals players nearby, the creator of Planet Minecraft has named these fountains the Fountains of Health. Make sure to read our comprehensive guide on how to create a beacon in Minecraft if you don’t already have one.

3. Modern Minecraft Fountain


Contemporary fountains have long edges, squares, and rectangles. They frequently use more muted colours and are a little bit taller than other fountains (white, grey, black). This image shows a fountain made out of white wool, glass, stone, and glowstone.

The combination of square shapes and towering edges gives this design a more contemporary feel. Glass is a common component in contemporary Minecraft fountain designs, although this one just employs a tiny amount of it near the bottom.

4. Large Quartz Fountain


This design is much bigger (wider) than other designs and is made of quartz. It’s not that difficult to construct, but you’ll need to arrange the bricks carefully to get the same pattern. Additionally, glowstone is used in the fountain to further illuminate it, especially at night.

5. Small Stone Fountain


A tiny mediaeval stone fountain that may be placed just about anyplace. The layout is incredibly small, at 3 by 5 blocks in size. This kind of fountain is simple to construct in survival mode and looks fantastic with other mediaeval building types, including villages and castles.

6. Tall Spiral Fountain


A more elaborate fountain that is simpler to construct using the creative building method. With the height and curves, it would be challenging to build this in survival, but it would be enjoyable for those looking for a survival Minecraft challenge.

Take note of the use of obsidian, which offers a distinct hue but would be extremely unpleasant if a block were placed in the wrong location. Obsidian is exceedingly difficult to break!

7. Nether Themed Fountain

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This fountain design makes advantage of a sizable square that is a little lifted off the ground. The square has a fountain in the centre and benches on either side. The side of the fountain has trees planted, which increases its privacy.

Glowstone and nether bricks are among the materials used mostly in this design. But if you don’t have any necropolis bricks, you could certainly substitute stone or wood.

8. Small Quartz Fountain


A small quartz fountain with a straightforward design. The fountain’s spout is distinctive in that the corners are formed by upside-down quartz stairs. This particular fountain would look excellent in a garden because the builder used flowers to give a little more decoration.

9. Tall and Compact Fountain


a narrow fountain that is tall. If you use two or more of them, it would look great in the front entry to a castle mansion. The structure makes use of pillars, slabs, and steps. A bulb or glowstone blocks, in my opinion, would offer some light and make it appear even better. The fountain would illuminate as a result at night.

10. Large Multi-Tier Fountain


This design can be of interest to you if you’re seeking for a sizable fountain. This design is taller since it is wider and has several tiers. Given that it is larger than the other fountains, construction may take a little longer.

This fountain’s creator utilised a customised Minecraft texture pack, therefore it differs slightly from the textures used by default. Although it’s difficult to see in this picture, there are also some glowstone lights underneath the water that illuminate the fountain at night.

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