Effortless WEBP to PNG Conversion: High-Quality, Free, and Simple

WebP (Google Web Picture) is Google’s proprietary picture file format, and it’s the greatest option for compressing photos so that they load quickly on the web despite their small size.

However, not all applications or viewers are compatible with this particular image format. To avoid further incompatibilities, WebP files should be converted to PNG. However, you can convert WebP files to PNG format without losing quality by using the online converter.

Whatever your motivation for needing to convert WebP to PNG, the following methods will let you do so without spending a dime.


Effortless WEBP to PNG Conversion: High-Quality, Free, and Simple

Download this free program to quickly convert your Google photos to WebP format. This software can also convert WebP photos to PNG files while maintaining their original quality. It’s easy to convert WebP to PNG raster format:

  • To begin, launch TinyIMG in your preferred web browser.
  • Simply place your WbeP files into this WebP converter using the mouse.
  • Your photographs have been successfully converted to PNG format; you can now download them with a single click.


It’s a popular web app that comes pre-loaded with a free WebP to PNG converter so you can do quality conversions. To further customize the conversion from Google WebP to PNG, it even allows you to proceed with additional parameters. The advantage is that the original image quality is preserved when a PNG file is generated from the submitted WebP file.

Not only that, but users may now effortlessly convert music, video, image, PDF, eBook, and PDF files without spending a dime. It doesn’t matter how often you use this web tool, you’ll always get reliable results. Here are the simple procedures for converting webp to png in the cloud:

  • Find the original onlineconverter and use it to convert WebP to PNG.
  • To use, simply get there and then upload your webp files to be transformed into PNGs.
  • You can tweak a few more options before the conversion (if necessary), or else hit the Convert button.
  • You can now save all of the PNG pictures that have been converted with a single click of the Download All button.

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Convert WebP to PNG on Windows:

Effortless WEBP to PNG Conversion: High-Quality, Free, and Simple

If you’re using Windows and want to convert a WebP file to a PNG, you can do so by changing the.webp extension to.png. But before you do that, you should make a copy of the image to safeguard against data loss.

Furthermore, Windows’ built-in MS Paint can be used to convert WebP to PNG. To put it simply:

You should launch Paint as your primary editor first. The Windows Start Menu’s search field provides quick access.

Then, either double-click the WebP file to open it or just drag it into the Paint Window.

To save the file as a PNG, go to the File menu, then Save As, and finally choose the JPEG picture format.

Convert WebP to PNG On Mac:

You may easily transform your WebP files into PNGs with Mac’s default (built-in) Preview software. WebP to PNG export is made simple with this application by following these steps:

To begin, launch Finder on your Mac and choose the WebP picture file.

When you’re ready to examine the image in Preview, simply double-click on the file.

To export a file, choose it via Choose File and then Export.

Now, select Format > PNG from the export settings menu;

At long last, you can save your newly converted PNG wherever you like.

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This free WebP file to PNG converter also allows you to report WebP as PNG without any quality loss. Follow the instructions carefully if you’re curious about how quickly WebP can be converted to PNG.

To create PNG files from uploaded WebP photos, Xnconvert is the most trustworthy online WebP to PNG converter. In addition, this useful program provides extra configuration options for optimizing the output file size and quality. The most striking feature of this utility is how it converts WebP to PNG without ever reducing the quality of the output file.

If you’re still wondering how to use this program to transform a Google WebP image into a portable network graphic (PNG), consider the following:

Webp photos can be imported into the program first by dragging and dropping them from your computer, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

When the upload is complete, click the Convert button to let the program do its magic.

This online WebP to PNG converter allows you to quickly and easily transform your image into a raster-based PNG file with a single click.


Aconvert is yet another multi-files conversion platform that supports a large number of file types and makes it simple to convert between them. It has an integrated webp to png converter that can quickly and easily convert any number of webps to pngs. This web-based program is completely safe for transforming files, as it deletes them from the server after processing.

You can perform conversions whenever and anywhere you like because this tool works with every platform. The plus side is that you may add files of any size to be converted, so customers won’t have to worry about uploading problems due to insufficient space. Users can now modify both the image’s height and width before converting from WebP to PNG. To convert a WebP file to a PNG using this online converter, you need to follow the few steps we’ve outlined below.

Select the WebP files you wish to convert to PNG by clicking the Choose Files button in the converter’s toolbox. In addition, you may now just paste the image’s URL, add it via Google Drive or Dropbox, or upload it with a simple drag-and-drop.

After your image has been uploaded, you will be prompted to select an output format. After that, you’ll be able to choose more advanced options like image quality and resolution. In addition, users have the option of making additional adjustments to the original file size, or selecting “Change Width and Height” and adding the adjusted file size.

If you want to convert Webp to PNG online, you can do so by clicking the convert Now option, which is now available. When you’re done with the process, you can easily store the converted file wherever you’d like by clicking the Download option.

WebP and PNG are both used technically for exchanging online graphics on the internet. However, there will come a time when a web file is less readily available, at which point you will likely try to save it in a more common image format, such as PNG. Many thanks to the aforementioned WebP to PNG converters, which handle the quality-preserving conversion of WebP files to PNG.

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