Will Nintendo ever port Tomodachi Life to the Switch?


It’s likely that you spent many hours overseeing your virtual island and enjoying your Miis’ oddball lifestyles if you had a Nintendo 3DS. With the Nintendo Switch seeing unheard-of success, one can’t help but wonder if Tomodachi Life will ever make the switch?

When Tomodachi Life was introduced in 2014, it was a charming combination of Animal Crossing and The Sims with a certain Nintendo flavor. With each Mii having a unique personality, players could occupy their island and observe as these characters developed friendships, rivalries, and even romantic connections. With over 6.72 million copies sold, the game was an enormous success and the eighth best-selling 3DS title.

Envisioning Tomodachi Life on the Nintendo Switch is intriguing, especially considering its possibilities. For properties like Animal Crossing, the switch from the 3DS to the Switch has already shown to be revolutionary. Imagine a Tomodachi Life with even more complex Mii personalities, large islands to explore, and improved Mii customisation. We’d venture to suggest it might even be comparable to The Sims’!

In an attempt to fuel the flames even further, well-known leaker Pyoro—whose history is practically prescient—recently revealed something that can only be called a clue.”Ask Nintendo,” the person replied to a Twitter user regarding Tomodachi Life on the Switch. The developer is not me.” It appears contemptuous at first. However, individuals who are acquainted with Pyoro’s approach are aware that they seldom interact unless there’s a humming noise in the background. Is this a subliminal message that something is cooking? Or are we just clinging to anything, giddy with “hopium,” driven by our shared wish for the game to come to the Switch?

Although the demand is clear, Nintendo’s IPs are known for their arbitrary nature. With games like Miitopia and apps like Miitomo, the business has dabbled in related fields, but neither has been able to fully capture the charm of Tomodachi Life. While the latter was mediocre at best, the former witnessed a fall in popularity and was canceled in 2018.

Undoubtedly, the gaming world is a hive of speculation and hope, but the truth is still unknown, and Nintendo’s lack of comment on the subject doesn’t help. Still, it’s difficult to picture the firm passing it up given the game’s prior popularity and the Switch version’s potential goldmine.

Tomodachi Life is the sequel to the Nintendo DS title Tomodachi Collection.

For enthusiasts, the return of Tomodachi Life is not only a pipe dream but a real possibility in the capricious world of video games, where franchises are constantly evolving and remade. Regretfully, as is always the case with Nintendo, time will tell. Up until then, all we can do is wait and hope, conjecture, and cross our fingers for an announcement that, regrettably, may never arrive.

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