You don’t know what to play? Here are the best free online games with no download

Everybody knows it, nobody likes it. What can we play? You’re chatting with friends online and wondering what you can do together. Here you can find the best free online games with no download. First of all, which games are ideal to play without downloading? That’s right! Simple and easy browser based games. And if you want to start them quickly and easily, after course games whose game principles you already know.

Online card games

Easy to understand and many already know the games. Play online card games with your friends. If you are lucky, you will also find a platform where you can play many games at the same time and easily configure the card games. I think everyone, if they think about it, knows directly 5-10 card games that they know and enjoy. We have listed a few cool card games for you.

Crazy Eights or UNO

Crazy Eights is like UNO a very well known card game, which most already know and directly causes joyful expectation. The game is simple: build all your cards before your teammates do, but watch out: There are special cards! Sometimes you have to draw two or four cards and sometimes the direction changes. This game can make you laugh, it can make you frustrated, but most of all: it’s a lot of fun!


Poker is one of the most famous card games and is ideal for a nice Friday or Saturday. Probably the most famous mode of poker is Texas Hold’em. This is regularly played at major tournaments and is often offered online. The main advantage of the game is that you can play it competitively with friends. Of course, there are many apps where you need an account or where you can’t set anything. This should be avoided.

Online known games


Capitalista is a game based a bit on the principles of Monopoly. That is, if you love to buy properties on a board game, develop them and collect rent from your fellow players, then you’ve come to the right place! Capitalista can be played like the card games with many people together. You can also ask your in game parents for money  and create different rules for your own journey.


Many know the classic game Werewolf or Mafia. A typical social deduction game. The game principle is simple: you have to survive and eliminate your teammates. You have to lie and deceive your teammates, because depending on what role you have, you are a werewolf or a normal villager.Both teams fight for survival and no one knows at the beginning who is friend or foe. The goal is to find out who is good or evil through clever discussions. In addition, there are many other roles with different abilities. This massively increases or eases the difficulty level. It’s a lot of fun and especially suitable for when you have a lot of players.


Yatzy is one of the most famous dice games ever. It’s all about your dice luck and your skill in combining the dice. After the game you can compare your high score against your friends and see who won!


GeoClash is a simple geo guessing game that you can play with your friends online. The goal is simple, you have to guess the place you see on the map! If you get close, you get points.

Guess Drawing

Play a simple draw and guess with your friends. It’s like hangman, but you choose a word, have to draw it within the time and your teammates have to guess it. Points are awarded and whoever has the most points after several rounds wins.


Play categories, the stop word game that you also know as Scattergories or City, Country, River. It’s really easy to play and you can play it with many people.

Choose the right platform to play your free games online without downloading something

Of course, you can pick a website for each game and hope on the off chance that the website doesn’t overload you with ads or want money from you. Also, searching for a website e.g. a .io-gaming website can take time and frustrate. We recommend that you look directly for a gaming platform such as or Steam, where you can easily pick out the right games. There is also a direct possibility to play several games with one lobby. You should also make sure that you have the option to customize a game, but this now works without problems in all good games.


It can be summarized that there are many beautiful games on the Internet that are worth playing. You should make sure that everyone has fun and that picking a game doesn’t turn into a fiasco. The list above shows you the best free online games with no download. Play now!

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