How to Play Nintendo Wii Games on Your PC Using Dolphin

Nintendo is an undefeated leader in the gaming world, enjoying the priorities of gamers globally. Its extensive range of Wii games is always ready to attract a potential gaming crowd. You can select from a number of options when looking for a suitable Wii ROM source.

Romspedia’s Wii games are, particularly on top. What’s best is that you can dive into these amazing games on your PC using suitable emulators, especially Dolphin, being the most compatible one for playing Wii games.

Introducing Dolphin

Launched in 2003, Dolphin is one of the best emulators to enjoy Wii games on your PC. It’s an open-source emulator compatible with Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS that is available to you free of cost. With a lot of technical improvements over the years, Dolphin today is a reliable console emulator for almost all kinds of commercial gaming.

Interesting Features

Choosing Dolphin as your Wii game emulator may provide you with the following amazing features:

  • You can start your game anytime, anywhere without having to be region-specific.
  • Tool-Assisted Superplays (TAS) can be conveniently recorded.
  • You can develop game-specific cheat codes with Action Replay and Gecko
  • If you prefer joystick gaming, you can map Wii remotes to your PC or even use them through a Bluetooth connection using Dolphin.
  • It supports controller expansions, like, Wii MotionPlus adapter, Classic controller, Wii Nunchuck, Turntable, etc.
  • It supports two gaming networks:
  • Emulated local multiplayer, exclusively for Dolphin users
  • Nintendo Wi-Fi connection to play WFC compatible Wii games online with Dolphin and real Wii users.
  • You can save your game progress on save states and Wii Flash Memory devices.
  • Dolphin’s graphical advancements include arbitrary resolution support, texture maps, pixel shaders, spatial anti-aliasing, windscreen hacks, anisotropic filtering, etc.

User’s Guide to Play Wii Games on Dolphin Emulator

Adhere to the following steps to enjoy your favorite Nintendo Wii games on your PC with Dolphin:

1.  Dolphin Emulator Download

You need to download this emulator in its latest version. Go for the ‘stable’ ones for a hassle-free play, or try out the ‘unstable’ versions to suggest developer improvements. You should prefer downloading Dolphin from its official website.

2.  Emulator Installation

Follow the steps given below to run the install package available with the emulator:

  • Open the .exe file. In the pop-up window, click ‘Run’.
  • Select your language from the dropdown menu in the dialog box that appears next and click ‘OK’. However, English is the preset default language.
  • Take your time to go through the GNU license agreement that pops down and select ‘I Agree’ to conform to the developer terms and conditions.
  • Choose the components you want to install from the standard program libraries and click ‘Next’.
  • From the next pop-up window, select the install destination of your emulator. To avoid emulator writing issues, prefer a location other than your system’s Program Files folder. Click ‘Browse’ to see through available system locations, or create a new folder for the same. When you finish doing this, select ‘Install’.
  • You will see the installation window pop up. Wait for the process to get completed and select ‘Finish’ and you are done!

3.  Starting the Emulator

On your first loading of Dolphin, you will receive a ‘data send’ request from the developers. It’s totally your call to select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for this choice.

4.  Choosing a Game Directory

Now you need to select the games you want to play. For this, select a specific directory for the emulator to search from. Take the following steps:

  • Click ‘Configure’ in the emulator start-up menu.
  • In the popup window, select the ‘Paths’ tab and click on ‘Add…’. Browse your preferred game directory and click ‘OK’ in the directory window.
  • Your loaded games will appear in the ‘Games’ window. If you have added a new game amid the emulator run process, click on ‘Refresh’ to see if it appears in the ‘Games’ window.
  • Click on ‘Play’ to test a game for a smooth run, followed by ‘Esc’ after a successful test.
  • Select ‘Yes’ in the popup dialog box to stop the emulation process.

5.  Controller Configuration

Take these steps to configure your controller:

  • Click on ‘Controllers’ in the emulator toolbar.
  • Select ‘Configure’ from the popup window to configure your Wii remote.
  • In the next window, click on your preferred settings to enable them. Save your controller profile by clicking on ‘Save’, followed by ‘OK’ to confirm.
  • It is optional to customize Hotkey settings. To do this, click ‘Options’ in the menu bar. Select ‘Hotkey Settings’ from the popup window. Toggle to enable desired hotkeys in the popup window.
  • In the final dialog box, click on ‘OK’ and you are ready to play your favorite Wii games on your PC with Dolphin.

Suitable Wii ROM Sources: Romspedia

Romspedia is among the most preferred web sources to download Wii games. Its distinctive features of direct, hassle-free, and secure game downloads, without that necessary .exe and .apk files make it a high traffic site for downloading almost every console game you can think of.

Gamers are glued to Romspedia to explore the diverse range of new and retro games available on the site. You just need to choose a console, select your favorite games, and that’s it! Your game is ready to play.

Along with your most loved games, Romspedia also provides you with suitable game emulators. It is loaded with a variety of ROMs with emulators to choose from, suiting almost all of your gaming preferences. It can even help you select the best emulator for a particular game.


Choosing a perfect PC emulator for your Wii games may sometimes be confusing. You may have concerns regarding installation, setup, and access. The Dolphin emulator can be an affordable solution to these common issues. Its easy setup and diverse game compatibility make it a worthy emulator choice.

You can get it from the official site or from any suitable ROM source. So, why not pick yours and land into the exciting world of your cherished Wii games you have always wanted to enjoy on your PC. After all, everyone has a game lover inside!

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