Stardew valley Abigail: Schedule and gift guide

Stardew valley will give you enough experience. Yes, staying single surely sucks and the player is going to experience in this game. There are 12 characters in total, so you can select the particular character that you wish to get married. It will allow you with general advantages like any other marriage; you will be having a partner (wife) that will help you with multiple things such as gardening or feeding animals and followed with everyday routine.

This will help you in simplifying your life and you can gain profits as well from the farm. Abigail stardew valley, she is a character that plays a sweet girl’s role to be married to. In this guide, we will help you to learn a few more tips and tricks on how to win her heart in the short run. Let us give you a brief!

This will help you in making the right decisions. It will help in putting your life that is and you will definitely gain more profits. Your farm will definitely grow bigger.

Who is Abigail?

Stardew valley Abigail

A non-standard girl that is very kind, lives with her parents. Abigail’s father owns a store and his name is Pierre. She doesn’t bond well with her mother, Caroline, Because she does not like her colored hair – purple. And she has a fascination with occultism. Abigail is a gothic girl so she prefers to live her life while walking alone on the path. Most of the time, she stands on the bridge east where her father’s store is located. At many times, when it rains, her behavior changes. She might want to catch a frog or play or dance. If you wish to make her your life partner, read further to know more about her daily schedule.

Abigail’s Schedule

There are certain patterns that are quite constant throughout the movements in her life. Let’s distinguish these patterns with her favorite spots. During the spring season, Abigail spends most of the time on the bridge that is located near the JojaMart. She also visits the graveyard, the forest that is located near the Wizard’s Tower, Stardrop Saloon. During the summer season, she often visits the Train platform. You can also watch her standing beside the Mountain Lake. On Wednesdays, she prefers to visit Mona’s grave on the graveyard. She keeps the Sundays for the Wizard’s Tower to gaze around with sparkly eyes.

During the fall season, she is more likely to spend her time amidst the beaches. One can find her by The Beach and Bus Stop. Also, she considers Friday as the ideal day to visit The Stardrop Saloon And again Wednesdays for the usual graveyard rounds.

During the winter season when it is cold, this girl can be spotted at the carpenter’s shop. On Wednesdays, as we mentioned before she takes around to the Mona’s grave followed by a walk in the forest on Fridays and Sundays with a saloon visit.

Do not forget such locations as she prefers to consider all these as per the season and for relative specific days. We will help you understand this better through an example: when it rains, she might be spending the entire day at her father’s store at Pierre’s, or in some cases she might visit the saloon.

If you wish to make her fall for you or make her like you, don’t forget to shower her with gifts. We have listed a few tips for you which will help you in selecting the best gift as per this guide.

Stardew Valley Gift Guide

If you wish to impress Abigail, make sure that you give her two gifts every week. If you can afford to give a customized gift, there is a higher probability of obtaining a greater chance. You’ll understand this better with the special dialogue. Her birthday lies on the Fall of the 13th. Make feel special and lovely birthday gifts. Try making it extra special by giving an extra gift on her birthday.

It is a fact that all the gifts will have a certain reaction. While some gifts may give her immense happiness, and while others may not make her that happy. There can be a chance where some gift might just disappoint her, or even at the worst-case scenario, make her hate you. Be wise and mindful enough while picking the right gift! We have created a list of your gifts that you may choose to give her which may put a smile on her face!

Abigail loves Spicy Eel, Blackberry Cobbler, Amethyst, Pufferfish, Chocolate Cake, and Pumpkin. You may select any one of the items and she will ultimately say – you are the best person! Add some diversity by sourcing on the Internet; researching what does Abigail likes. You will definitely find a couple of universal gifts that everybody would adore. You can also search for beautiful Rabbit’s Foot or the Prismatic Shard. Moreover, she is also fond of quartz. Yes, we understand that it is not the amethyst but she will still love it and it’s not a bad gift idea either way.

There are a few presents that Abigail is fully neutral to. And these are Milk, Common Mushroom, Chanterelle, Dandelion, Daffodil, Morel, Leek, Hazelnut, Winter Root, Snow Yam, and Purple Mushroom. Also, we suggest to not gift Abigale Wild Horseradish or Sugar. She’s not fond of eggs or any kind of vegetable or fruit. Make sure that you are not giving her any Clay or Holly, as that will drive her crazy! Yes, she kind of adores Fruit Tree Fruit but nothing more than that.

However, gifts are external beauty. You need to communicate with her about your feelings and should know more about each other well.

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When we talk about marriage or any long-term association, Stardew Valley has a lot of benefits in store for you. Abigail is a helper at every task and she is an amazing cook. So after the wedding, you can expect her to help you with the daily chores.

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