How to Set an Animated GIF Wallpaper as Your Computer’s Background?

wallpaper gif

One of the easiest ways to add a more personal touch to Windows 10 is to customize your desktop backdrop. Beautiful static backgrounds are well known, but have you ever thought about animating your wallpaper? To make the scene more lively, find out how to set an animated GIF as your Windows 10 desktop wallpaper. How to Set an Animated GIF as Your Desktop Background? The usage of animated desktop

How to Free Up Storage by Clearing Cache on Your iPhone?

clear cache on iphone

In your mobile browser, how many tabs are open at the moment? Feel free to investigate; you may be taken aback by what you discover. Americans use their smartphones for more than five hours per day. That’s more than five hours that your phone might be using to access, retrieve, and store cookies and cache, which could be bad for the storage capacity of your iPhone. What is a cache?

Smartphone Flashlights: How to Turn On and Off with Ease

turn off flashlight

Your phone’s flashlight is a lifesaver when you need it, even if you don’t use it often. Let us assist you if you are unaware of all the ways to turn on and off your smartphone’s flashlight. For both Android and iPhone, we’ll walk you through turning on and off your flashlight. Using and Setting the Flashlight on Your Android Phone We’ll start with Android users since, as one might

How Can You Use iOS and Android to View the YouTube Desktop Site?

youtube desktop

Desire to use your phone to view YouTube videos in desktop mode? You may use Chrome, Firefox, Safari (available only on iPhones), and other default browsers to enable YouTube’s desktop mode on Android and iPhone devices. This article will walk you through all of the processes. Sometimes, for a variety of reasons, users would rather view YouTube videos on their phone’s browser even though Google has a dedicated YouTube app

Is iMessage Not Working? Here are the Quick and Easy Steps for fixing?

iMessage Not Working

As it relates to the text messages on your iPhone, color has a significant meaning. Your text message shows up in a blue bubble when you send it over iMessage. Your phone’s iMessage functionality may not be functioning if all of your texts are placed in green bubbles. Alternatively, you may be limited to texting Android people, as iMessage is not supported by Android. What is iMessage? iPhones, iPads, iPod

How to Activate the Dark Mode in Google Docs for Desktop, Mobile, and Web?

google docs dark mode

One common interface option is dark mode, which shows bright text on a dark background. Especially when using a device in a dark room, it can prove to be more comfortable and visually appealing than dark text on a bright background, even though it doesn’t always reduce eye strain. How to enable dark mode in Google Docs on an iPad or iPhone? On an iPhone or iPad, follow these instructions

Your Apple TV Remote Decoded: A User-Friendly Button Tutorial

Apple TV Remote

A whole new world of streaming entertainment and games is at your fingertips with the help of the incredibly powerful and stylish Apple TV remote. The remote can maximize the potential of your Apple TV with its innovative features and user-friendly design. Naturally, familiarity with the Apple TV remote is a prerequisite for all of that. The buttons on an Apple TV remote are explained in detail below. Various Apple

How to Recover Deleted Messages on Your Smartphone?

deleted messages

From inadvertently erasing text messages to misplacing or breaking the phone itself, there are many ways to lose a crucial text message from your phone. Restoring your texts can be the only method to get hold of important data in the event that your company has a system breakdown or inadvertent account closure. Not being able to locate the text, you have to check that appointment time or respond to

How to Snip and Capture on macOS: A Windows User’s Guide

snipping tool mac

In contrast to Windows, macOS lacks an official tool for snipping, but you may accomplish a comparable task using the integrated Screenshot application. Just like its name implies, it’s useful for grabbing screenshots of particular areas of the screen. Installing third-party apps is not necessary for taking screenshots because the macOS capture tool does a good job of it. So continue reading to learn how to snip on the Mac

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Action Camera Microphone Attachment

action camera microphone attachment

For taking action photos and films, action cameras such as those made by DJI and GoPro have grown in popularity. Of course, you’ll need an external microphone input if you want to record great audio. To attach a microphone to your camera, you can use an adapter with an audio jack called an Action Camera Microphone Attachment. See how adding this addon may improve the audio quality and elevate your