How to Activate the Dark Mode in Google Docs for Desktop, Mobile, and Web?

One common interface option is dark mode, which shows bright text on a dark background. Especially when using a device in a dark room, it can prove to be more comfortable and visually appealing than dark text on a bright background, even though it doesn’t always reduce eye strain.

How to enable dark mode in Google Docs on an iPad or iPhone?

On an iPhone or iPad, follow these instructions to enable Dark Mode in Google Docs.

  • The Google Docs application should open first.
  • In the upper-left area of the application, there are three horizontal lines that indicate the Options menu. Tap on them.
  • Highlighted are the three horizontal lines on the Google Docs app on an iPhone.
  • Press the trio of horizontal lines to reveal a menu.
  • Select Settings.
  • The menu of the Google Docs app on an iPhone, with the item “Settings” underlined.
  • Tap.
  • Select Dark.
  • Using the “Theme” settings, “Dark” is emphasized in the Google Docs app on an iPhone.
  • To activate the dark mode, select “Dark”. Ionescu Stefan
  • Google Docs will go into dark mode right away.

How to activate Google Docs’ dark mode on an Android device?

  1. When using Google Docs on an Android phone or tablet, select Options > Settings > Select Theme > Dark or System Default to enable Dark Mode. The detailed how-to is available here.
  2. The Google Docs application should open first.
  3. Next, press the Options menu. Three horizontal lines are used to symbolize it in the app’s upper left corner.
  4. The highlighted three horizontal lines represent the Google Docs app on an Android device.
  5. Press the trio of horizontal lines to reveal a menu.
  6. Select Settings.
  7. The Android version of the Google Docs app, with the “Settings” menu item highlighted.
  8. Press the “Settings” menu item. Ionescu Stefan
  9. Click on Select Theme.
  10. Choose either System Default or Dark.
  11. The Android version of the Google Docs app, with the pop-up window highlighting the “Dark” and “System Default” radial buttons.
  12. Tap “System Default” or “Dark” to open the pop-up menu. Ionescu Stefan
  13. Google Docs will go into dark mode right away.

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How to activate dark mode in Google Documents on a PC?

There isn’t a built-in dark mode for computers in Google Docs. With a third-party addon, you can, however, activate dark mode.

The following instructions are for using Google Docs with the Chrome web browser.

  • Launch the Chrome internet browser.
  • Browse the webpage for the Google Docs Dark Mode plugin.
  • Select “Add to Chrome”.
  • Chrome users using Google Docs, with the “Add to Chrome” button highlighted on the page of the Google Docs Dark Mode extension.
  • Select Add Extension from the pop-up window that shows up.
  • When adding the Google Docs Dark Mode extension, Google Docs on Google Chrome will display with the “Add Extension” button highlighted in a pop-up window.
    Installing the extension will take place. For the extension to function, you must reload any open Google Docs windows.

Activate the Dark Mode on the Web

You can use the following methods to read Google Sheets, Slides, and even a Gmail document in night mode. As long as the Chrome browser is available, these solutions should function on any device.

Step 1: Use the Google Chrome flags to enable dark mode

  • There is no default option to use the dark theme in Google Docs. When using Chrome, users can access other browser customization options and test out possible Chrome features by hiding the Chrome flag. This will compel Docs to adopt the darker color scheme.
  • Note: Not all users can access Chrome flags, and using them may have an impact on your browsing experience. You should be aware of this change before continuing as it applies to every page you visit. Regardless of the website that supports it, almost everything will go dark!
  • In the address bar at the top of the screen, type chrome://flags. Press Enter to be sent to the Flags page.
  • Search for “Dark Mode” using the built-in search bar interface.
  • Next, select Auto Dark Mode for Web Contents’ Enabled option from the drop-down menu. If more accessibility is needed, you can select different choices.
  • Make sure there is no unsaved work in Chrome before clicking reopen to apply the changes. Chrome will prompt you to reopen the browser.
  • All of the site content will be in dark mode and your settings will have been adjusted when you reopen your browser. Check if the modification was effective by opening Google Docs!

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Step2: Make use of an extension

On websites that don’t support it by default, many browser extensions enable users to choose dark mode. These will allow Google Docs to have darker colors!


  1. Set up the “Google Docs Dark Mode” addon.
  2. Launch a fresh document
  3. In your browser’s upper right corner, click the puzzle piece icon.
  4. Click the Google Docs Dark Mode extension, or pin and click it.
  5. Toggle both of the shown toggles.
  6. Pleasure!

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