All About Eververse Guide: Destiny 2

With the appearance of the Destiny 2: Shadowkeep extension, engineer Bungie has carried out a gigantic update to their in-game beautifiers store, Eververse. This redo changes practically everything about the Eververse store, however don’t stress — we have all you require to know separated. Here’s our synopsis of the entirety of the progressions made to Eververse. 

The Shadowkeep extension sends players to the Moon to fight off another horrible adversary, all while a Vex attack looms not too far off. 

The Destiny 2  Eververse store can be gotten to anyplace 

Destiny 2

Rather than returning to the Tower each time you need to get to the Eververse store, you would now be able to do so anyplace, and whenever. This is finished by opening your Director menu and choosing the “Store” tab, situated at the upper left of the screen. Far off Eververse access works actually like the store in the Tower does — you can purchase Silver without any issues, just as peruse and buy wanted things. 

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Destiny 2 Eververse Armor sets currently fill in as general decorations 

Destiny 2 Eververse Armor sets currently fill in as general decorations

Quite possibly the main changes to go to the Eververse framework in Shadowkeep is the way that Eververse covering works. Rather than getting real covering pieces that have advantages, all Eververse protection would now be able to be “worn over” Legendary guards as decorations, liberated from any expense. Eververse shield from seasons before Shadowkeep’s Season of the Undying will in any case go about as protective layer pieces, yet every Eververse reinforcement from now on will work as a decoration. Additionally, on the off chance that you’ve gathered Eververse protective layer from past seasons, the vibe of it will be unlocked for you as a decoration naturally. This new framework makes it unimaginably bother allowed to blend and match a wide range of styles, so players who are into design should cheer. 

Acquiring Bright Dust has changed 

Acquiring Bright Dust has changed

Acquiring Bright Dust, one of the two monetary forms that can be utilized to buy Eververse things (the other is Silver, for which you pay cash), has been altogether modified. You can presently don’t do Eververse bounties to acquire it; all things being equal, you need to do different sorts of bounties, both week by week and repeatable, for Vanguard, Crucible, and Gambit. On the off chance that you had any Eververse abundance notes in your stock before Shadowkeep went live, you should dispose of them now as they presently don’t have a utilization. Furthermore, doing so gets you a limited quantity of Bright Dust. 

Likewise, destroying Eververse things presently gives Glimmer and Legendary Shards rather than Bright Dust. To make up for this, it no longer costs any Bright Dust to bring Eververse things out from your Collections tab. 

Acquiring Bright Engrams has changed 

Acquiring Bright Engrams has changed

To offset the reality you would now be able to acquire more Bright Dust each week than you used to have the option to because of the repeatable idea of the new Bright Dust bounties, Bungie has made Bright Engrams drop more slow. Rather than getting one for each level up, you’ll need to either get them with Bright Dust in the Eververse store or get them by playing the game and unlocking them as a compensation for expanding your Seasonal Rank. This new framework urges players to attempt to acquire Bright Dust so they can straightforwardly purchase what they need, as opposed to attempt to crush for Bright Engrams. 

Another UI for Destiny 2 Eververse

Maybe the most recognizable change presented in Shadowkeep is the clean new UI for the Eververse store. Rather than the small two-page menu that existed before Shadowkeep’s delivery, the Eververse store has ventured into five pages of things: Featured, Seasonal, Archive, Bright Dust, and Campaigns. Here’s a short clarification of what you’ll discover on each page: 

  • Highlighted: This page contains things that are at a bargain at a lower cost than expected or potentially are pristine to the Eververse store. 
  • Occasional: This page contains each thing accessible to buy during the ebb and flow season. Things as of now on the Featured page you’ll discover set apart with a star. 
  • Document: This page has a combination of things accessible from the last season that are accessible to buy. 
  • Splendid Dust: This page shows which things can be purchased utilizing Bright Dust rather than Silver. The things turn each week. 
  • Missions: This page contains symbols that permit you to buy Destiny 2 substance extensions, like Forsaken or Shadowkeep, that you may not as of now have.


This concludes our guide on Destiny 2 Eververse and everything new related to it. We hope now you have a much better understanding of this store and can purchase what you need accordingly. If you liked this guide, don’t forget to leave a comment down below to show your support for us.

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