Alex Stardew Valley Guide: Schedule, Gift guide.

Stardew Valley has a lot of fun as you can simply enjoy in the lapse of nature and indulge in gardening, play with animals, grow trees, complete interesting quests, enjoy fishing, kill monsters, and much more.

One of the most amazing features that make this game a little unique from other games is that you can create beautiful relationships with a different individual, guy, or girl. Talking about marriage, there is a simple strategy that you need to follow up. All you need to do is shower somebody with gifts and you are good to go!

One of the greatest features that create this game different from the rest is you can easily build your relationships with any good-looking girl or boy. There is the advice that you can buy gifts for your partner twice a week. This will help you in getting rewarded with extra friendship points and will also fetch you hearts to improvise on your relationships. 

You need to select the right gift for your partner and if you get that right and if he or she likes it, ultimately the reaction will increase 8x. Every character has its own preference and so the game or should be able to know what he or she likes in order to give them an ideal gift. Now that we have already studied this issue, you can check out the list of our amazing gifts. Prepare an amazing schedule so that you are able to meet the right person at the right time. You also have an opportunity to unlock special scenes of your romance and friendship with them once you meet them.

Be consistent in introducing your new bachelors to the Stardew Valley Alex. Alex is one of the most active characters in the game. Yes, he looks a little cocky, amazingly self-confident, and a very active guy. But as mentioned, who knows if he is hiding a layer of sensitivity under the macho personality. Probably, he is waiting for the right person to unveil his personality. Here is the chance on how you can find that out!

We have tried to keep it as the daily schedule that he is following. You can go through the same to know more about his interests and insight into his daily life!

Alex stardew valley

Alex’s Schedule

As compared to any other villager, Alex’s behavior remains the same. He’s in a similar situation as the rest of the villagers. Just like every other individual in that game, his behavior also keeps on altering due to the weather change. Usually, he reaches back home by 8 in the morning. When he leaves his room, he heads to the tree that is near to his house and spends some quality time within the lapse of nature. When the clock ticks 1:30 pm, it’s time to lift some weights. By 4:20 pm, he stands by the dog pen and once it is 6:30 pm, he walks back to the home. On Wednesdays, he has kept it to visit Emily and Haley’s house at sharp 1 PM. He sits and spends some quality time with them until it is 4:30 PM.

During the summer season, he spends most of his time on the beaches between the time slot of 8:50 AM to 12 PM. After that, he goes to the walk and sells some lip-smacking ice creams by the stand. Yet again when he reaches back home by 6 PM in the evening, it’s time to lift some weights and later he goes outside at 7 PM and then gets return back to home by eight.

On Wednesdays, if you achieve less than 6 hearts with Haley, then you may visit their family at 1:00. By 4:30 PM, you can leave their place and go up to the dog pen. When it starts training, he comes back to home and spends his evenings with the loved ones. On Tuesdays, he visits the clinic in the morning time, by 11 AM.

During the fall season, you can meet Alex at or near to his house. On Wednesdays, one can visit the Spa at 9 in the morning during the winter season. During 11:30 in the morning till 3 in the noon, he goes to the gym to lift some weights. Until it ticks 5:30 pm, one can find him in the bedroom or roaming around the house. 

Stardew Valley Gift Guide: Alex Edition

Alex is in love with the yummy Salmon as a dinner. Alex remains neutral to most of the fruits and milk, daffodils, morels, Chanterelle, Leek, Common Mushroom, Purple Mushroom, Winter Root, Dandelion, Leek, Snow Yam, and Hazelnut. Make sure that you don’t give him Salmonberry and Wild Horseradish. So, if you don’t wish to disappoint Alex then it is a good idea to not gift him Holly or Quartz.

Romance Options

As we have clearly stated in this article, when you get a few friendship points then ultimately you win hearts too! It will help you in unlocking new events as well. You can watch him playing a grid ball at a two-heart event that is held on the beach on a sunny day. He will let you know how to become a professional athlete. Such that you can believe in him! Followed with another 4, 5, and 6-heart events.

There is another eight heart event. So if you wish to get your marriage on the beach, this is your deal. He will let you know that his dear mother died on this day, 12 years ago. Along with this, he will also play a song that will associate with better feelings and emotions. There is a ten-heart event that triggers the individual to receive a letter from Alex. In this letter, he invites him to the saloon between the time slot of 7 PM to 10 PM. Yes, it is a real romantic date! And he will play the violin for you. Finally, Alex will confess that he has been into you since the time they have seen each other first. The love will keep on increasing from then and there.

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