Hearts of Iron 4 Console Commands List

Are you looking for a strategy game to enjoy in your free time? But knowing the gaming world as it stands today, finding the perfect game for you can be a hectic task, However, Hearts of Iron 4 is a game that most people can find suitable for their taste. Let’s talk a bit about what HOI4 is.

Hearts of Iron 4 is a 4X grand strategy video game developed by Paradox Interactive. HOI4 is a game-based and revolves around World War II. This game is on every platform For Windows, OS X, and Linux. The game was released on June 6, 2016.

But the biggest flaw in most strategic games is that you are bound to play in a set environment. However, with HOI4, that is not the case. In fact, this game has plenty of situations where you can use cheat codes. Talking about HOI4 cheat codes, in this article we will discuss in detail about how you can use those cheat codes and what those cheat codes are.

For any cheat code to actually work, you would need to access the HOI4 console commands. That command box will aid you in entering the cheat codes and ultimately improve your gaming experience.

But what are some of the best HOI4 cheat codes? Well, if you are looking for an answer to that question, then you are at the right place. Here is the list of all HOI4 console commands and cheat codes for the game on Windows, Linux, and Mac. You can use HOI4 cheat codes to make your gameplay more thrilling and interesting. Here is the search bar where you can type the name of the command and get the syntax for that command. 

Keeping that in mind, let’s begin our guide on HOI4 cheat codes and how you can access them in this brilliant strategic game.

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Here is the List of Cheat Codes:

