10 Best Kerbal Space Program Mods

If you are a space lover and keep a passion for designing and managing the galactic Life, this game is for you. The game is a kind of strategy game that includes modeling, designing, and testing of space ships for adventures in space. Squad published the game and, to date, is available to play on various platforms such as Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, PlayStation, and even Xbox. The game involves a realistic orbital physics engine that is being applied by a space engineer to design rocket models.

In this game, you will have to design rockets and other types of aerial vehicles, testing them by launching them in the space with your team of astronauts. The base game is fascinating indeed but lacks a little more detail, and well, these are the points where the players will want a modification in the game. To change the properties of a game without changing the base of a game, mods are used. Mods can also be said as the perks and the parts in a game that the developer failed to see or imagine.

The Best KSP Mods

So, here we are, talking about the best of the best Kerbal Space Program Mods. The ones who are on the list are mentioned below.

  • MechJeb
  • kOS
  • Kerbal Engineer Redux
  • Kerbal Attachment System
  • Kerbal Alarm Clock
  • Docking Port Alignment Indicator
  • Environmental Visual Enhancements
  • B9 Aerospace
  • Telemachus
  • Soviet Spacecraft

Mods in Detail

All the mods are not created to be equal. Some are the best, and some might look bad to someone. There are various types of mods for the game. So, let us talk about these mods and how they work in a bit more detail.

MechJeb is among the starting mods in the game. That is, this mod is one of those mods that came in the market for the Kerbal Space Program. The mod comes under the category of an essential mod, meaning a mod that you must have on your game launcher. The mod changes the total look and feel of the gameplay. It enhances the game look by giving the screen a watch which rivals those of supercomputers. You can directly access all the parts of your ship design by looking at a single screen and calibrate everything so that your model works best and reaches greater heights. The theme for this mod is pained black and includes a lot of graphics such as buttons, toggles, lists, and many more, giving you a total look and feel of software made to run spaceships.

This mod is also like the MechJeb mod. This mod to changes the overall look and feel of the game in the same way as the MechJeb does. It changes the main screen of the game by giving it a design that rivals that of the screen that is shown on old-style computers for programming. The overall look of the game becomes very lovely and attractive. Although both the mods in the list so far are of the same category, the only thing that differentiates them is the availability of functions. The MechJeb mod focuses on giving controls to the player while the kOS mod focuses on providing the data to the player.

This mod is best compatible and works best with the MechJeb mod. If, in your game, you want the analytics and analysis of the situation with the screen-testing present in the MJ mod. Having such perks with you will add to the tonnes of feedbacks and calculations to make your flight more comfortable and amazing. Having such an entirely perky screen will accurate your awareness about the model situation.

This type of mod is for the ease of the gameplay. You sometimes will want to do things to enhance your model’s performance in mid-air, and this is when the quality of Life mods come in handy. This mod lets you attach systems in mid-air and make such a system to make your model more effective. You can do things such as combining ships in the middle of the air, attaching or detaching systems to make your boat lighter or equip it with an important part, with this mod, you even can design a fuel station to refuel your ship on any planet.

This, by far, is the handiest mod of all. The best thing about the Kerbal Space program game is that you won’t have to focus on a single mission. Since all the space missions or even designing tasks require time and patience, you can start one job and then work on others, too, if the first one is going under some automatic process. But well, easy as it seems, this might become a little problematic to handle a lot of missions on a single period. And this is when you will need someone or something to tell you about the completion of a task. This is when the Kerbal Alarm Clock comes in handy. You can set the time for the end of the modification of a job, and then when the time is over, the clock will inform you about it.

Now, when you reach the dark universe, there will come a time, you will need more supplies or even another part of the ship. This is when you will need to dock two or more vessels together. But well, smooth it might sound but in actual is not. For this, you will require the data for the absolute distance between both docks and the speed required. This is when this mod comes into the picture. With the help of this mod, you will be able to set aside a lot of hard work and do the task efficiently.

The game has made quite a reputation when it comes to the quality of graphics and visuals. And what more, since the release of the game, mods have been tweaking the graphics on an even higher level. But, in all those mods, the Environmental Visual Enhancements mod tops the list when the graphical performance is considered. The mod enhances the quality of life on planets and stars by giving an environment, an atmosphere, a greener life, and even things such as water, light, and cloud details. The combination of all these things makes our eyes pop out with fascination. But well, with every detail and good thing, comes the wrong side too. The mod enhances the graphical quality of the game. Still, if your machine is not compatible with bearing the improved graphics and with overcoming the problem, the game will decrease the physics simulation quality.

If you want to try something new and take your design and imagination to a whole new level, this mod is just the best for you. This mod includes a variety of parts to your game to make it more intriguing. By entering B9 Aerospace, you can design ship models which you have never seen in real life. The inventory of the mod includes parts and items that will look like to have arrived from the future models.

This is another mod, which is the same as that of the B9 Aerospace mod; that is, it adds parts and other items to enhance your gaming experience with the game. But sometimes, designing and modeling ships, creating their space programs, and running test runs seems not enough. What we require and want is a space station of our own. This is when the mod comes in handy. You can design a space station of your own by adding multiple screens to your game. With the help of this mod, you can create a system working on different computers, showing different types of data for the space mission. With the help of this mod, you can even enjoy playing with your friends as a space team, having a party that you have never had.

Well, sometimes things those bursts catch our attention more. No fun is there with a gentle, although astonishing space adventure when there are not bits and bytes of explosions all over the area. And this is where the mod named BD armory will come into action. A beautiful grade armory with all the weapons and the items that will make things boom magnificently in the space. So, catch your hammer, align your turrets, equip your arms, and get ready for some sounds.


There are different types of mods that are available in the market. There are mods that you must have on your game to change the whole look and feel of your gaming screen while retaining the functionality of the base game; there are mods that change the gaming experience by adding some features to the game and improving the quality of space life and then there are mods that work to add items to the game inventory to make your gaming experience more productive and broader, adding things that you can only imagine. In this list, we have included the best among the best from all types of mods that are available in the market. You can search for more search mods and if you have not tried them yet, why not give it a shot.

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