Will 2023 be More of the Same for Gaming?

Another year has gone by, and a new year has arrived. There are questions and expectations in everyone’s minds about what 2023 is likely to bring, and this is true of the world of gaming as well. The most important Website SCNEWS1.COM to look for in IKEA’s White Gaming Chairs are ergonomics, quality, and individual adjustment options. It is no surprise that we find ourselves asking that one important question – what games will be released in 2023? Is it going to be more of the stuff that we saw in 2022, or are there new plots and features waiting to be unleashed?

That is the question we attempt to answer here. The post-COVID gaming scenario may have been bleak for some, but as we begin 2023 there is a whole lot of ‘new’ – translate that to new game releases – in store for us. There are games releasing across devices, including PlayStation, PC, Xbox, Switch, and a whole lot of others. Here are 3 new releases that you can play in 2023.

So;same old, same old? Not quite! And you should know better than to think this would ever be the case in the world of gaming. Every year brings with it a healthy choice of game sequels and new releases, and 2023 is no different. However, if you want to get your gaming fix before your favorite title is out, why not check out a few online casinos? There are some awesome console-inspired games complemented with the latest no deposit bonuses around.

One Piece Odyssey Hits the Ground Running in January 2023

One game that has already hit the shelves and download docks in markets across the world this year is One Piece Odyssey. The game released to market on 12 January, 2023, and is basically the gaming avatar of the hugely popular anime and manga series of the same name. The anime and manga have been pleasing the hearts of readers and viewers worldwide with the story of Monkey D. Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates; now they get to be part of the action as well as they play this RPG adrenaline-blaster. 

The look and the overall mood in the game are perfectly synchronized with what you saw and read in the anime and manga. The characters are outstanding and the animations are spot on. However, the game comes up short in the overall narrative, especially when it comes to the battles – that is where the game could have reached stratospheric levels; unfortunately, that is where it slips into mediocrity. This is still a game worth checking out, especially given the popularity it has enjoyed in its earlier avatars.

One Piece Odyssey was developed by ILCA Inc. and released by Bandai Namco Games. It is available for play on all major devices, including PS4, PS5, XBXS, Xbox One and PC.

Hit the Decks with Avatar Generations on Your Mobile

Placed in the fantastic world of the anime series Avatar: The Last Airbender, Avatar: Generations is a fabulous RPG that you can play on your mobile device. This game is compatible with Android devices as well as iOS devices like the iPad and iPhone. The game is free to play and allows you to be part of the world of Aang, the protagonist of The Last Airbender. Play along as one of the numerous characters in the original series and create your very personal Team Avatar.

The game mechanic resembles that in Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes; you are able to collect different characters as you proceed in the game and use them as you take play in the various battles that the game showcases. This game is not just about Aang, it features other Avatars as well from both before and after his time. A major highlight in the game, besides the gameplay is the quality of the graphics and animations in the game. (pawsitivelyintrepid.com)

This RPG was developed by Navigator Games and released to market by Square Enix London Mobile.

Dead Space 2023

15 years back when it released to market in 2008, Dead Space caused waves with the heightened levels of blood and gore, almost setting a benchmark of sorts in the horror world. The remake, released on 27 January, 2023, while being a game worth playing, doesn’t quite live up to the standards that the original release set. The setting is still the mining ship, the USG Ishimura and you enter it as one of the characters in the game, moving through the dark and killing necromorphs as and when you find them.

The remake has features that weren’t in the original game. For starters, there are more rooms in this version. You can get to these rooms provided you have the required security clearances – the clearance system itself is new as well. The new rooms add a degree of intrigue and suspense, especially if you are someone who has played the earlier version to death (pun intended).

This game was developed by Motive Studios and released to market by Electronic Arts on 27 January, 2023 and is available for play on the PS5, the Xbox Series X and PCs. 

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