Destiny 2: How to get the Ace of Spades?

Ace of Spades, Cayde-6’s notable handgun, is the last piece of weaponry he at any point utilized against his adversaries, and now players can unlock this Exotic handgun for use in Destiny 2: Forsaken. The quest to unlock the Ace of Spades is somewhat long and best endeavored several play meetings – or at the same time, I’m not the manager of you. 

Step by step instructions to unlock Destiny 2 Ace of Spades 

How to Get the Ace of Spades in Destiny 2 | Thegamedial

To unlock the Ace of Spades, players should finish the quest, Cayde’s Will, a multi-step quest given to the player by Banshee-44, the Gunsmith, toward the start of Destiny 2: Forsaken crusade. With the quest got, there are a few different strides before players can start utilizing this incredible Exotic handgun. 

  • Complete the Destiny 2: Forsaken crusade 
  • Slaughter 5 trespassers in Gambit with a hand cannon 
  • Get 250 handgun murders in a Strike 
  • Get 25 exactness murders with hand cannons in Crucible 
  • Discover Cayde’s reserves 
  • Complete the mission, Ace in the Hole 
  • Get back to Banshee-44 

Cayde’s Will Destiny 2 Ace of Spades Quest 

Destiny 2 Ace of Spades quest steps| Thegamedial

To get the quest, players should finish the principal mission in Destiny 2: Forsaken crusade, Last Call. Get back to the Tower and talk with Banshee-44 to get Cayde’s Will. The one objective here is to finish Destiny 2: Forsaken crusade. 

After finishing the mission, get back to Banshee-44 to get the following task. This following stage is phrased mistakenly on the pursuit. Rather than getting intrusion executes, players should really utilize a handgun to slaughter a trespasser in Gambit. Players will not have to battle about who will attack, they should basically slaughter whoever attacks their field. The trouble of this is quickly self-evident: the trespasser has an overshield. To finish this progression, players ought to consider utilizing an amazing hand cannon like Sturm, Better Devils, or even Midnight Coup. 

The subsequent stage requires 250 slaughters in a Strike while utilizing a hand cannon. A smart thought can be to stack up against any Strike and afterward watch the territory searching for adversaries to murder rather than proceeding through the mission. On the other hand, the Strike Lake of Shadows is a decent choice given the enormous amounts of Taken foes. 

Another excursion into Crucible is needed for the subsequent stage. Players should get 25 exactness murders utilizing a hand cannon. Basically slaughtering a player isn’t sufficient, focus on the head! Utilize the Quickplay playlist to accelerate this cycle. With this part total, players should move onto the subsequent stage, discovering Cayde’s reserves. 

Cayde’s Cache Locations 

There are four reserve players who should look to finish this progression of the quest. Discovering the supplies can be somewhat troublesome given how well Cayde-6 had the option to conceal them, however, there is an on-screen tooltip that tells players when they’re drawing near. 

Cayde’s Cache – Io 

To discover Cayde’s reserve on Io, players should head into the Wraith Mines to the huge drill penetrating the earth. Start at Lost Oasis and head north, through the gulch, and into Terrabase Charon. In the open field, adhere to one side hand side and enter the base to the Wraith Mines where a huge drill can be found pointing down to the earth. Cayde’s chest is found in this room, up high on a rough track. 

Cayde’s Cache – Nessus 

To discover Cayde’s store on Nessus, players should head into the Sunken cavern close to Exodus Black. Start at the Exodus Black produce point and quickly transform right and head into the cavern framework. Proceed through the cavern, going past the Vex teleporter and into the following enormous natural hollow with the skimming rocks. Look behind the brilliant border to detect the chest. 

Cayde’s Cache – Tangled Shore 

Cayde’s store on the Tangled Shore is profound inside the Jetsam of Saturn region, far down a cavern framework. Start at Thieves’ Landing and head left through the entry toward Jetsam of Saturn. When entering the boat territory, adhere to one side to enter the destruction and go up a little sloping incline, at that point turn left again to discover a passageway to a passage. Pass through the passage framework to find a few lavish green surrenders brimming with Hive and some orange Hive-invaded zones. Toward the finish of this segment is a slammed Fallen Skiff, behind it is Cayde’s chest. 

Cayde’s Cache – EDZ 

The remainder of Cayde’s stores is found in Firebase Hades, close to where players should dunk a sun-oriented sphere during the Arms Dealer Strike. Start at the Gulch quick travel point, pivot, and follow the street toward Firebase Hades. Head into Firebase Hades utilizing the entrance vent in the divider. Go through the corridors to arrive at the enormous external territory. Cut across space and utilize the interfacing walkway to arrive at the opposite side and afterward quickly turn right. At the rear of this space is a carport with a tank, behind the tank is Cayde’s store. 

Subsequent to tracking down every one of the four of Cayde’s stores, players will be coordinated to finish one last mission, Ace in the Hole. 

Ace in the Hole 

Ace in the Hole is a basic mission that happens on Titan. The solitary target here is to open up every one of the 10 of Cayde’s stores and tune in to the chronicles. The chests are adequately simple to discover as players will have the chest finder initiated. Look into high in the Hive invasion to find a portion of the more all-around covered-up stores. Get back to the Tower and talk with Banshee-44 subsequent to gathering each of the 10 reserves. 

Get back to Banshee-44 

Talk with Banshee-44 again to unlock the Ace of Spades, an uncommon handgun for certain genuinely noteworthy advantages. Players from the first Destiny will presumably recollect the advantage of Firefly and regretted its change into Dragonfly. Nonetheless, Firefly returns – with an additional lift – to Ace of Spades’ advantage line-up. 

  • Keepsake Mori – Reloading after an execute loads magazine with a couple of extra-harm shots. Awards radar while pointing down sights. 
  • Firefly – Precision murders with this weapon speed up and cause the objective to detonate, managing Solar harm to close adversaries. 


The quest to unlock Ace of Spades is long and having a go at, requesting players bring down adversaries in Crucible and face their feelings with respect to Cayde-6 one final time. The individuals who preordered Destiny 2: Forsaken will approach Cayde’s Exotic Stash, which incorporates a smooth adornment for Ace of Spades. We now how you understand everything about how to unlock Ace of Spades Destiny 2.

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