How to get Google Drive on a desktop?

One of the most popular cloud storage services, Google Drive is a productivity powerhouse. File sharing and storage across various platforms and devices is possible for those with a Google account.

What is Google Drive?

You may quickly and easily access the contents of your Google Drive account with the desktop program, Google Drive for desktop.

Because all modifications are automatically shared with everyone, this is very useful while working in a collaborative environment.

How to get Google Drive on a PC

1. Select “Download Drive for desktop” from the Google Drive download landing page.

2. On the middle left side of the screen, almost halfway from the center to the left edge, click the blue Download Drive for the desktop icon.

3. Your web browser will start to download “GoogleDriveSetup.exe” (or GoogleDrive.dmg on a Mac) as a program. When the executable file from Google downloads to your PC, open it.

 Google Drive on desktop

4. Tap the program to start the installation process and adhere to the prompts displayed on the screen after it has finished downloading.

5. Click Close to close the pop-up window after the installation is finished. When the Google Drive installer is finished, it will show the Close button highlighted.

You should now see Google Drive on your desktop. Locate and select the Sign in with browser option from the Sign in to Google Drive window. The successful Google Drive login screen.

6. Input your Gmail address, press Next, then enter your password and press Next again. On the newly shown page verifying that you have downloaded the application from Google, select Sign In.

You can add folders to your settings so that Google Drive syncs with them. In order to do this on Windows, right-click the Google Drive icon in the system tray, choose Preferences from the menu, and then click Add folder.

A quick tip: all folders on Mac are almost exactly the same as those on Windows. The Google Drive symbol is still there, but it’s in the Menu Bar at the top of your screen rather than in the system tray.

You will also notice shortcuts to Drive applications like Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides if you selected to create them during installation, once Google Drive has downloaded to your desktop.

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How to check your sync status or pause

When to stop syncing:

  1. For the desktop, click Drive.
  2. Press the gear icon for Settings, then select Pause Syncing.
  3. Fast tip: Select Resume Syncing from the Settings menu to start syncing once more.
  4. It is possible to check your sync status on the web or on your computer.
  5. When the message Upload complete appears on the site, syncing is finished.
  6. Sync files have not yet been posted to your computer, while Done files have been uploaded successfully and are now available on any device that is signed into your Drive account.

Utilize Any Device to Access Your Files

You can keep your data close at hand on all of your devices by using Google Drive on your desktop. This allows you to access documents, images, and videos whenever you need them.

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