Command NameSyntaxDescription
gain_xpgain_xp [amount]Add experience to a Leader/General. The specified amount of experience is added to the Leader/General you currently have selected.
cpcp [amount]Add command power (max. 100%).
stst [amount]Add stability (max. 100%). You can remove stability by specifying a negative number.
wsws [amount]Add war support (max. 100%). Specify a negative number to remove war support.
allowtraitsallowtraitsRemoves restrictions on general trait assignment. Executing this command will allow you to freely assign general traits to commanders, etc.
add_equipmentadd_equipment [amount] [equipment name]Add a specified amount of any equipment other than naval equipment. You can remove equipment by specifying a negative amount.
add_latest_equipmentadd_latest_equipment [amount]Adds the specified amount of equipment to each and every piece of equipment you have unlocked/fully researched.
whitepeacewhitepeace [country tag] [country tag]This command instantly makes 'white peace' (things return to the way exactly they were before a war started) between the specified countries (specified by their country tag).
teleportteleport [province id]This command can be used to either activate the teleportation tool (if no arguments provided), or instantly teleport any selected ships or armies to the province with the specified ID.
allowdiploallowdiploThis allows for the use of any diplomatic action (e.g. declaring war) without justification.
debug_nukingdebug_nukingNuking in any province is permitted, regardless of conditions.
instantconstructioninstantconstructionEnables or disables (toggles) the instant construction cheat, making all construction happen instantly (no longer queues up).
eventevent [event id] [country tag]Start the specified event in the specified country.
researchresearch [slot id / 'all']This used to research all equipment, or equipment in a specific technology slot.
research_on_icon_clickresearch_on_icon_clickThis command will instantly research any technology when its icon is clicked in the technology tree. This command is also known as the 'instant research' cheat.
annexannex [country tag / 'all']Starts an annex with the specified country tag (an annex claims their territory for your country).
winwarswinwarsGive your country the maximum war score for all wars it is currently engaged in.
manpowermanpower [amount]Adds the specific amount of man power to your country.
add_opinionadd_opinion [source country tag] [target country tag]Adds an opinion from the specified country tag to another country.
tagtag [country tag]Switches your country to the specified country.
observeobserveThis command enters you into 'observe' mode, in which you can change the basic settings
tdebugtdebugThis command enables or disables (toggles) debug mode. In debug mode, IDs for things like states, equipment, provinces, etc are shown when you hover over them which are very useful as they are used in console commands.
spawnspawn [unit name/id] [province id] [amount]NOTE: In order to use this command, you must add '-debug' to your HOI4 launch options - it will not work otherwise. This command can be used to spawn a specified amount of a unit in a province.
occupationpaintoccupationpaint [country tag]If no country tag is specified, this command toggles (enables and disables) occupation painting.
setownersetowner [country tag] [state id]Sets the owner of a specified state.
setcontrollersetcontroller [country tag] [province id]Sets the controller of a specified province.
xpxp [amount]Adds the specified amount of experience (to all experiences: army XP, naval XP and air XP).
pppp [amount]Adds the specified amount of political power to your country.
civilwarcivilwar [ideology] [country tag]This command starts a civil war within a country, with the specified ideology. Possible ideologies: 'fascism', 'democratic', 'neutrality' and 'communism'.
add_party_popularityadd_party_popularity [ideology group] [amount]Adds the specified amount of party popularity to the specified ideology group.
set_ruling_partyset_ruling_party [ideology group]This command sets the specified ideology group as the ruling party. Ideology groups are: 'f' (fascism), 'd' (democratic), 'n' (neutrality) and 'c' (communism).
helphelp [command]If executed with no arguments (just 'help'), this command will print a list of commands.
Focus.AutoCompletefocus.autocompleteAllows for instant completion of national focuses. Note that this command will affect the game's AI.
Focus.NoChecksfocus.nochecksAllows for the ignoring of focus requirements.
Focus.IgnorePrerequisitesfocus.ignoreprerequisitesAllows for the ignoring of focus prerequisites.
Decision.NoChecksdecision.nochecksAllows for the ignoring of decision requirements.
instant_prepareinstant_prepareTo use this command, you must add '-debug' to your HOI4 launch options - it will not work otherwise. Executing this command will cause naval invasions to skip preparation time.
nunu [amount]NOTE: This is a Pre-1.5 command. It will not work in later versions. This command adds the specified amount of naval utility to your naval utility count.
nukenuke [amount]Adds the specified amount of nukes to your current country.
yesmanyesmanThis causes country AI to automatically accept any diplomatic offers, regardless of the case.
rendertyperendertypePrints the render type (backend) that is currently being used for your client.
tweakerguitweakerguiOpens a tweaker GUI.
add_ideasadd_ideas [idea name]Adds the idea with the specified ID/name to your current country.
