The Size Of The Keyboard that Gamers Usually Prefer

Professional gamers usually prefer keyboards that are handy, easily accessible, and ergonomic to use. Keeping these key features in mind, mechanical keyboards come out to be their first option. Mechanical keyboards make it easier for them to sit and play for hours than regular rubber ones. In addition to comfort, mechanical keyboards provide a gamer with better control that eventually contributes to their performance. Looking from a gamer’s point of view, it is quite clear that it is one of their necessities to invest in a mechanical keyboard.

Are 65% Mechanical Keyboards considered desirable?

65% of keyboards are the ones whose size ranges from TKL to 60% keyboard. These keyboards have functionality similar to those in TKL and share space-saving criteria of 60% keyboards.

65% mechanical keyboards can be turned out to be your choice if you are looking to change up your keycaps or you are not a heavy user of a function row. 65% mechanical keyboards will provide you with additional space on your desk which will make it convenient for the gamer to play more comfortably without any hindrance.

Talking about the keycaps, Gaming keyboards have some unique capsizes, especially the bottom key and right shift, that is usually preferred by gamers for effective gaming. Furthermore, function rows are hidden in layers in these keyboards which can hinder you only if you use the ones more often. Therefore keeping in mind the pros and cons 65% mechanical keyboard can be considered good for gaming and further criteria of selection differ from gamer to gamer depending upon their desirability and preferences.

Why do gamers prefer short keyboards?

Short keyboards are desirable for most pro-level gamers. Here the question arises why short keyboards when a large size keyboard can provide you with multiple options? The answer to this question is that when you are playing at a professional level, you tend to carry the minimal load while playing with very low hindrance and want more space to be comfortable to make moves more rapidly. Professional players give more importance to free space while playing rather than focusing on features that are provided by large keyboards.  

Are 60% mechanical keyboards good for FPS Gaming?

FPS gaming is gaming that requires the use of both mouse as well as keyboard. Most of the gamers believe that the pointer is shot best with the help of a mouse. Hence while playing, FPS players prefer 60% mechanical keyboards as they are short and can be handled more efficiently while using a mouse.


Since PC gaming has developed a great craze in the present generation, the variety in keyboards is developed, keeping in mind the comfort of the players according to the types of games they play. Mechanical keyboards are in great demand from the point of view of gamers and variety in these keyboards are expected to be developed in the coming future as well.

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