How to Convert HEIC to PNG on Mac, Windows, and iPhone?

High-Efficiency Image Format is now used by newer iPhones and iPads to capture images, resulting in files with the.heic extension. Windows users may find HEIC inconvenient despite its many benefits because there isn’t a built-in method for opening HEICs on Windows. Switching to a more readable file format, like PNG, is one way to solve the problem. To convert HEIC to PNG, use the Movavi converter. the quick and easy way to convert your files from HEIC to PNG.

How to convert HEIC to PNG on a Mac?

heic to png
  • On the Mac, converting HEIC photos to PNG is simple because Apple included HEIC support in all of their photo applications. Accordingly, you may use the Preview application to open a HEIC image and export it as a PNG.
  • Double-click any picture in HEIC mode. The Preview app ought to launch it.
  • Select File, then Export from the menu bar.
  • Locate and select the Format section from the drop-down menu in the Export box. Go with PNG.
  • Select the location where you wish to store this exported file.
  • Press Save.
  • The Preview app allows you to export HEIC images to PNG.
  • Though the specific methods may differ slightly, you should be able to save a HEIC image as a PNG in any other Apple photo program on your Mac using the same procedure.

How to convert HEIC to PNG on Windows? 

heic to png

Although you will need to install additional software, you can use Windows picture programs to convert a HEIC image to PNG. Both the $0.99 premium HEVC Video Extensions app and the free HEIF Image Extensions app are required; they may be found in the Windows Store. You can save HEIC files in a different format, like PNG, and open them in any application if you do that.

There is, however, a simpler (and free) method. Use this free online file converter at Convertio in a web browser to save any HEIC file as a PNG. To convert a HEIC file, click Choose Files, choose the file, and then click Convert.

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How to convert HEIC to PNG on an iPhone?

The simplest method to keep photographs on your iPhone from being HEIC files is to save them as JPG files using the Settings app, which will ensure that they work well with computer software.

  • Go to Settings and open it.
  • Toggle between Camera and Formats.
heic to png
  • Select the Most Compatible option under the Camera Capture section. This makes sure that every new picture is stored in JPG format.
  • To avoid dealing with the HEIC format in the future, you can instruct your iPhone to store all of its pictures as JPGs.
  • Sadly, you will receive JPG files rather than PNG. The Shortcuts software must be used to convert your HEIC or JPG photographs into PNG format.

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Install the Shortcuts app from the App Store on your iPhone, if it isn’t already installed:

  • Launch the Shortcuts app.
  • To create a new shortcut, tap the Plus symbol located at the upper right corner of the page.
  • Search for “Select Photos” in the bottom search box and tap Select Photographs when it appears in the list of results.
  • To activate Select Numerous, swipe the button to the right after tapping the arrow in the Select Pictures box. This will allow you to select numerous photos for conversion.
  • In the iOS Shortcuts app, add the Select Photos command.
  • HEIC to PNG conversion can be accelerated by creating a shortcut using the Select Photos command.
  • Look up and include Convert Image.
  • In the Convert Image dialog box, select JPEG as the default file format, and then select PNG from the available file formats list.
  • Locate and include in the Save to Photo Album.
  • Tap Recents in the Save to Photo Album box, then select the album where you want to keep your newly created PNG files.
  • Click Save to Photo Album at the top of the screen, then give this shortcut a name. It could be referred to as HEIC to PNG, for instance. In the upper right corner of the screen, tap the X after selecting Done.
  • Once the shortcut is finished, you can launch it directly from the app’s home screen.
  • Simply launch the Shortcuts app, select your newly created shortcut, and use it. After choosing the HEIC images you wish to convert, select Add. Following that, you can locate the converted PNG images in the designated album.

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