Destiny 2: Crucible Valor and Glory Rank Guide

Glory and Valor ranks are a one-of-a-kind progression system attached to Destiny 2’s Crucible mode. Based on the game sort you’re playing, you will collect points towards a ranking system that grants rewards as you arrive at higher subdivisions and new divisions. 

Evening out your Valor rank is an incredible method to procure Masterwork materials, and it’s needed to finish certain Seasonal Challenges. Glory ranks show how skilled you are in Competitive Crucible and award Powerful Gear for every subdivision and significant division you reach. In case you’re interested in evening out rapidly or appreciate Destiny 2’s PvP segment, you’ll need to increase both of these ranks. 

Refreshed March 23rd, 2021 by Charles Burgar: Season of the Chosen has modified the award structure of Crucible and Gambit. PvP fans at long last have a means of procuring Masterwork materials solely by playing their number one Valor playlist. While we’ve covered Valor and Glory ranks extensively, this article needed data on the award structure of rank-ups. This guide presently explains the redid rank-up remuneration structure presented in Season 13. 

Destiny 2 Crucible Ranks

Destiny 2 crucible ranks

Before we discuss the best ways to increase your Destiny 2 Valor rank and Destiny 2 Glory rank, it’s critical to understand the progression differences between the two. 

Valor Ranks 

Valor ranks are attached to non-serious Crucible game types such as Control, Rumble, and pivoting playlists. Players can just gain Valor ranks; losses don’t decrease your Valor points. Valor ranks and their point progression are listed beneath. 

Gatekeeper I: 0 to procure; 10 to rank up 

Gatekeeper II: 10 to procure; 15 to rank up 

Gatekeeper III: 25 to procure; 25 to rank up 

Fearless I: 50 to procure; 60 to rank up 

Fearless II: 110 to procure; 105 to rank up 

Fearless III: 215 to procure; 135 to rank up 

Brave I: 350 to procure; 70 to rank up 

Chivalrous II: 420 to acquire; 130 to rank up 

Chivalrous III: 550 to acquire; 150 to rank up 

Legendary I: 700 to acquire; 90 to rank up 

Legendary II: 790 to acquire; 150 to rank up 

Legendary III: 940 to acquire; 210 to rank up 

Mythic I: 1,150 to acquire; 130 to rank up 

Mythic II: 1,280 to acquire; 230 to rank up 

Mythic III: 1,510 to acquire; 290 to rank up 

Legend: 1,800 to acquire; 200 to rank up 

Max Rank: 2,000 to acquire; reset is accessible 

Glory Ranks 

Glory ranks are attached to cutthroat Crucible game types such as Elimination and Survival. Both of these modes turn into the Glory playlist every week, moving to one side most piece of the Crucible Directory menu. Trials of Osiris is not in the Glory playlist. Winning these matches will allow Glory while losing matches will lessen your Glory. 

It is possible to derank in subdivisions (Brave II to Brave I, for instance) and divisions past Fabled (Mythic to Fabled). In the event that you are at Fabled, Brave, or Guardian, you can’t lose your principle division rank. When you arrive at Mythic, this safety net is eliminated, which means you can drop from Mythic to Fabled on the off chance that you over and over lose. 

The following are the Glory rank tiers and requirements: 

Gatekeeper I: 0 to acquire; 40 to rank up 

Gatekeeper II: 40 to acquire; 70 to rank up 

Watchman III: 110 to acquire; 90 to rank up 

Bold I: 200 to acquire; 170 to rank up 

Bold II: 370 to acquire; 295 to rank up 

Bold III: 665 to acquire; 385 to rank up 

Gallant I: 1,050 to acquire; 210 to rank up 

Gallant II: 1,260 to acquire; 365 to rank up 

Gallant III: 1,625 to procure; 475 to rank up 

Mythical I: 2,100 to acquire; 280 to rank up 

Mythical II: 2,380 to procure; 490 to rank up 

Mythical III: 2,870 to acquire; 630 to rank up 

Mythic I: 3,500 to procure; 380 to rank up 

Mythic II: 3,880 to acquire; 665 to rank up 

Mythic III: 4,545 to acquire; 905 to rank up 

Legend: 5,450 to procure; 50 to rank up 

Max Rank: 5,500 to procure; can’t be reset 

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Instructions to Earn Destiny 2 Valor Rank

Destiny 2 valor rank

Every day bounties from Lord Shaxx in the Tower will give +15 Valor when finished. Since there are four every day bounties, this adds up to +60 Valor for each character each day. Complete as numerous day by day bounties as you can to pile up extra Valor for little exertion. 

Win Streaks are the point at which you win consecutive Valor playlist Crucible games. The game kind in question can change from one game to another—triumphant a Control and a Rumble match consecutive will add to your Win Streak, for instance—yet they must be consecutive wins. Win Streaks will concede increased Valor until you arrive at least five consecutive wins, so, all things considered their Valor bonus will cover out. Losing a game during a Win Streak reduces the Win Streak by one. 

Step by step instructions to Earn Destiny 2 Glory Rank 

Similar to Valor ranks, Glory match wins will concede a Win Streak bonus that increases your Glory gains. This will increase your Glory for each success until you arrive at five consecutive wins, so, all in all the bonus will cover out. Losing a match will drop your Win Streak by two instead of one. Regardless of whether you have a high Win Streak when you lose a game, your Glory rank will still decrease. 

Destiny 2 Glory Rank Rewards 

Glory ranks will concede Powerful Gear when you increase your rank. These Powerful Gear drops are +1, making Glory playlists an incredible method to step up toward the start of a season. 

Past that, Glory ranks give no rewards. Shaxx’s stock just correlates with Valor ranks. Increasing your Glory rank will just allow: 

+1 Powerful Gear on rank-ups 

Progress towards the Unbroken title 

Unless you care about increasing your record’s skill/ELO ratings on outsider websites, there aren’t numerous reasons to play Competitive Crucible at present. 

Destiny 2 Valor Rank Rewards 

Increasing Valor ranks will allow an impressive number of rewards. Those that stick to the Crucible will wind up with a lot of Masterwork materials and Exotic stuff. 

Increasing your Valor ranks will allow the accompanying: 

Rank-Ups: x1 Legendary Engram (subranks tally) 

Division Rank-Ups: x1 Prime Engram (+1 Powerful Gear; this award is taken out whenever you’ve reset your Valor that season) 

Rank 4: x3 Upgrade Modules 

Rank 7: x3 Enhancement Cores 

Rank 10: Seasonal Crucible Shader (x3 Enhancement Cores on the off chance that you’ve reset your Valor that season) 

Rank 13: x2 Enhancement Cores 

Rank 16: Seasonal Crucible E


That concludes our guide on Destiny 2 crucible ranks. We hope now you have a much better understanding of how the ranking system in the game works. If you are clear about that concept then all that’s left for you to do is to grind your rank in the game and enjoy it to the fullest!

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