James Bond video game headed to Apple Arcade this September

Cypher 007 is the only Bond game available on mobile.

Cypher 007 is the only Bond video game available on mobile.

This September, four new video games will be added to AppleArcade’s library, making it even more expansive. Cypher 007, which stars the renowned spy and covert James Bond, is one of these. The title is marketed by Apple as “an all-new James Bond experience where players will immerse themselves in a modern twist on a spy adventure game.”

And moreover? Mobile users can only play the single Bond video game, Cypher 007, at this time. The developer of Cypher 007 is Tilting Point. One of the legendary character’s greatest adversaries, Blofeld, will be up against gamers in the role of James Bond. Blofeld, the leader of Spectre, uses a kind of brainwashing called Cypher in an attempt to make James Bond a double agent.

Cypher 007, according to Apple, will feature a leaderboard where users can test their skills against other international 007 agents.

In addition to the Bond game, Japanese titles Junkworld, My Talking Angela 2+, and Rural Life Adventure will be available on Apple Arcade.

The initial game to be released on the platform is My Talking Angela 2+. In this virtual pet game, users assist a trendy and contented life for a cat named Angela, which includes jewelry design, dancing, songwriting, and baking. September 8 is when it will debut on the platform.

Cypher 007 will see the iconic character go up against his archenemy Blofeld.

The title of the game, Japanese Rural Life Adventure, accurately describes its content. Set in rural Japan, it’s a video game that simulates life. All of the activities associated with rural living, such as farming, fishing, cooking, and exploring, will be available to players. In the game, they will also be able to experience each of the four distinct seasons in Japan. The planned release date is September 15.

Next up comes the tower defense game Junkworld, in which players must guide their clan to victory. They must outwit cunning friends and negotiate hazardous terrain in order to accomplish this. The planned release date for this title is September 22.

A James Bond video game is currently in development by IO Interactive, the Danish company behind the Hitman video game franchise. The business has built a new studio dedicated to bringing the James Bond origin narrative game, codenamed Project 007, to life.

After a free trial of the service lasting one month, the cost of the membership service to sign up for the Apple Arcade is just $4.99 per month. For the first three months, the service is free for Apple customers who recently purchased a device.

The iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV can all play Apple Arcade.

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