5 Best and Easy Methods to Hide Apps on iPhone

Your iPhone’s home screen can be able to fit a lot of apps. This might let you quickly launch any program at any moment, but it can also make your screen crowded with a lot of widgets and app icons.

Thankfully, Apple offers many choices for controlling your home screen in the most recent iOS releases. Applications may be moved and arranged into folders, and they can even be deleted completely from the home screen. All versions of iOS and iPadOS, including iOS 16 and beyond, are compatible with these solutions. Thus, we now know how to swiftly and simply hide apps on any Apple iPhone or iPad. I’ll start now.

1. How To Hide Apps On Any iPhone Using Folders

On any iPhone or other Apple device, you cannot completely hide programs, but you may make them harder to find. You may avoid seeing apps you don’t use often by hiding them, which will also free up space on your home screen. Organizing all of your applications into categories or utilizing folders is the most popular method for doing this. So let’s get that skill.

To conceal an app, navigate to the home screen on your iPhone or iPad, then press and hold the desired app.

Edit Home Screen is the option that you may choose from.

The app may then be dragged to any other app icon. As a result, the two apps will be placed in a new folder on your iPhone’s home screen.

Drag the app to the right to hide it after entering the newly formed folder. You may do this by dragging the application to the right side of the folder. This will cause a new folder window to appear, where you may conceal the software.

Lastly, select any empty area on your screen by tapping Done. On your screen, this will appear in the upper-right corner.

The app you choose to conceal will now be placed in your newly created folder.

2. How To Hide A Single App On Any iPhone

how to hide apps on iphone

By following a few simple steps, you may also conceal a single application on any iPhone or iPad.

To remove an app from your home screen, press and hold its icon.

Select Remove App once all the options are displayed.

Next, select the “Remove from Home Screen” option.

The app symbol will vanish from your home screen as soon as it is hidden. However, the app is still there in the App Library.

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3. How To Hide Multiple Apps On Any iPhone

Perhaps the easiest way to hide a lot of apps is to hide the whole Home Screen page of apps. In case you’re looking for a method to conceal many apps, you may drag them all onto a single Home Screen page by following the steps below. Let’s now examine each stage in detail.

Press and hold anywhere on your Home Screen to hide several apps. Next, click the Home Screen dot icon that appears above the Dock applications.

You’ll get a little icon view of the pages on your Home Screen.

To totally delete the page from your home screen configuration, tap the checkbox located beneath it.

Repeat the previous instructions if you want to reverse this action and see all of these apps. Next, to add a tick, press on the empty circle icon.

Click on Done now.

4. How To Hide Apps From iPhone Search History Or Suggestions

You may search for apps or information on your smartphone from one place by using the iPhone Search box. But as was previously said, the disguised programs are still available on the App Store. This means that when you don’t want to access them, hidden applications on your iPhone may show up in search results or suggestions. So let’s try to figure out how to resolve this issue.

After launching the Settings app, choose Siri & Search.

To remove an app from your search history, touch on it after opening the App List option.

All of the app’s choices will now be visible. Now, you have the option to disable Show App in Search. You may disable Show Content in Search as well.

By choosing Suggestion Notifications, you may also use this toggle to disable all of the hidden app’s notifications.

Additionally, go to Settings and then Notifications on your iPhone to turn off app notifications. Next, choose the app by scrolling down, then click the Allow Notifications slider. When the slider is gray, the app’s notifications are no longer enabled.

5. How To Hide Apps On App Store Purchase Log

    There are a few simple procedures to take in order to conceal any program from the program Store or Purchase history. To hide an app from your App Store history, open the App Store on your iPhone and select the Today tab. Let’s examine the remaining actions.

    Open the App Store app on your iPhone.

    After that, tap the profile symbol. On your screen, this will appear in the upper-right corner.

    Next, select the Today tab.

    Select Purchased next. This will display every program available in the program Store, both paid and free.

    To hide an app, select it, then swipe left to hide it.

    You may choose to hide each app individually after choosing one or more, then hit the Done button.

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    On iOS, hiding or concealing apps usually has little impact on how they behave or function. They use the same amount of storage space as if they were on a home screen, launch at the same speed as if they weren’t hidden, and continue to get automatic updates (if you have them enabled).

    Additionally, all of these techniques guarantee that you can always reveal any of these applications and that you won’t be able to remove them without consent. Apps that are rarely used by users or take up space on the home screen may often be removed from the device, but if your Apple iPhone has a lot of capacity, concealing them is also a great option.

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