The Ultimate Guide To Gaming Keyboard

Talking about gaming keyboards, they are specialized keyboards specially designed for gamers and professionals to carry out work smoothly and in a more efficient manner. These are assembled in such a way that it helps to improve and optimize one’s gaming experience.

What is a gaming keyboard?

Gaming Keyboards are specific consoles uniquely intended for gamers and experts to complete work without a hitch and in a more productive way. Gaming keyboards, also called by name mechanical keyboards, require less depression in handling the key switches, which reduce the efforts of the user and result in faster action while gaming. As ‘W’, ‘A’, ‘S’, ‘D’ and the keys adjacent and close to these keys, are the main keys used while gaming. Therefore WASD layout is excellently optimized in these keyboards making it handier for the user. Furthermore, additional features on the board include volume control, escape key, F1-F12 keys, etc.

Features of best gaming keyboard

The best keyboard for gaming is the one that has it all i.e. ergonomics, style, and the most satisfying click. Other features may include RGB lights, reliability, and responsiveness to command. Moreover, the criteria of calling one best differ from gamer to gamer depending on preference and desirability of features that they want in their keyboard. Some of the features that can be seen in an ideal gaming keyboard are N-key rollover, programmable keys, mechanical switches, stability with switches, durability in the keys, etc.

Keyboards preferred by professionals 

Professionals prefer keyboards that provide them with a wide range of features and specifications. Professionals prefer a solid range of variations in keys and switches. Gaming or mechanical keyboards provide them with a desirable wide range of features and give them satisfactory responses.

Some of the best gaming keyboards used by the professionals are listed below:

  1. Mountain Everest Max
  2. Razor Cynosa Chroma
  3. SteelSeries Apex Pro
  4. Logitech G915 Lightspeed
  5. Corsair K100 RGB Optical
  6. Razer Blackwidow keyboard 

How do gaming keyboards differ from regular keyboards?

Gaming keyboards give extra features from the regular keyboard. It is designed with a gamer’s set of mind and comes with extra features like RGB backlight, media control, and programmable keys. 

While focusing on switches, regular keyboards will have membrane switches which are not much handy, consequently, gaming keyboards often have mechanical switches that are flexible, durable, and responsive. 

Being durable in nature mechanical switches can be used for both typing and gaming and hence are preferred by gamers for their longevity.

Additional Features that a mechanical keyboard provides over a regular keyboard is as follows:

  1. N- key rollover the ability to press and the number of keys simultaneously 
  2. Fast keys response time: lag time is short.
  3. Stability: keys don’t slide around
  4. Consistency of keypress: instant feedback 
  5. Longer lifespan: durable 
  6. Programmable keys: have extra macros keys 
  7. RGB backlight: lights in the keys


Gaming keyboards are a boon for the one who is into gaming as they provide you with a large variety of features that are not available in regular keyboards. These keyboards have changed the level of gaming of this generation to another level and are preferred by most professionals as well as by beginners to enhance their gaming skills.

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