How to Reset Network Settings on iPhone?A Quick and Easy Solution in 2023!

One of the greatest methods to resolve Wi-Fi, cellular connectivity, or other network-related issues on your iPhone is to reset the network settings.

This approach usually resolves the most prevalent issues, while pinpointing the precise cause of connectivity problems can be challenging.

The question of when, how, and what happens when an iPhone’s network settings are reset is one that many users have. Everything you require to know about resetting network settings on an iPhone is covered in this practical tutorial. Let’s move forward now!

How to Reset Network Settings on iPhone?

To reset the network settings on your iPhone, take these steps:

1. Access the Settings application on your iPhone.

reset network settings iphone

2. Click General.

3. After swiping to the bottom of the screen, select Reset.

4. In the network settings, tap Reset.

reset network settings iphone

5. Put in your passcode if asked.

6. In the network settings, tap Reset.

It takes a minute or so for your iPhone to restart after resetting its network settings. Once your phone is functional again, enter your passcode. Reconnecting your phone to your cellular operator should happen automatically.

If your iPhone isn’t connecting to your cell network automatically, get help from Apple or your carrier.

Re-joining Wi-Fi networks is also necessary. After selecting Settings > Wi-Fi, tap the network name you wish to connect to. Enter the network password when required, then select Join.

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When to Reset Network Settings on Your iPhone?

On an iPhone 13, or any other model, you can reset the network settings if you frequently experience any of the following problems:

  • It won’t connect or operate on its own with WiFi.
  • Your iOS device displays a “No Service” error.
  • Your iPhone’s Bluetooth isn’t functioning.
  • Calls cannot be placed or received.
  • The 5G networks are not usable.
  • Call drops at random
  • FaceTime won’t connect or function.
  • VPN isn’t functioning as it should

What Happens When You Reset Your Network Settings on iPhone?

All network and internet-related data is deleted from your iPhone when you reset the network settings. This contains cellular network options, VPN settings, Bluetooth device pairing history, WiFi network names, and passwords.

A factory reset erases all of your files and personal information; a network settings reset does not do that.

When you exchange your old iPhone for a new one, this is usually what happens. Your files, media, web browser data, and mobile carrier information are all retained when you reset your network settings.

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Alternate Ways to Fix Network Issues on iPhone

You should attempt a few other solutions before resetting your iPhone’s network settings if you wish to resolve network-related problems.

In addition to being simple and quick, these techniques will assist you in resolving network issues on your iPhone without erasing any data. Thus, don’t forget to give these a go.

1. Toggle Airplane Mode

reset network settings iphone
  • Give your phone a minute or so in Airplane Mode.
  • On your iPhone, tap Settings. To turn on Airplane Mode and turn off Wi-Fi, move the slider adjacent to Airplane Mode to the right until you see green.
  • Once a minute has passed, move the slider next to Airplane Mode to the left in order to switch off Airplane Mode and turn on Wi-Fi once more.
  • Examine whether your connections are functional.

2. Power Off and Power On

reset network settings iphone
  • Turn your iPhone off and back on if you are unable to toggle Airplane Mode.
  • Press and hold the iPhone’s Power button for a brief period of time. To switch off an iPhone, press and hold both the Power and Volume buttons on some phones.
  • The phone can be turned off by moving the Slide to Power Off slider to the right.
  • To turn your phone back on, wait for it to shut down completely before pressing and holding down the power button for a few seconds until the Apple logo shows up. The first time your smartphone boots up, you’ll need to enter your passcode to log in.
  • Examine whether your connections are functional.

3. Forget and Reconnect to Your Wi-Fi Network

reset network settings iphone
  • Remove and reinstall your Wi-Fi network if you are still unable to connect.
  • To access the Wi-Fi settings screen, open Settings and tap Wi-Fi. The network name that your device is linked to appears below Wi-Fi and the on/off slider that is located close to the top of the screen.
  • In the circle to the right of the network name that is now active, tap the i.
  • After selecting Forget This Network, touch Forget again to be sure.
  • When you forget a network, your iPhone automatically disconnects from it and displays the available wireless networks.
  • You can join a network by tapping its name. After entering the network password, select Join.
  • Examine whether your connections are functional.

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