Stardew Valley Elliott: Schedule and Gift Guide

Stardew Valley remains a great place for all farmers. It offers a variety of activities. To work on the farm, learn new skills, changing different professions, and playing new games, etc all the different forms of participation in different festivities. One of the most interesting things about this game is that one can find anybody to love, marry, from one of twelve characters. 

When you have a husband or a wife, probably the individual help you with the daily routine, they also water the flowers and do some gardening, feed the animals. You can easily move to different places and build a couple of relations by achieving a few love points with your partner.

So, the question arises here how to make somebody fall in love with you? Obviously, it takes time and efforts and the involvement is needed and the other person’s life. But that is not the only thing required, every relationship has friendship as the strongest root base in Stardew Valley. It all starts with a couple of few gifts! Make sure that you are gifting your loved ones at least twice a week. Always consider the birthdays as that will be the only day where you can gain more friendship points. Different kind of villages has different tastes so we have tried to collect the necessary information on the gifts. If you are already aware of the gate that your partner or spouse would like or love, you already won! It will automatically turn your friendship into love.

stardew valley elliot

We keep introducing Stardew Valley bachelors and in this article, we will talk about the character – Elliott. He is basically a writer and lives alone by the beach. He is more of a creative person and has dreams about writing a lovely novel is that makes him a classic human being. Many times, you can see him drinking at the Stardrop Saloon, And that’s how we have decided to give you an insight on his entire schedule. This will give you a better idea to search for your future husband.

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Elliott’s Schedule

Usually, Elliott’s behavior remains the same in both the spring and summer season. Whereas, eradicating the rainy days when he stays at home. During the winter and autumn season, starting from Monday till Wednesday, he reads books in the library.

During the spring season, usually leaves his home by Monday and goes to the forest that is located near Leah’s house by 11:30 AM. After 3 PM, he goes to the north of the beach and stands on the bridge. On the remaining days, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday, one can find him either Southern side office house that is located near the fire pit. Or you can find him on the bridge. On Thursday, he’s at Pierre’s General Store from 11:30 AM to 5:30 PM. If you’re fond of seeing him at the beach campfire, do not forget to visit him on Fridays and Sundays from 12 PM onwards.

During the summer season, you can meet him by the River on Mondays, Saturdays, Wednesdays especially. On the ninth of the Tuesday, usually visit the clinic and on Thursdays and Fridays, you can visit him at Pierre’s General Store at the noontime.

During the fall season, Elliott tries to spend most of his time in the library usually on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday. On Thursday he is again at Pierre’s store from 12:40 AM to 5:30 PM. On Fridays, he visits the campfire pet at 12 PM on the Beach by 3:20 PM. You can visit him at the Stardrop saloon from 6 PM onwards to 11:50 PM on the weekends especially, Sunday.

During the winter season, usually on Mondays and Wednesdays, one can meet him either in the library or in the museum. And on Tuesdays and Saturdays, you can respect his privacy as he must be reading books in the library. Yet again, on Thursdays, he is found at the Pierre’s Store. Usually on Fridays, by 3:20 PM he goes to the north of the beach and stands there to guess the beauty at the bridge. On Sunday, Elliott tried to visit the Saloon at 5:00 PM.

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Stardew Valley Gift Guide: Elliott Edition

Now that you have read so much about Elliott, you are probably aware of what kind of gifts he would appreciate the most. So let us help you with a mini guide! He is fond of all the items that are from the Universal Loves category.

He is very happy to receive the following things:

  • Duck Feather, 
  • Pomegranate, 
  • Crab Cakes, 
  • Tom Kha Soup, and 
  • Lobster.

He will be amazed to receive such gifts as well as he doesn’t mind getting some squid and octopus. Although, he is completely neutral to fish that has few exceptions and also eggs.

Make sure that you do not give him the following things:

  • Daffodil, 
  • Chanterelle, 
  • Holly, 
  • Common Mushroom, 
  • Dandelion, 
  • Purple Mushroom, 
  • Leek, 
  • Winter Root, 
  • Morel, 
  • Snow Yam, 
  • Hazelnut, 
  • Wild Horseradish, and 
  • Pizza.

Elliott really hates these Stardew Valley gifts such as Sea Cucumber, Amaranth, Salmonberry, and Quartz.

Some of the romance options in Sanu Valley is how can you keep your relations with each and every villager. This will automatically gain you some heart points! The more hearts that you get with somebody, the more unique scenes will be unlocked for the latter.

This is a too heart event at the Elliott’s cabin. You will need to have a small talk initially. After that, he’ll ask you about the books that you are fond of, you can choose any of the answers and receive +30 friendship points.

There is a four-part event that takes place in the Stardrop Saloon. You can enter there from 3 PM to 10 PM, anywhere in between. You can find Gus in the workplace. He will then order you a bottle of wine and will propose a toast afterward. You can drink to the friendship toast and go to the Pelican town and on 50 or 25 friendship points accordingly.

There is another six heart event of the Stardew Valley romance that is held at Elliott’s cabin. We will play the piano and will talk about how difficult his life has been! Along with this, he will also tell you that he also wants to be a farmer like you. You can easily offer him to move to your farm, however, he will stay where he is located currently.

There is an eight-heart event that takes place at the Museum, starting from 1 PM onwards and goes up to 7 PM. We will then send you an invitation to see many other villagers where you attend a gathering and read his first book. Once read, he will also thank you and say that you have inspired him to write this book.

After receiving at least 10 hearts from Elliott, he will then invite you to a “maiden voyage” and there you can have a little boat trip with some well-spent quality time together. He will appreciate what he feels about you and will kiss you by the end.

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