The next Nintendo Direct may be held on September 14

A remaster of Metroid Prime 2 would be the perfect way to cap off the still-to-be-announced Nintendo Direct.

If the always churning rumor mill about games is accurate, then Nintendo fans are going to be very happy.

A few reliable sources, like Jeff Grubb and Nate the Hate, have hinted at a potential Nintendo Direct showcase that is expected to take place shortly. Nate the Hate has confirmed that the event is set for Thursday, September 14.

The degree of confidence from reliable sources has increased to the point where, should the Direct fail to happen, it could be one of the biggest curveballs Nintendo has thrown in a long time.

Fans are debating the excitement and expectation around this rumored September 14 Direct. It is impossible for this event to disappoint at this point. With the already high bar set, it’s not out of the question that the perpetually irritable Nintendo fan base will blow up and take to the internet to bemoan the comparatively small number of announcements.

Naturally, it would be entertaining if Nintendo opted to play about and postpone their initially scheduled Direct, if only to keep fans and leakers guessing.

It is more likely, though, that Nintendo would spread false information within the company to confuse leakers while maintaining extreme secrecy over the actual Direct data.

Nintendo doesn’t seem keen on slowing down the production of new Nintendo Switch“>Nintendo Switch consoles.

Whatever the case, past performance indicates that Nintendo is expected to reveal the details of their upcoming Direct display today, September 13. Despite what many people think, Nintendo hardly ever announces its next showcase more than a few days in advance.

Nintendo Direct announcements typically occur around 7 AM PST / 9 AM CST / 10 AM EST, and the Direct itself is scheduled to air at the same time approximately 24 hours later. Despite a few isolated outliers, the tendency has been steady. In certain cases, Nintendo has made the decision to “shadowdrop” its announcements, making them public with little to no advance notice. The MarioWonder Direct, for example, debuted on a Wednesday and went on sale the next day. Therefore, Nintendo has the discretion to postpone the Direct announcement and still hold it on the scheduled day.

Considering the trend, the rumors suggest that an announcement might be made tomorrow morning, in keeping with Nintendo’s custom of giving general Directs one day’s notice. If that is the case, the Direct should air the day after its announcement at the regular time, as originally stated.

It remains to be seen just how good Princess Peach’s first solo title in a while will be.

It’s advisable to lower expectations, though. It’s almost time for the year to end. The possibility of a showcase this month can be attributed to history, but we can also use the same information to indicate that these events aren’t the most thrilling.

At this point, Nintendo’s Christmas schedule is all but set, so the showcase will probably concentrate on updates leading up to the current fiscal year’s end in March and providing the last teasers for upcoming releases. Following the October 20 release of Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Nintendo may concentrate more on remasters and add-ons, such as Super Mario RPG, as well as ports. However, we wouldn’t be shocked if a surprise Metroid Prime 2 remastered release occurred.

It’s unclear what Nintendo is planning, but the next Princess Peach game is said to be the “final” exclusive for the Nintendo Switch. The always unpredictable titan from Japan has a way of taking everyone by surprise.

Many RPG fans are looking forward to the release of the remake of Super Mario RPG later this year.

Whatever the case, if Nintendo does host the Direct on September 14, fans will be glued to the screen, waiting for any word on fresh developments in the gaming industry as well as surprises or confirmations of things to come.

Hopefully, we’ll learn if a new Super Smash Bros. or Donkey Kong game is in the works for the purportedly departing Switch system.

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