How to get the Last word in the Draw: Destiny 2

To the pleasure of Destiny veterans, The Last Word Exotic handgun is currently accessible in Destiny 2 for players who own the yearly pass. The Black Armory extension is tied in with making the best weapons of mankind’s Golden Age, so it just bodes well that this famous gun would return. 

The Last Word is the quickest terminating hand cannon in the game, and you can even fan-fire it like mother lovin’ McCree. It’s a cool, amazing, darling weapon, intended to overwhelm shotgun rushers in PvP, and it’s definitely worth possessing. In this guide we’ll disclose how to obtain the weapon, offering tips to remove the pain from a portion of the means needed to finish its Exotic quest, which is known as ‘The Draw’. 

How to get the Last Word Destiny 2?

Stage one 

Stage one

Visit the Tower and converse with the Drifter. He’ll give you a Hive curio which you’ll have to redesign on different occasions by taking care of its energy and materials, beginning with the existing power of loads of Hive. For the initial step, you need to kill 75 Hive adversaries in addition to three Hive supervisors, and you’ll have to kill a boatload of Hive with sunlight-based harm. Between Escalation Protocol and the Northern Lost Sector, Mars is the best spot to kill Hive, so head to the Red Planet and pop a few heads. 

The sun-oriented kills take the longest, so prepare your most grounded sunlight-based firearms and capacities toward the beginning. The Avalanche LMG that was distributed during The Dawning occasion is a decent decision. Sharp edge Barrage, base tree Dawnblade, and top tree Hammer of Sol are for the most part great Supers, and any sunlight-based energy weapon will do the work. 

For exotics, attempt Sunshot, Prometheus Lens, Hard Light, Skyburner’s Oath, or Polaris Lance. Accommodating exotics incorporate Ophidia Spathe for extra red hot blades, Hallowfire Heart for quick re-energizing Titan capacities, and Sunbracers for Warlock sun based ‘nade spam. 

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Stage two 

Stage two

You realized this was coming: it’s the ideal opportunity for the Crucible piece of the quest. The principal Crucible part, really. Indeed, there’s additional. Yet, it’s truly not unreasonably terrible. For this progression, you need to fill an advancement bar by getting kills in the Crucible. The kicker is that withering will slow down you, so you need to go positive. Cheerfully, helps help, so make certain to go in a pack and tag however many rivals with your essential as could be expected under the circumstances. 

You can get kills with anything, so as long as you keep your KDA above water, you’ll finish this progression ultimately. Simply bunch up, pick your method of decision (not Rumble as you will not get numerous help), and play generally inactive. Godspeed. 

Stage three 

Stage three

Endured? Great. Presently it’s anything but’s a lot simpler mission. When you finish your Crucible kills, head to the Rig arrival zone on Titan. You’ll see a mission marker on the guide; select it and follow it’s anything but a Lost Sector on the north side of the Rig. The mission power level beginnings at 500 and scales to your level, so you’ll be fine. 

Advance toward the core of the Lost Sector and you’ll discover a beefed-up Hive Acolyte monitored by two Wizards. To drop the Acolyte’s safeguard, you’ll need to kill the Wizards first. In this way, you know, shoot everybody. Whenever everybody’s been shot, it has returned to the Drifter. 

Stage four 

Stage four

Fortunately, you can get the Hive Larvae and Etched Crystals by spamming the typical rendition of the Lost Sector you did in sync three. Truly, take care of business multiple times and bring forth back on the Rig after each endeavor. When you get enough Larvae, you can disregard the little fellows and simply soften the manager to speed things up. 

The awful news is that the Hive Ritual public occasion just generates on Titan in the Rig and the southern area of Mars, where it’s a lovely uncommon occasion because of individuals starting up Escalation Protocol. In this way, while you’re cultivating Larvae and Crystals, continue to check the guide in those areas to check whether the Hive Ritual occasion is approaching. 

This occasion generates close to the Rig arrival zone on Titan and in the top piece of the Southern area on Mars. On the off chance that you finish the Larvae and Crystals before you finish the Hive Rituals—which you most likely will—feel free to move onto the Crucible decorations and intermittently check the guide for occasions. 

Note:  to trigger the brave rendition of the Hive Ritual, remain on the two plates and kill the Wizards that produce once their safeguards drop. Stay on the plates and the safeguards around the gems will drop, so kill them as well.

Back in PvP, you get Blood for Blood decorations by killing players just after they kill at least one of your partners, and you get Best Served Cold awards by killing the player who killed you last. All in all, both of these decorations are dependent upon somebody passing on, so there’s no absolutely proactive approach to cultivate them. 

All things considered, you can build your chances of getting these awards by remaining nearby your colleagues, monitoring who kills you, and utilizing a single-shot super like Nova Bomb and Blade Barrage to counter meandering supers like Nova Warp and Golden Gun. Quickplay is for the most part the playlist to run here, however in the event that it’s accessible, Mayhem is ideal since it gives you such countless supers. By and by, it’s anything but an issue of tolerance and time 

Stage five 

Stage five

Practically done. Head back to the Drifter and he’ll give you another relic called The Conversation. This opens another mission in the Tangled Shore, where you’ll have an extremely noisy visit with a Hive gunsmith named Enkaar. Put down at Thieves’ Landing and head south until you arrive at the mission marker. 

The greater part of the mission needs no clarification. On the off chance that you’ve killed Hive previously, you’ll realize how to continue: kill fellows, embed Worm An into Wall A, kill wizards, kill gem. Standard stuff. 

It’s after you kill that precious stone that things get. You’ll wind up in the Broodhold and you’ll see a runic plate. Remaining on the plate fills an advancement bar, and when the bar is full, The Last Word shows up. Be that as it may, it’s anything but yours yet; you must kill Enkaar first. Enkaar will produce before the plate around the time you snatch The Last Word, and in no time thereafter, he’ll pull his firearm. You got it: you must fire his weapon out of his hand utilizing The Last Word, and you must do it before he impacts you. How cool is that? It’s high early afternoon! 

There are three plates in the Broodhold, and each plate accompanies an additional clone of Enkaar for you to duel. The primary plate is opened consistently, yet to utilize plates two and three, you’ll need to get out the adversaries that bring forth, taking specific consideration not to get exploded by the Cursed Thrall. (  

Aside from that, it’s standard system: remain on the plate, fill the bar, snatch The Last Word, and shoot Enkaar’s weapon when it shines. Note that the clones fire in the order they generate, and in case you’re excessively sluggish, you will kick the bucket, so channel your inward Clint Eastwood. 

Advance toward the third plate, shoot every one of the three Enkaars in the blaster and guarantee The Last Word. It’s formally yours. Congrats! You’ll see that The Last Word is a delight to use in the Crucible—recall it’s proposed to be utilized in short proximity, terminated from the hip as opposed to ADS—so in case you’re not tired of PvP, go give it a trial.


This includes our guide about Destiny 2 last word. We hope now you can easily gain the rare weapon and continue your quest to dominate the game. If you liked the content then make sure to share it with your friends, who might be facing a similar issue. Also, do let us know your opinions in the comments section below.

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