The next Nintendo Direct is happening a week before the Tokyo Game Show

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Fans of Nintendo, mark your calendars and start the countdown, because September is going to be even more explosive than a Bullet Bill in Mario Kart! Yes, the leaves haven’t even begun to fall yet, but the anticipation is already palpable. You’re going to want to get on this warp pipe and head directly to Nintendoland when Nintendo makes its yearly pit stop in September, I promise.

Nintendo has a relatively full slate of holiday releases already but its early 2024 lineup is quite empty.

Anonymous information provided by Universo Nintendo indicates a Nintendo Direct event scheduled for September 11–15. Uncertainty surrounds whether this Direct will be a mini appetizer or a full-blown general feast of revelations. All we know is that, from the serene gardens of Kyoto, the gaming behemoth is expected to reveal some shocking information regarding its first-party games. So, prepare your Joy-Cons for some intense action.

Although an official announcement hasn’t been made yet, Nintendo has never been one to follow the rules. Nothing will be revealed until it’s revealed, sweeter than a Yoshi egg concealing a power-up.

We’re still hoping that a Super Mario RPG remake isn’t the only surprise Nintendo has in store for the swan song of the Nintendo Switch“>Nintendo Switch.

But before we do anything more, would you just put the breaks on and quiet down the whispers of new hardware? It’s true that some of you are presumably waiting for a Switch 2 revelation. Notice the spoiler alert: Don’t get too excited.

Nintendo has a straightforward approach to product launches: don’t reveal any new hardware during a Direct display. In separate, seemingly random announcements, the Switch, the Lite, and the OLED were all revealed. It was like Luigi winning by doing nothing at all.

Therefore, if you’re dreaming of a new console release, you might want to hold out until the beginning of the upcoming fiscal year, which begins in April. Before abandoning the Original Switch, OLED, and Lite models in favor of a next-generation system, perhaps for the holidays of 2024, Nintendo will aim to maximize the sales throughout the holiday season.

The fan in us hopes that the still-to-be-confirmed second volume of the Metal Gear Solid“>Metal Gear Solid bundle will be released on the Nintendo Switch.

Regarding the upcoming Nintendo Direct, there are no guarantees.Who knows what Nintendo has planned for the next few months of the third-best-selling system ever—the Super Mario RPG remake was entirely unexpected. Not even a Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door remaster would be out of the question.

Remember that, for some reason, Nintendo revealed Pikmin 1+2 by a shadow drop immediately before revealing Pikmin 4. So, since a Mario RPG remake is already in development, why not go full Mad Hatter and release another RPG Mario game? It hurts how Nintendo is.

Let’s control our expectations, even though it seems sense that we’re all a little anxious and potentially preparing our bodies for a full-on Nintendo overload. Limit your conjecture while maintaining an exuberant level of enthusiasm. Because Nintendo always manages to surprise us and bring the house down, that’s one thing we can always bank on. We’re all wearing Mario and Luigi helmets and playing a game of cat and mouse while we wait for the golden block to land a 1-UP magic blow.

Hopefully, Super Smash Bros. will make its “return” before then, although it wouldn’t bother us if Nintendo waits until much later.

For the time being, fans can anticipate the debut of the “Mario Red” Nintendo Switch OLED and this as-yet-unconfirmed Nintendo Direct.

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