reloadreload [file name]Used to reload a file without opening and closing your game. Useful if you modify a file to change a setting and don't want to completely restart your game. Common files: 'loc' (localisation files), 'focus' (focuses) and 'landcombat.gui' (land combat interface).
timetimePrints the current time.
reloadfxreloadfx [map / .fx file]This command reloads the game shaders.
particle_editorparticle_editorOpens the particle editor GUI.
testtooltesttoolOpens the testing tool.
analyzetheatresanalyzetheatresThis will check all threatres in the game for errors.
massconquermassconquerOpens the mass conquer tool.
deleteallunitsdeleteallunits [country tag]This will delete all units (armies and fleets) of the specified country tag.
aircombataircombat [scenario] [result] [province id] [airbase state id] [airbase state id] [equipment] [equipment] [equipment creator] [equipment creator]Initiates an air combat in the specified location from your desired country, airbase and equipment.
theatersrebuildtheatersrebuildRebuilds all existing theatres.
frontsfrontsEnables or disables (toggles) the visibility of foreign fronts.
aidumpaidumpDumps AI data from your currently selected unit to a log file (for e.g. debugging purposes).
traderoutestraderoutesEnables or disables (toggles) the visibility of trade routes.
debug_tacticsdebug_tacticsEnables or disables (toggles) the visibility of the tactics debug tooltip.
reloadsupplyreloadsupplyReloads all supply systems..
deltatdeltat [speed multiplier]This will change the speed of animations in the game.
building_healthbuilding_health [building type] [state id / province id] [level] [amount]This can be used to modify the health of an existing building.
nomapiconsnomapiconsEnables or disables (toggles) the visibility of icons in the map.
nopausetextnopausetextEnables or disables (toggles) the visibility of the pause menu (useful for screenshots).
nextsongnextsongThis skips to the next soundtrack in the in-game music playlist.
combatsoundcombatsound [frequency]This can be used to modify the frequency of a random sound being emitted from the combat view. The number given should be between 1 and 50.
morehumansmorehumans [amount]Specified amount humans to your current country.
windowwindow [open / close] [gui name]Opens ('open') or closes ('close') the GUI with the specified name.
reloadinterfacereloadinterfaceReloads the game interface.
reloadtechnologiesreloadtechnologiesReloads all technologies.
updateequipmentsupdateequipmentsReloads equipment-related files.
updatesubunitsupdatesubunitsReloads unit-related files.
reloadoobreloadoob [country tag]Reloads the OOB (order of battle) of the country with the specified tag.
update_locupdate_loc [localisation key]Reloads the specified localisation key.
pollpollPolls valid events.
pause_in_hourspause_in_hours [hours]Pauses the game after the specified amount of time.
add_autonomyadd_autonomy [country tag] [amount]Adds or subtracts from a the specified country's autonomy level.
testeventtestevent [event id] [character id]Tests the specified ID without triggering it.
resignresignYou can resign from your current position.
add_interestadd_interest [country tag]Adds the country with the specified tag to your interest.
remove_interestremove_interest [country tag]Removes the country with the specified tag from your interest.
add_diploadd_diploAdds diplomatic enroute for your current country.
PrintSynchStuffprintsynchstuffPrints the current seed of your game.
SetRandomCountsetrandomcount [count]This command, if executed without any arguments (just 'SetRandomCount'), will set the random count to 0. If a number is provided as an argument, the random count will be set to this.
aiaiEnables or disables (toggles) AI.
human_aihuman_aiEnables or disables (toggles) AI for human countries.
ai_invasionai_invasionEnables or disables (toggles) the AI for naval invasion.
ai_acceptai_acceptEnables or disables (toggles) whether or not AI will always accept diplomacy.
fowfow [province id]This command will toggle (enable or disable) FOW (fog of war) either in general, or in the province of the specified ID. To clarify, if this command is executed without any arguments ('fow'), it will turn off fog of war completely.
collisioncollisionEnables or disables (toggles) the collision debug GUI.
savegamesavegameForcefully saves the game.
savechecksavecheckThis used to check that saving is functioning correctly. It will make a save file named 'Test_01', load it, and then save that again as 'Test_02'.
IPipPrints your IP to the console.
requestgamestaterequestgamestatePrints the gamestate.
nudgenudgeOpens the nuge tool.
mapmodemapmode [mapmode id]Changes the map mode to the specified type. Map mode IDs: 1 (Default), 2 (Naval), 3 (Air), 4 (Supply), 5 (State), 6 (Resistance), 7 (Resource), 8 (Diplomacy), 9 (Faction).
fullscreenfullscreenEnables or disables (toggles) fullscreen mode.
pricespricesPrints price info to game.log.
add_coreadd_core [state id] [country tag]Adds the specified state as a 'core' of the specified country. A 'core' is a state that's considered to be a rightful part of a country.
remove_coreremove_core [state id] [country tag]Removes the specified state as a 'core' of the specified country. A 'core' is a state that's considered to be a rightful part of a country.
debug_zoomdebug_zoomCommand will cause the game to zoom in.
debug_typesdebug_typesCommand is an advanced debug tool, it only works if running RTTI.
debug_show_event_IDdebug_show_event_idCommand prints the current event ID.
