Kerbal Space Program Cheats for PC

KSP Abbreviated as Kerbal Space Program is a space flight simulation video game. In this article, we have mentioned some Cheats which helps you to make your gameplay more interesting.

1. Extra science Points

You can increase your Science Points just by this simple step. On your Computer navigate to save files and search for the “persistnet.sfs” file, which you should open with a text editing program. Where you can see something like this.
name = ResearchAndDevelopment scene = 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 sci = 250.80179

Change the sci value whatever you want, but keep it realistic and leaving the decimal number in place. After that save the file and load the game and enjoy the game with new things. (provigil online pharmacy)

ksp cheat

2. Debug Mode

From Debug mode you can enjoy unlimited fuel, unbreakable joints, and other helpful perks.

To access the Debug Console: Press CTRL+ALT+SHIFT+D

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3. Cheat Menu

You can use the cheat menu while gameplay. In the cheat menu, you can get many useful settings and these settings make your gameplay more interesting as well as good.

To access the Cheat menu: Press [Alt] + [F12]

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