Your Apple TV Remote Decoded: A User-Friendly Button Tutorial

A whole new world of streaming entertainment and games is at your fingertips with the help of the incredibly powerful and stylish Apple TV remote. The remote can maximize the potential of your Apple TV with its innovative features and user-friendly design. Naturally, familiarity with the Apple TV remote is a prerequisite for all of that. The buttons on an Apple TV remote are explained in detail below.

Various Apple TV Remote Types

Since March 2007, when the first-generation Apple TV gadget was introduced, five different versions of Apple TV remotes have been released. Which model of Apple TV remote do you own, then? Your Apple TV device alone will determine the response. Below, we’ll look at each of these five varieties, from the first white Apple Remote to the most recent third-generation Siri Remote. Next, we’ll walk you through using the Apple TV controller below.

1. The White Apple Remote

2007 saw the introduction of the first Apple TV model and the Apple TV remote. This White Apple Remote simply included Menu and Play buttons along with a circular navigation button. It was colored white and had the appearance of an early iPod Nano (without the screen). It needed a coin battery that could be changed.

2. Aluminum Apple Remote

With the release of the second and third Apple TV models (in 2010 and 2012, respectively), came the second Apple TV remote. Its dimensions are greater than those of the White Apple Remote; also, it is made of shiny aluminum rather than the original model’s matte white. It had just three buttons: navigation, play/pause, and menu. It also ran on a coin battery that could be changed.

3. First-Generation Siri Remote

apple tv remote

When the Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K were released in 2015 and 2017, respectively, the first-generation Siri Remote came with them. Compared to the first two Apple Remotes, it experienced significant enhancements. Along with the well-known Menu and Play/Pause buttons, the remote also included a touch-sensitive navigation surface, a rechargeable battery, volume controls, a Home button, and a Siri button.

Apple Remote (Gen 2 Model)

A significant redesign occurred from one generation to the next for the second-generation Siri Regain. The second-generation Siri Remote was redesigned to resemble the Aluminum Apple Remote and was first released in 2021 alongside the second-generation Apple TV 4K. It included the classic Play/Pause, Menu, volume, and Home buttons coupled with a new touch-sensitive navigation pad, Power, and Mute buttons.

Siri Remote (Version Three)

There are very few differences between the second-and third-generation Siri Remotes. The newest remote control retains the same design and button layout as the previous iteration, and it will be included with third-generation Apple TV 4K devices starting in 2022. USB-C charging has replaced Lightning charging as the lone notable modification.

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Apple TV Remote Operation Guide

Moving on from the various Apple TV remote models, let’s go over what each button does. Using a first-generation Siri Remote, we are working with it for this guide. Buttons on an Apple TV remote control, whether old or new, will be located similarly. Plus, some remotes might not have all the buttons. In that instance, feel free to omit any procedures that aren’t absolutely necessary in relation to your particular remote.

Step 1: Home Button

apple tv remote

You may access the Apple TV home screen by pressing the Home button, sometimes referred to as the TV or Control Center buttons. Your recently used app carousel may be accessed by double-tapping the button. When the button is held down, the Apple TV display’s right-hand Control Center appears.

Step 2: Menu Button

When you press the Menu button, your Apple TV will wake up from sleep mode. Whether you’re playing a game, perusing through an app, or surfing a streaming service, the Menu button will return you to the previous page. The Apple TV home screen can also be accessed by pressing and holding this button.

Step 3: Navigation

You can navigate your Apple TV with the help of its touch-sensitive navigation pad. Move about 10 by clicking or swiping in the appropriate direction. The middle button on the remote can be used as the Select button. To make this the selected option, just highlight it and tap the touch-sensitive area.

Additionally, when watching videos, you may use the navigation pad to go across the chronology. Swipe left or right to go ahead or backward by touching the surface with your finger. Scrubbing can be done even more quickly by pausing and then continuing. To fast-forward or rewind the video, click the left or right side buttons.

Step 4: Press Start and Hold

This button on the Apple TV remote is self-explanatory. To play or stop a title, press it once. To perform the opposite action, press it again.

Step 5: Siri Button

apple tv remote

The Siri button on the original Siri Remote is located in between the Menu and Play/Pause buttons. The location of the Power button on an iPhone is on the right side of second and third-generation remote controls. Press it once to start using Siri’s voice controls or to dictate as you search.

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Step6: Volume Buttons

Since the first Siri Remote, volume controls have been a standard feature. You can use this button to adjust the Apple TV device’s audio volume. (Those who don’t have a good audio setup may find these buttons useless.)

The Play/Pause button on second- and third-generation Siri Remotes is accompanied by a Mute button. To turn off the Apple TV device’s audio, video, or game, press the Mute button. To activate the sound again, press it one more.

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