debug_commandsdebug_commandsCommand prints the current 'commandcount' to the message.log file.
debug_eventsdebug_eventsCommand will initiate event counting, print data collected from this with the 'debug_dumpevents' command.
debug_dumpeventsdebug_dumpeventsCommand will print data collected since the 'debug_events' command was last executed.
debug_diploactionsdebug_diploactionsThis will initiate diplomatic action logging, print data collected from this with the 'debug_dumpdiploactions' command.
debug_dumpdiploactionsdebug_dumpdiploactionsPrint data collected since the 'debug_dumpdiploactions' command was last executed.
debug_assertdebug_assertEnables or disables (toggles) asserts.
debug_smoothdebug_smoothEnables or disables (toggles) frame smoothing.
debug_nomousedebug_nomouseEnables or disables (toggles) the scroll wheel's (mouse) functionality.
debug_terraindebug_terrainEnables or disables (toggles) terrain.
debug_citiesdebug_citiesEnables or disables (toggles) cities painting mode.
debug_waterdebug_waterEnables or disables (toggles) water.
debug_frontsdebug_frontsEnables or disables (toggles) the interpolated fronts debug screen.
debug_off_front_snapdebug_off_front_snapEnables or disables (toggles) the offensive fronts snapping debug screen.
debug_bordersdebug_bordersEnables or disables (toggles) borders.
debug_treesdebug_treesEnables or disables (toggles) trees.
debug_riversdebug_riversEnables or disables (toggles) rivers.
debug_postfxdebug_postfxEnables or disables (toggles) PostFX.
debug_skydebug_skyEnables or disables (toggles) the sky.
debug_tooltipdebug_tooltipEnables or disables (toggles) tooltips.
flagsoutputflagsoutput [path]This will generate and save a texture atlas file to the specified path.
cityreloadcityreloadReloads cities.
errorerrorPrint errors from the log file.
versionversionPrints the current version of the game to the console.
debug_noguidebug_noguiEnables or disables (toggles) the game GUI.
debug_volumedebug_volume [volume]Adjust the volume of the game.
debug_lockcameradebug_lockcameraEnables or disables (toggles) the camera lock.
debug_linesdebug_linesEnables or disables (toggles) debug lines.
debug_entitiesdebug_entitiesEnables or disables (toggles) entities.
debug_infodebug_infoEnables or disables (toggles) the debug info screen.
debug_particledebug_particleEnables or disables (toggles) particles.
debug_ai_budgetdebug_ai_budget [country tag]Prints AI budget information to the console.
debug_texturesdebug_texturesPrint texture debug information to the game log (not console.
debug_texturedebug_textureEnables or disables (toggles) textures like bloom.
debug_wireframedebug_wireframeEnables or disables (toggles) the game's forced wireframe.
debug_achievements_cleardebug_achievements_clearClear all of your achievements and stats (irreversible).
moveunitmoveunit [unit id] [province id]Moves the specified unit to the specified province.
spawnactorspawnactor [name] [province id] [animation]This command spawns an actor. If an animation specified as an argument (optional), the character will spawn with that animation.
guiboundsguiboundsEnables or disables (toggles) the bounds debug GUI.
cameraclampcameraclampEnables or disables (toggles) the camera clamp.
provtooltipdebugprovtooltipdebugEnables or disables (toggles) province tooltip debug info.
reloadweatherreloadweather [seed]Reloads weather.
weatherweatherEnables or disables (toggles) weather - if this feature is off, weather will be disabled.
debug_air_vs_landdebug_air_vs_landEnables or disables (toggles) debug mode for air vs land combat.
mapnamesmapnamesEnables or disables (toggles) map names.
profilelogprofilelogOutput profiling data/information to 'time.log'.
runrun [file name]Runs a list of commands in a specified file.
oosoosMakes the client go out of sync.
debug_crashdebug_crashThis command is a debug tool, when executed it will debug client crashes.
sleepsleep [duration]Pause the game for the specified amount of time (seconds).
goto_provincegoto_province [province id]Moves the center of your camera to the specified province.
goto_stategoto_state [state id]Moves the center of your camera to the specified state.
3dstats3dstatsEnables or disables (toggles) 3D stats.
hdrhdrEnables or disables (toggles) high-dynamic-range imaging.
hdr_debughdr_debugEnables or disables (toggles) high-dynamic-range imaging debugging.
srgbsrgbEnables or disables (toggles) color debugging.
bloombloomEnables or disables (toggles) bloom.
PostEffectVolumes.Defaultposteffectvolumes.default [post effect]This used to toggle a specific post effect, relative to the specified name.
nightnightEnables or disables (toggles) night.
filewatcherfilewatcherEnables or disables (toggles) the filewatcher.
createleancreateleanGenerates LEAN textures.
helploghelplogOutputted to the game.log file.
hsvhsvConverts HSV to RGB.
tag_colortag_color [rgb]Set the tag color of your current country.
browserbrowser [url]Opens the browser window and loads the specified URL.
browser_base_urlbrowser_base_url [url]Sets the URL of the browser (loads a page).
aiviewaiviewEnables or disables (toggles) debug info for the AI.
airealismairealismEnables or disables (toggles) realistic AI for the game.
instant_wargoalinstant_wargoalAllows for the application of any war goal without justification.
set_country_flagset_country_flag [country tag]Sets the flag of the specified country as your current nation's flag.
set_cosmetic_tagset_cosmetic_tag [country tag] [country tag]Change the name and flag of the specified country to that of another country.

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