How to Install KSP Mods?

There are two types of people in this world, those who play KSP and those who do not. Where do you belong? Do you play KSP? Have you ever wished for any add-ons or “mods” to make the game more interesting?

KSP or Kerbal Space Program is a fantastic game that is capable of engaging you for hours on end. The game revolves around you maintaining your own space program along with fly ships. The game is managed through your computer.

To drizzle a little dressing on the gameplay, the gaming community has already come up with modifications and add-ons that are designed to up the level of the game. You can make the game more challenging, add improvements or modify the gameplay. Most of these mods are free, but you should be aware of the process to install them.

Before you learn how to install the KSP mods, you must know where to find them and which ones are the ones you need to include in your arsenal. Read on to find out just that.

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Where to Look for the KSP Mods?

There is a multitude of websites that have put up the Kerbal Space Program mods for download. We have mentioned two of the reliable ones below:

  • Official KSP Forums – There are so many official KSP forums, including the one on Steam. You can find what you are looking for if you are aware of it. If you decide to browse through the forums, it can get quite tiresome as the list of forums is long.
  • Curse Forge – This is one of the best places to get started. You can find mods of popular games on this website without any difficulty. It has a remarkable section on KSP. There is a variety of mods, and each one is trustworthy. You can sort and filter too.

We have mention some Best Ksp mods, you can check it out here.

Mods to Try Out

The variety in the number and types of mods is sure to give you a headache if you do not know which one is good. You can choose to browse through the most popular mods downloaded on Curse Forge using their filters. This gives you an idea of what is trending. On the forums, you can check for anything specific that you may have in mind.

If we are to recommend you any mods, we will go with MechJab first. It happens to be one of the most downloaded mod, and it adds an autopilot feature in the game. Also, you stand to gain a lot of information about your machines that is not available in the standard game. Another mod that we like is the Kerbal Attachment System which provides you with new tools. You can explore these tools freely to understand their purposes.

Installing the KSP Mods

Installing is the most crucial part of this article. We endeavour to explain this entire process to you in a step-by-step manner so that it is easy for you to grasp and execute. We advise you to add one mod at a time using this process. If you add too many mods in one go, your game may slow down considerably and may not support the seamless functioning of all the mods together. Consider trying each one as an individual entity before adding more.

  1. The primary step is to make sure that you are in possession of the original Kerbal Space Program, courtesy of Steam. If you have not bought it, you can always buy it during the sale period when it is priced lower. To confirm that you have KSP, check your Library tab in your Steam account.
  2. Now, you must select your favourite mod that you want to try out and check its compatibility with the version of KSP that you are using. Download it. It will most probably be downloaded as a .zip file.
  3. Unzip the file and extract the contents. These will be saved as a folder with the name of the mod.
  4. Now, you must locate the Local Files of KSP on your computer. You can search for it manually in your Folders section, or you can go to your Steam Library to find it.
  5. To find it through Steam, go to your Library, click on Kerbal, then Properties, then Local Files and lastly on Browse Local Files. The last click should guide you to your Kerbal folder on your computer.
  6. Once you are there, search for the Game Data folder. Transfer the complete mod folder into this folder.
  7. To determine whether your mod was installed correctly, run your game. If all has gone well, your mod will run within the game with ease. Enjoy your game!

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