Creating and Managing Your Amazon Wish List: A How-To Guide

Do you recall the days before shopping, when people would make a long list of everything they needed? What advantages does a list like this have?

This list not only saves you time when shopping, but also makes it possible for you to jot down items as soon as you see or remember them. This list is something you can store for a later date. This list is even open for sharing with others.

Amazon lets users make lists of products they want to buy thanks to its large client base. Amazon Wish List, or just List, is what this is known as. A wish list is essentially a means to jot down and organize the things you now desire to purchase.

What is an Amazon Wish List?

Let’s say a buyer finds a product on Amazon that she wants to buy later but not right away.

Where will she hang this item? That’s when Amazon’s Wish List feature comes in handy.

These days, the majority of e-commerce sites offer this function to assist users in listing items they wish to buy at a later time. The list is how Amazon refers to it.

Clients can name their Lists according to various criteria, such as interests or purposes. Right now, there is no limit on how many Lists a user may create on Amazon.

Amazon Wish List is more than simply a user-curated product list; it’s also a useful tool for conducting market research. Its special features let your clients find ideas for gifts and keep them informed of changes in prices and availability. Eventually, more clients would convert as a result.

A gift registry is also available through Amazon’s Wish List. Customers can invite friends and relatives to view and share their List by making it public. How can a smartphone user make a wish list on Amazon?

On a smartphone, tap the three-line icon in the lower right corner, select Lists, and then choose Create Want List. You may add any product to the want list by searching for it on the Amazon app.

How to create an Amazon wish list on a desktop?

amazon wish list

Having an Amazon account is the sole prerequisite for making a wish list on the website. Use your Amazon login credentials to access your account on a computer or smartphone. On a desktop or PC, select Accounts & Lists by clicking on it, which is located in the upper right corner.

To make a list, click the button that appears in the upper right corner. Click on Build a List after giving the list a new name or using the default, which is typically Shopping List 1.

You’ve just successfully made an Amazon wish list. You can search for the product you want on Amazon’s home page and click “add to wish list” to add it to your wish list. In case you have multiple want lists, you can choose one by clicking on the downward arrow symbol and include the product or item in that particular wish list.

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How can I share and manage my wish list on Amazon?

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With only a few clicks, one may quickly share an Amazon wish list. Select “Send the list to others” from the wish list page on Amazon. A wish list can be shared with someone in two different ways. Firstly, it can be shared as an uneditable wish list, which allows the recipient to view the products on the list. Comparably, it can also be transmitted in an editable view format, enabling the recipient to add or remove things from the Amazon wish list.

Amazon wish lists can be sent by SMS, email, or by copying the URL and sharing it with other people via Telegram, WhatsApp, or other messaging services.

On the Amazon wish list page, click the more option. Then, choose the last option from the menu, “Delete list,” to eliminate the desired list. Be aware that a wish list you remove from Amazon cannot be retrieved.

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