Xbox to release a new controller to rival the DualSense in May 2024

Many consider the DualSense as the best gaming controller on the market today.

According to a leaked document, Microsoft is rumored to be preparing the release of a new, cutting-edge controller along with a mid-generation update to its Xbox Series X gaming machine.

Originating from an FTC v. Microsoft legal action, this unintentional disclosure offers an early look at the company’s plans for the next more than a year.

The Xbox Series X, code-named “Brooklin,” is reported to be disc-less and has a distinctive cylindrical appearance that suggests a departure from the present rectangular shape. An update to the Xbox Series S, dubbed the “Ellewood,” is also expected in addition to Brooklin. The new controller, codenamed “Sebile,” appears to be taking center stage, though.

It was long thought that Microsoft held the advantage over Sony. However, the public’s perception has shifted as a result of the DualSense, which has since gained more popularity on other platforms like Steam.

Microsoft seems to be responding in kind as the DualSense controllers and their innovative features threaten to eclipse the Xbox controller.

Rivaling the DualSense is the as-yet-unconfirmed Sebile controller, which features precise haptic feedback using voice coil actuators that double as speakers. It has an accelerometer built in, along with a “lift to wake” function that lets players manipulate gaming by just moving the controller, which should provide for a more engaging experience.

Microsoft is probably in a state of panic right now as details of the Xbox controller have prematurely leaked online.

Sebile has other noteworthy features as well, such as modular thumbsticks that may allow for feel and control customisation. The controller’s recyclable components, replaceable rechargeable battery, and improved reparability are all intended to make it more environmentally friendly. A more seamless and silent gaming experience will be achieved with quieter thumbsticks and buttons. Additionally, it appears that Microsoft is carrying on with its practice of providing limited edition and special color variations. This controller will also be available through the Xbox Design Lab service, which will allow players to personalize the appearance of their controllers.

One noteworthy observation is that, in spite of its abundance of sophisticated functions, Sebile has a recognizable design that is, at the absolute least, evocative of the Xbox controllers of today. However, changes to the lower portion’s material selection, perhaps for the purpose of enhancing grip, indicate an emphasis on ergonomics.

There is a little dispute about these revelations. Spencer, the head of Xbox, had previously talked down the idea of a mid-cycle Series X update. However, it appears that the commitment has not altered as Brooklin retains the same basic specifications as the standard Series X.

The pricing of the Sebile will be crucial to its success (or failure).

The new Sebile controller is expected to cost roughly $69.99, which is a slight and perhaps required upgrade from the Xbox Wireless Controller that is supported by its sophisticated features. According to the timeframe, a release is anticipated by late May of 2024, with an announcement by early following year. Similar plans are anticipated for the upcoming Xbox Series X and Series S, which will come pre-bundled with the Sebile.

Whether the new Sebile controller can keep up with the DualSense is still to be seen. On paper, the improvements and its novel features are praiseworthy, but it is not without problems. The usage of rubber and the two-tone design seem like major warning signs. With prolonged use, the latter in particular can wear off.

We’ll have to wait and see when Microsoft’s forthcoming initiatives are officially revealed, now that the leaked docs have revealed some of their details.

Microsoft is expected to release the Sebile by May 2024.

We have information that Microsoft will formally acknowledge them at the Tokyo Game Show on September 21. An announcement may be made as early as the December Game Awards.

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