Fallout 4: Every Bobblehead Locations and Where to Find them?

Fallout 4 Bobblehead locations

Gaming is an addiction for all generations; whether it is played on your phone device or on a laptop, tablet, etc but the craze never fades away. And the game called  Fallout 4 is Bethesda’s most recent comeback to the Fallout universe, and it’s no stranger to the wasteland’s nooks and crannies. This game Fallout 4 is packed with treasures and valuable objects to find and grab before someone else does. Basically, it’s like a treasure hunt with a mystery to solve. What happens in this game? 20 Vault-Boy bobbleheads are lurking across the desert that, when found, grant special perks to your hero. This Fallout 4 bobblehead locations map will show you where each and every bobblehead may be spotted. We would be talking about 20 bobblehead locations with their variants.

Bobbleheads can be discovered all across the map in Fallout 4, as has been a Fallout game trademark. We’ll go over all of the Bobblehead locations in Fallout 4 in this article as well as how to find all of them as quickly as possible on the map and boost your protagonist’s talents.

Furthermore locating each of the cheery little Vault-Boys in some inconspicuous spot is likewise a low-key amusing experience. This experience gives Fallout 4 more thrilling and exciting vibes. When you come upon a battleground full of blood, guts, and mutilated body parts, and there’s this small plastic figure smirking in the middle of it all? It’s flawless, and it’s a proper tribute to Fallout’s unique sense of humor. If you’re willing to take on some of the game’s most challenging foes and overcome some of the game’s most difficult hurdles, then you need to read this entire article to know where and how to get it. And it will help in a better and detailed understanding of bobblehead hidden locations.

So let us explore bobblehead fallout 4 locations in this article and have fun with variants of bobblehead which are available in these suspicious locations. It is difficult to find the exact location where they are present. However, we can get the locations in suspicious spots where they might be. These bobbleheads wear vault 111 jumpsuits and did you know that you can find its toys on Amazon?

A Medicine Bobblehead

A Medicine Bobblehead

Location: Vault 81

After delivering three fusion cores, you’ll get admission to Vault 81 (screen 1), where you’ll locate this bobblehead. You must finish two quests: Here Kitty, Kitty, and Hole in the Wall, all of which must be completed inside. The bobblehead is located in the room in the crypt’s abandoned section (screen 2), which you will visit during the quest. It’s before the elevator door, in the chamber where you’ll discover Curie the robot. It’s sitting next to the terminal on the desk. If you miss it or forget to take it, you can always return to it by utilizing the now-open door behind the vault’s left-hand entrance.

A Perception Bobblehead

Perception Bobblehead

Location: Museum of Freedom 

The Museum of Freedom in Concord houses this bobblehead (screen 1). When the game’s second primary mission, When Freedom Calls, has you visit this place. The bobblehead may be found in a room on the museum’s upper floor, close to where you initially meet Preston Garvey and the Minutemen (screen 2). If you don’t get it straight away, do not even panic; you can return to the museums later in the match.

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A Barter Bobblehead

barter Bobblehead

Location: Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery

In Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery, you can find the Bobblehead (sector III). You can begin Theodore’s quest, but you don’t have to complete it to obtain the Bobblehead. Behind the wall, you’ll find a factory hall. The workplace on the first floor will be visible if you glance up. You’ll find the figurine lying on the computer in the last room if you walk up the stairs.

An Agility Bobblehead

An agility Bobblehead

Location: Northern Star Wreck

This agility bobblehead is lurking near the FMS Northern Star Wreck located on the coast in the last sector’s southeastern section (southwest from Spectacle Island). The level of adversaries at this location is relatively high – you’ll be up against a few monsters and an invasion base on the upper deck. Unfortunately, you must travel to the very front of the ship to find the bobblehead on a board (picture 2). One of the enemies is legendary, so proceed with caution.

A Sneak Bobblehead

Sneak Bobblehead

Location: Borers of Dunwich

Visit the Borers of Dunwich (sector III). The mine’s entrance is located at the bottom. The Bobblehead is located in the fourth room (boards on the pillars), where you must combat an enormous number of ghouls. It’s easy to miss – it’s on the desk, right close to the tunnel’s entrance.

