A Friendly Guide to open Hearts of Iron IV Console

A creation of Paradox Development Studio, to be run on Clausewitz Engine, Hearts of Iron IV is a strategy game that was launched on June 6, 2016. The game includes the rage, wrath, strategies, and condition of countries, people, and soldiers in war.

The game implies the situation of war during World War 2. And well, as we all know, in a conflict or even in a small fight, the one with better equipment not always wins. It’s the one who plays strategically. So, why not have a look into a bit more about the gameplay. Here is the Hoi4 guide to open the console.

What is the Console?

To all the hardcore gamers, Console is a common thing and not just common, it is essential indeed. But well, to the ones who are new to this world, Console is kind of a place or a small interface which is used to type. And not just a few letters or even your name, to type some codes. The code might improve gaming quality, might add more troops, and do many more things. Well, it’s a type of way to enter cheat codes in the game. In some games, cheats are entered while directly typing the word, but in others, you might require Console.

Hoi4 console

How to Open a Console

Opening a console in the game can be pretty easy and pretty tricky too. In most of the games, hitting ` key on the keyboard which is right next to number ‘1’ key on the keyboard. But well, in some cases, you might require to type some code into one of the game files, and then you will be able to open a console in the game.

But well, if you are playing Hearts of Iron IV is as simple as pressing that hotkey. Hitting that key will make the console pop up. But well, there are also other keys which you can use in the game to open the Console. Keys such as ‘SHIFT + NUM 2’; ‘SHIFT + NUM 3’; ‘ALT + NUM 2 + NUM 1’ can also be used.

What is the use of Console?

In the Console, you are to put an argument to make something work in the game. Well, it is a combination of words you input in the game as a code. The code comprises a command and an argument. For example, ‘tag ENG’ and ‘ae light_tank_artillery_equipment_1 100’ have ‘ENG’ and ‘light_tank_artillery_equipment_1 100’ are arguments respectively whereas ‘tag’ and ‘ae’ are commands specified for some particular tasks. This game has plenty of situations where you can use cheat codes. Here is the list of all console commands and cheat codes.


There are different types of commands for each purpose. There are commands which get you a piece of equipment. Well, all you have to do is type a code in Console. The code will consist of the equipment code followed by the number of item pieces you want in your inventory. There are also country tags assigned in the game that are specified to point out a particular company. So well, here was everything you would need to know about Console before jumping in the game.

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