Upgrade Your Docking Experience: Nintendo Switch Dock Alternatives in 2023!

Within the game industry, Nintendo has consistently been associated with innovation. Nintendo has continuously pushed the limits of what is possible in game hardware, starting with the NES and continuing with the motion-controlled Wii.

The Nintendo Switch, a hybrid game device that can switch between handheld and TV modes with ease, is one of the most notable inventions of recent years.

The Nintendo Switch Dock, a compact but potent gadget, is the key to this adaptability. This post will examine the Nintendo Switch Dock in more detail, discussing its features, capabilities, and the magic it offers the gaming community.

The Nintendo Switch: A Game Changer

With its March 2017 release, the Nintendo Switch brought a ground-breaking idea to the video game industry. You can use this console to play games both at home and when traveling. The Nintendo Switch, with its bright 6.2-inch touchscreen display, provides a small and portable gaming experience when in handheld mode.

But its ability to dock and play games on your TV is what really makes it unique. The Nintendo Switch Dock enables this smooth switching between handheld and TV modes.

Why Consider an Alternative Nintendo Switch Dock?

Nintendo switch dock

An easy-to-use and dependable attachment, the official Nintendo Switch Dock is included with the system. Nonetheless, there are a few reasons you might want to think about going with an alternative:

  • Portability: Government docks may be heavy and unsuitable for frequent movement. You could be able to transport your gaming setup more easily with a different dock that has a smaller design.
  • Extra Features: Some third-party docks provide extra features that improve your gaming experience, like numerous USB connections, built-in Ethernet connectors, and adjustable charging angles.
  • Cost: The cost of official Nintendo Switch Docks varies. Without sacrificing functionality, third-party solutions frequently offer a more affordable choice.
  • Customization: You may personalize your gaming setup by choosing alternative docks that have different colors or styles.

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Alternatives of Nintendo Switch Docks

Having established the rationale behind your consideration of a different Nintendo Switch Dock, let’s examine some of the top choices available:

1. Genki Covert Dock

Nintendo switch dock

Increasingly popular among Nintendo Switch owners is the incredibly portable and adaptable Genki Covert Dock. This tiny dock is perfect for people on the go or with limited room because it fits neatly in your pocket. Here are some of its salient characteristics:

  • Portability: You can play your Nintendo Switch on any TV with an HDMI input thanks to the Genki Covert Dock’s portability, which is small enough to fit in your pocket.
  • Many USB Ports: It has two USB 3.1 Gen 1 ports for attaching devices, an HDMI output, and a USB-C PD port for charging your Switch.
  • Compatibility: Its compatibility with the Nintendo Switch and other USB-C devices makes it a useful add-on.
  • Integrated Ethernet connector: The Genki Covert Dock boasts an Ethernet connector integrated right into it, which makes it possible to connect to the internet more quickly and steadily than with the official Nintendo Switch Dock.

2. Nyko Portable Docking Kit

Nintendo switch dock

With their Portable Docking Kit, Nyko provides a less expensive option to the official Nintendo Switch Dock. A portable dock and an AC converter are included in this set. What makes it a strong option is as follows:

  • Affordability: For players on a tight budget, the Nyko Portable Docking Kit is a compelling alternative to the official Nintendo Switch Dock because it is significantly less expensive.
  • Travel-Convenient: You may easily take it with you on your gaming adventures because of its portable design.
  • Easy Setup: To get started, just attach the dock to the AC adaptor that comes with it, and your TV is ready to go.
  • USB Ports: There are two USB ports on the dock, so you can attach more items.

3. Hori Compact Playstand

Nintendo switch dock

If you’re a gamer looking for a compact, adjustable stand, the Hori Compact Playstand is a great substitute for the standard Nintendo Switch Dock. Even though it lacks TV output, its cost and ease make it worthwhile to consider:

  • Changeable Viewing Angle: The Hori Compact Playstand allows you to change the Nintendo Switch’s viewing angle, which makes it pleasant to use on a tabletop for extended periods of time.
  • Portability: Its lightweight and flat folding design makes it convenient to put in a backpack or travel bag.
  • Affordability: Among the most reasonably priced solutions available is this playstand.
  • Stability: Your Nintendo Switch won’t sway while you’re playing thanks to the sturdy platform it offers.

4. GuliKit Route Air

Nintendo switch dock

Combining portability and functionality, the GuliKit Route Air is a flexible choice. It offers a variety of connectivity options and is compact and travel-friendly in style. This is what distinguishes it:

  • Wireless Connectivity: No physical dock is required while using the GuliKit Route Air thanks to its wireless connectivity, which allows it to send music and video to your TV.
  • Portability: Due to its compact size and lightweight, it is simple to take with you wherever you go.
  • Multiple Ports: Plenty of connectors are available for connecting devices and peripherals, including two USB 3.0 ports, an HDMI port, and a USB-C PD port on the dock.
  • Compatibility: This adaptable accessory is compatible with both the Nintendo Switch and other USB-C devices.

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If you want to play your console on a large screen, you must have the Nintendo Switch Dock. Official docks are functional, but there are other choices that are more affordable, portable, and offer more functions.

Ultimately, the decision is based on your needs and tastes for gaming. There’s probably a Nintendo Switch Dock out there that fits your gaming style, whether your priorities are portability, affordability, or extra features like Ethernet connectivity.

When selecting the best dock for your Nintendo Switch, take your gaming setup, travel preferences, and price range into account. This adaptable device will improve your gaming experience.

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