A Strength Bobblehead

Strength Bobble Head

Location: Mass Fusion Building.

In Boston, there is a building known as Mass Fusion Building. A number of capable shooters populate it. You must travel through each level of the building to reach the highest floor (the elevator is broken). A mini-boss – a shooter with power armour – awaits you on the highest floor. You can have a peek around after you’ve defeated him. There is a giant statue a few stories above the reception area. To obtain the secret, you must hop onto its head.

The Luck Bobblehead

Luck Bobblehead

Location: Spectacle Island

You must swim to Spectacle Island to find the Bobblehead. Go east where the electric cables direct you once you arrive. There’s a green boat there, too. You’ll notice drawers as soon as you enter the “first floor.” The Bobblehead is located in one of them.

An Unarmed Bobblehead

Unarmed Bobblehead

Location: Garage of the Atom Cats

The destination name is Garage of the Atom Cats. It is a small, neutral camp that can be entered at any time. One of the two garages has the Bobblehead resting on the car.

A Repair Bobblehead

A repair bobblehead

Location: Corvega Assembly Plant

Corvega Assembly Plant is where you’ll find the Bobblehead. Turn left as you stand in front of the building to reach the building’s roof. Now take a right and proceed to the second floor. The Bobblehead is near the container to the southwest, at the top of the steps. There are two roads that lead there, both of which go up and down a flight of stairs.

An Explosives Bobblehead

Explosive Bobblehead

Location: Saugus Ironworks

The Bobblehead is on display at the Saugus Ironworks (sector II). Begin the task on the Finch Farm (sector III) that Abraham Finch gave you – Out of the Fire. The guide’s relevant chapter contains instructions on how to complete it. You must travel to the end of the ironworks (through the passage beneath the roof) and confront Slag in the little room with the cauldron in the centre. The Bobblehead is on the measuring gadget where Slag stood during the cutscene (above the cauldron).

A Science Bobblehead

A science Bobblehead

Location: Vault 75

This is located in the abandoned Malden Middle School, containing the Bobblehead (sector II). You’ll begin the Vault 75 quest inside, which you must finish in its entirety. Ride down the elevator that is located at the end of the vault’s passageway. Continue walking until you come to the dining room. Go north-west to the locker room and entrance; turn left on the stairwell behind them, then left again below the stairs. The laboratory access card can be found in the dummy building. Turn left as you walk up the stairs. Proceed to the laboratory, which is located on the first floor. Continue walking till the end of the corridor until you find a small room, go inside it, and tadaaa you’ll discover the Bobblehead sitting over the desk.

An Endurance Bobblehead

An endurance bobblehead

Location: Poseidon Energy building

The Bobblehead may be seen on the extreme south side of the Poseidon Energy building. It’s not easy to obtain, despite appearances. The building is locked; to get access, you must wade into the water and descend through the half-flooded conduit. Continue on until you arrive at the correct structure. The Bobblehead can be located in the centre office, near the terminal, on the desk.

The Intelligence Bobblehead

Intelligence Bobblehead

Location: The Boston Public Library

Inside the Boston Public Library, just imagine there you will catch these bobbleheads.The Public Knowledge quest, which you’ll obtain from Daisy the trader in Goodneighbor, will lead you to the place. If you have an advanced skill of lockpicking then you can easily enter the library and then just follow the next step that is – From the main entrance, turn left and follow the signs to the north. Now, the figurine can be spotted on tiny technological instruments in a small working room there.

Image source: game-maps.com

A Speech Bobblehead

Speechbobble head Location

Location: Park Street Station

During the primary plot mission unlike Valentine, this bobblehead can be found in a good location. The item may be found in the room where Nick Valentine is being held after getting to the Park Street Station and then to Vault 114 within. It’s on the desk right now.

A Small Guns Bobblehead

Small Guns bobble head

Location: Gunners Plaza

You must be well-prepared and equipped in order to obtain this bobblehead. It’s in a place called Gunners Plaza located on the outskirts of town basically. And you know it’s a mercenary fort with a very small population. Outside the building, keep an eye out for adversaries carrying launchers. You must continue traveling west through the center of the structure after entering from the front. On your way to the corridor’s massive wall, there you can see the wall. Walk-behind it and you’ll come to a door at the end of the corridor. On that door, there must be something written that says “On the air.”Now, when you open the door. The collectible is found inside!

