7 Tips & Tricks to Help You Master PUBG Mobile

PUBG or Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds has been a hit on PC and Xbox. The game is now available on Android and iOS devices. PUBG Mobile is now leading the gaming industry, popularizing the battle royale genre. The difference in platform comes with some gameplay changes.

Apart from knowing the game basics, you need to know additional strategies for PUBG Mobile. Safe PUBG Cheats give you the best and most secure hacks. These help you gain excellence through extra map knowledge, guns, and shots.

Tips and Tricks to Help you Master PUBG mobile.

1. Change your controls

You start moving with a virtual control stick on the left in PUBG Mobile by default. You use your right thumb to control your aim. You mainly use your virtual buttons to fire, aim down sights, and access your backpack.

However, you can customize virtual buttons’ layout. You have to do so by sliding them around and changing transparency and size. Find the layout button that you are most comfortable with to play the best game.

2. Set graphic settings

Most tablets and phones offer you a good level of graphics. But you can set your settings to Smooth with the maximum frame rate available on your device. Currently, 90fps is the highest graphic setting that offers you refined gameplay.

Try having a phone having a 90Hz or above refresh rate display to get the best PUBG mobile experience. A faster-frame rate will respond faster to your commands in the game.

3. Headphones and voice command presets

Having a good pair of headphones in PUBG mobile is an asset. It ensures you can hear enemies approaching you in vehicles or on foot. Headphones will give you an approximate idea of gunshots fired nearby to alert an attack. They also help you in communicating effectively with friends.

PUBG has preloaded voice commands that enable you to communicate with your squad quickly. Some voice commands can drop a marker. It makes it easier for any team member to pinpoint the enemies’ location, loot items, vehicles, and other things.

4. Use sensitivity settings

PUBG Mobile has different sensitivity settings for gyroscope, camera, and ADS. The right set of sensitivity settings can make a difference in the game. Each set has different sliders for camera views and scopes. You can customize your phone’s gyroscope in PUBG mobile.

It will give you good control over your gun recoil and aiming.

You can also customize settings for auto pick-up items. You can enable or disable the feature and set the limit for recovery items, ammo, scopes, and throwables.  

5. Utilize the map

The PUBG Mobile version allows a dotted line on the map directing you straight to your marker from your current location. Observing your marker line on the map while on the plane will help you find the best moment to jump. It will help you get the desirable location on the map.

Also, focus on the mini-map on the screen’s top right. It will help you keep a note of gunfire and approach vehicles while playing PUBG mobile. It will alert you of the upcoming dangers that keep you safe while you throw away the enemies.

6. Be attentive

Keep moving in PUBG Mobile while being alert all the time. A running icon will pop up on holding your left thumb as your character moves around. Your lock will lock up in sprinting mode when you slide your thumb over the running icon.

You can grab and hold the eye/camera icon below the map while the sprinting mode is on. You can drag the icon around to look freely without changing your running direction. It buying tren online in australia enables you to check your horizons for opposing players.

7. Use vehicles

There are several vehicles to use in PUBG mobile. Be careful of driving vehicles as the noise can help enemies trace you. Keep an eye on the vehicle’s health bar; otherwise, you can end up in junk. Try carrying a gas kit to refuel your vehicle when required.

Also, do not rush into a building for an ambush without making a strategy. Check your corners, use grenades, listen to footsteps, and coordinate with the team to hunt down rivals.


PUBG Mobile has become one of the favorite games for players. But playing PUBG on PC and mobile has a difference. You need to carefully analyze the PUBG Mobile features and gameplay to gain an edge. The above tips will help you master PUBG Mobile significantly.

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