You can get an official Starfield Xbox Series X wrap starting on October 18

In November 2020, the Xbox Series X made its debut, giving gamers a next-generation gaming experience unlike any other. However, in terms of design, Xbox aficionados yearned for a unique touch, similar to what the PlayStation was providing its devotees. After three years, Microsoft is now actually paying attention.

It’s a shame that the Xbox Series X wrap won’t be available by the time Starfield“>Starfield comes out.

Microsoft has recently announced a more complex and comprehensive customization solution, the Xbox Series X console wraps, which are reminiscent of the customization choices it originally provided with the Xbox 360’s swappable faceplates.

These beautifully crafted, solid core panels seamlessly wrap around the Xbox Series X and are not just simple stickers or vinyl wraps.

Undoubtedly, the endeavor is an effort to compete with Sony’s interchangeable PS5 plates, which have been a popular target for scalpers, especially with their Spider-Man 2 designs. However, Microsoft’s console coverings have a special appeal. The wraps’ design places a strong emphasis on performance in addition to aesthetics. The wrap uses “high-tech fabric finishes” together with a silicone interior, according to Xbox senior design director Monique Chatterjee, to maintain stability. It’s a classy solution that makes sure all vents are kept free and even has tiny feet on the bottom to ensure smooth circulation.

The Starfield-themed wrap stands out among the initial styles. It debuts on October 18 in the US, Canada, and Europe for $49.99. This wrap is more than just a way for you to show off how much you appreciate the upcoming September 6 release from Bethesda. The Xbox Series X is reenvisioned as an onboard avionics module. It’s more than just a wrap; it’s an experience with its brightly printed surface images, soft smooth white high-tech feel, and vibrant Constellation ribbon.

The camo designs, available in Arctic Camo and Mineral Camo, are sure to draw attention for those who like a more traditional appearance. While the Mineral Camo’s modern flash of blues and purples is sure to stand out in any context, the Arctic Camo’s grey and white design integrates easily with a winter scene. Each of these camouflage patterns will cost $44.99 when they go on sale on November 10.

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We’re not going to lie – the Xbox Series X wraps look pretty slick.

These wraps are certainly a gamer’s delight because of the attention to detail, which goes beyond looks. Chatterjee draws attention to how precisely the coverings fit the Series X. In order to prevent gamers from worrying about misalignments or an improper fit, they fold around the console and secure tightly with a hook and loop clasp. Additionally, it’s a logical financial and environmental decision for individuals who desire distinctive looks but cannot afford the cost of a whole new limited-edition console.

The wraps represent a development in Microsoft’s customizability strategy. For that official bespoke look, gamers no longer need to purchase a limited edition console. Simply pick a wrap that expresses their tastes and personality. This is about providing users a sense of individuality and ownership over their gaming experiences, not just Microsoft’s entrance into customisation.

Microsoft’s release might only be the first step in a bigger trend of gaming personalization possibilities. The Xbox Series X console wraps demonstrate the expanding significance of personal expression in the gaming industry as the distinction between players and the games they play fades.

If the Starfield Xbox Series X wraps sell well, we can expect future exclusives to get one as well.

These wraps are now available for pre-order, and given the hype they’ve created, they may end up becoming the year’s newest must-have gaming accessory. Making a statement is more important than just performance and titles in the future of gaming, and Microsoft is paving the way.

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