The Charisma Bobblehead

charisma Bobblehead

Location: The Parsons State Insane Asylum

The attractiveness this place has is unbelievable, the and only  The Parsons State Insane Asylum is where Bobblehead is kept. You won’t be able to get inside at any moment. You must accomplish a sequence of side tasks in order to get there: Special Delivery, Emogene Takes a Lover, and at least a portion of The Secret of Cabot House are all set in this hospital. The bobblehead is on the desk in the elevator room where Edward the wounded ghoul can be found. Following the talk with Edward the ghoul, the first mission in the series can be started in the bunker hillside.

A Lock Picking Bobblehead

lock Picking bobblehead

Location: Pickman Gallery

Pickman Gallery is the destination where this bobblehead is discovered. You must go to the top floor of the building, where there is a hole in the wall on the left side of the stairwell. The floor holes will bring you to the basement, where you can find Pickman by walking deeper and then into the sewers. Due to the battles that take place in this area, the collectible can be found laying on the ground among the pillars. So search the location properly and you will definitely find your collectible lying somewhere there.

Big Guns Bobblehead

Big Guns Bobblehead

Location: Vault 95

It’s the most difficult bobblehead to acquire. Vault 95 is where it is kept. It’s the shooters’ base that’s the least well-defended. Once inside, make your way to the rooms on the right at the bottom. Search the rooms to the north once you’ve found the stairwell leading to the residential rooms. There are a bunch of shooters in one of them, and the item is hidden behind a little hole in the wall.

Melee Bobblehead

Melee Bobblehead

Location: Boston’s Trinity Tower

The top of Boston’s Trinity Tower building houses this bobblehead. The location has something to do with the quest Curtain Call. Using elevators, stairs, and fallen ceilings, you must walk to the top of the building. You’ll find a green ammunition chest at the top of the hill after beating the area’s fiercest super mutant. The key to the cell where Rex and Strong are being held is contained within it. Near the window, the cubicle is kept and beside it must be your precious collectible lying.

The Energy Weapons Bobblehead

Energy weapons Mobblehead

Location: Fort Hagen

Weapon of Energy Due to the large location size, finding a bobblehead is a little more difficult. It’s tucked away in Fort Hagen, which you’ll discover during the Reunions quest. Walkthrough the corridor next to the wall of locked doors on the left at the Fort Hagen Command Center at the bottom level. At the end of the hallway, turn right. You’ll discover the canteen behind the wall after going a little and turning left. When you go inside, you will be able to see a double door. Go to the double door and look for your collectible behind it, the bobblehead must be hidden somewhere near the refrigerator.


Now that we have discussed Fallout Bobblehead locations you must be getting points to locate the bobbleheads. As the article had it all almost covered which makes it easy for you to now find the bobbleheads.

Can you imagine the world without Fallout Bobbleheads, it wouldn’t be the same, would it? The Bobblehead is more than just a rare collectible showcasing the Vault-Tec mascot, as it has become a long-standing tradition in the series. Each of the 20 Bobbleheads you locate in Fallout 4’s irradiated wastelands will give your character a bonus point in one of their stats. So there’s more to it than just mindless completionism motivating you to seek them out!


Q. Where will you find this game?

Ans It is basically a PS4 game, Xbox game but you can also play this game on your computer and laptops.

Q . Do you have any bobblehead privileges that you don’t want to give up?

Ans. Users won’t be losing the rewards if you find them, but you’ll miss out on the massive opportunity to showcase them in your residence. It’s also a lot easier to keep a record of which bobbleheads you’ve already found if you have those.

Q What is the process of creating a bobblehead?

Ans. Generally, a bolt functions as a counterweight for the head towards the far end of the body. The bobblehead may sway and bob around after it is linked to the body. The bobblehead would merely make it to the top of the body in a fixed position if the weighted bolt at the end were not present. The bobblehead’s whole body follows afterward.

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